6. Overcoming a Lustful Mind





Dearest Satnaam ji ,




dhan dhan pyare prabh-satkirpal,satgobind,dindayalsad rakhwal,sat sad kirpal, pyare satnaam ji ,satGuru Prabh abnashi, ghat ghat nivasi ji, agam aghad anoop, ramia , khalen khel ekela, oh pyare Satguru and pyaree satsagat ji,




This papi, maham moorakh, manmukhi is always races towards maya and keeps on finding chances to see some porn or keeps on generating lustful thoughts, greedy thoughts and our actions are at neech and we are at neech maha papi, disobdient lot and Lazy no.1 , please all forgive us we are at ur pawan feet oh dindayale pyare satgobind Sat raam Satnaam ji , please give us strength to fight with these sickness, although u have given such Blessed blessed blessing of participation in this game of urs , we are atmost thankful to u in words in deeds we do not know . Pyare satguru-satnaam-satsangat ji please Baksh us from theses Rog , and give us strength to win , as SATNAAM JI KA KHALSA , SATNAAM JI KI FATEH. so all dear satsangat this papi confesses here of all lust ful karam he is doing , with thoughts and actions. Pyare satsangat ji please forgive us for masturbuting with thoghts of those porns this papi hirda is calling for u dindayal sat kirpal please forgive us our misdeeds and all asat karams we cannot remeber our all karams of asat nature , but as you said Satguru dindayale we are here to ask for forgiveness from you, please relive us din dayale, please let us be at ur charan kamals Sada Sada .






oh pyaree Sadh Sat Sangat Satnaam Satguru,




Please forgive us for any offending,




this bistha ka kira loon harami is bound to make.




please forgive this fooling who doesnt knw hw to behave, hw to write , hw to do good, hw to recite ur truthful Naam, hw to be merged in u always.




Dandot to all Puran Sachyara Satguru dindayala-Satgopal-aap Nirankar- Agam Agochar -Pritam Pyara’s Satsangat.








Ik oankaar sat naam satgur parsaad


Dhan dhan paar braham pita parmesar ji


Dhan dhan gur-guru-satgur-gurbani-sat sangat-sat naam


Dhan dhan sat sangat ji:


Kottan kot dandaut parvaan karna ji, shukrana parvaan karna ji, seva parvaan karna ji.




Panj karam indrees are parts of your physical body whith you actually physically perform your deeds. These are: two arms/hands, two legs/feet, tounge/mouth, anus and sex organ. The creation of a human being is the most beautiful creation of the almighty. Look at these five super divine powers given to you to make use of your physical body and be a part of the creation and participate in the process of creation.


At the same time there are panj gyan indrees that are also called five senses which a human is blessed with to interact with the rest of the creation and enjoy the creation. These are: eyes – seeing, ears – hearing, nose – smelling, skin – feeling and tounge – tasting. Infect these are super divine powers that are given to us by the akal purakh ji to live this life and enjoy the nature in its correct perspective and in accordance with the divine wisdom – gurmat.


Incidently at the same there are panj doots as well – kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahankaar and the sixth one is the desires – trishna, which make your usage of these panj karam indrees and panj gyan indrees very complex, infect these doots and desires prompt you to misuse these super divine gifts – super divine powers – super divine blessings and that is where you get trapped in by misusing them. This is where gur parsaad helps.


Dassan dass






Ik oankaar sat naam satgur parsaad


Dhan dhan gur-guru-satgur-gurbani-sat sangat- sat naam




Dhan dhan guru pyare jee:




Kottan kot dandaut parvaan karna ji.




Your panj karam indrees are responsible for your actions or deeds or karams, the panj karam indrees are directed by your panj gyan indrees – five senses, which are controlled by your mind, and your mind is controlled by your own wisdom, your own wisdom is your self wisdom, the worldly wisdom or durmat – bad wisdom, all three kinds of wisdom are a creation of human mind.  This is how this cycle of behavour continues for ever.  Your own wisdom is all governed by panj doots and desires – that is why all your daily karams fall under either panj doots or desires or your mind is controlled by panj doots and desires. Above your mind resides the param jyot, which has lost connection with your mind – this param jyot is the super divine power which is basically running your breath and gives you life, however, your mind doesn’t recognize this super divine power or param jyot and thinks that he is the incharge and runs everything, by doing so your mind is trapped in maya and is therefore, operating under maya and not directly under the param jyot. So your mind is the culprit – is refusing to recognize the param jyot running your breath and giving you an opportunity to recognize and realize this param jyot. So what is the remedy – to eliminate this mind and elimination of mind will provide a direct connection of param jyot with the panj gyan indrees and panj karam indrees. By eliminating your mind you will come out of the trap of maya and will realize that you are the real divine power – breath and life, who is running this body, and not the body that is running you. Your body’s existance is due to this breath and life super divine power, and not otherwise. So when the mind is eliminated then your panj gyan indrees and panj karam indrees come under direct control of param jyot – super divine power and once that happens then all your karams will become sat karams. So elimination of mind is the key to success and this will be achieved by gur parsaad – naam simran, naam ki kamai, puran bandgi and seva. Puran bandgi is the stage when the mind gets eliminated and param padvi is achieved. All other methods and techniques are again self wisdom, worldly wisdom or durmat – and will not take you out of the trap of maya, only puran braham gyan, puran tatt gyan and puran bandgi will take you beyond maya, where there are no panj doots and no desires. Until your mind is eliminated prayer for forgiveness is a divine blessing – so you should be praying –


hum maha paapi hain ( I am a great sinner), maha pakhandi hain (a great hypocrite), maha kaami hain (greatly lustful), maha krodhi hain (full of anger), maha lobhi hain (full of greed), maha mohi hain (full of selfish attachment) , maha ahankari hain (full of self-pride), You are kind and forgiving, please forgive my bad deeds and sins.


A more frequent prayer like this will help you a great deal.




Dassan dass