5D. Ardas in 5A, 5B, 5C for printing


Please help this kookar (dog) wakeup at amritvela.  Please be kind to take some Seva from this kookar, only You can take this Seva from this kookar.  Only Your Kirpa can take this Seva from this kookar, we beg for Your Gur Kirpa.

Please take this maha paapi (great sinner) in your Sharan (refuge).  Please forgive this kood kapti maha moorakh for all the sins. This kookar accepts all the sins.  We are just a Kalyugi Jive (dark age being) and commit sins with every breath we take.  Every breath you gave us was for your Simran and Seva and we have been wasting these breaths for an unlimited period of time.

We commit countless sins but you are very kind and forgiving, your kindness and forgiveness are unlimited
like you.  You have been very kind on me to get me on this path of the Eternal Truth.  You are Beant, you are Agam, you are Agochar, you are Aprampar, so is your Kirpa and blessings.

Nothing is impossible for you, you can make things happen in the twinkling of an eye, everything is under your Hukam, please give Garibi Ves (cloak of humbleness) in my Hirda (heart chakra). Make me a humble servant of Kot Brahmand (entire creation), make me the dust of Kot Brahamand.  Make me Att Neechan Ka Neech – lowest of the lowest, slave of the slaves, make me a nimana (humble servant),

Please relieve me out of the influence of Maya.  Please give me contentment and diminish all my desires. Please make me Nirbhao – fearless and Nirvair – without any animosity, please make me single vision, please make me a servant of the entire creation of yours. Please make me worthy of speaking, seeing, hearing, delivering and serving the Eternal Truth.  Please keep my head always at the Charans of the Gur and Guru.

Please keep me always at the Charans of Kot Brahamand.  Please give me Naam, Bandgi and Seva.


I am a great sinner and hypocrite. I am so full of lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride. I am the lowest of the low. I am a great offender and traitor.  I fully accept all of my misdeeds. You are the Merciful Forgiver. Be Kind and forgive all of my faults and sins.

I make mistakes with each and every blink and at each and every moment. Please show your grace and bless me with good thoughts and Guru’s wisdom. Bless me with Naam, Service and loving devotion. You Yourself please colour me with Your Love.  Nothing happens because of me, You Yourself are the Doer of everything.


This dog of your court is doing ardas with pressed hands lord. I am an endless sinner, a hypocrite, lustful, angry, greedy, attached and full of selfish pride. I am a great offender and betrayer. Be kind and forgive all of my mistakes

Come and reside in my heart. Cool my mind and body. Focus my mind on you. Mind body and wealth are all yours and I sacrifice them for your glory. Focus my mind and attention on one.

You yourself come and take this service. Everything is yours, nothing is mine. Nothing I do happens, whatever you do comes to pass. Whatever pleases you is a wonderful thing. Only your hukam happens.