6. Supreme Spiritual State

This article aims to give a glimpse of the Total Truth.  Dhan Dhan Shree Paar Braham’s highest and most powerful divine status –


Sunn Kalaa – Highest Power of Eternity (as known and said in Punjabi)
Sarabh Kala Bharpoor – Owner of all Eternal Powers. 


Aprampar – most powerful, owner of all the eternal powers, unique, omni present 


Sarv Vyaapak –  Self Created, the only Creator, the only Doer,


Agam Agochar – which can’t be seen or observed by five senses – Panj Gyan Inderey – which needs a Div Drishtee – Divine Eye to see and observe and feel.



All of the creation has originated from the


Sunn Kala : –


·         The Power of Complete Silence,


·         the Perfect Silence,


·         Completely No Thoughtls,


·         No Distractions,


·         Complete Stability,



and this is the stage of highest level of spiritual attainment, this is where Dhan Dhan Shree Paar Braham Parmesar remained for Ages.   This is where He lives and this is where He can be realized.


Any soul which reaches this level of complete silence achieves and realizes Him, that is also why Gurbani says;


Sunn Smaadh Maha Parmarath.


Because this is where the soul merges with the Almighty. This part of the Infinity is the Braham Himself, this is a totally undistracted and completely stable part of a soul that always remain like that after complete realization.


This is where all the spiritual and eternal powers come in to a soul, and there remains no difference between such a soul and Paar Braham Himself.   Such a soul becomes a


·         Puran Sant Satguru,
·         a Puran Braham Gyani,
·         Gur Parsaadee Naam Amrit Ka Data,
·         a Gur Parsaadee Naam Ka Beopari,
·         a living God on earth;
·         Nanak Braham Gyani Aap Parmeysur,
·         Braham Gyani Mukt Jugat Jeea Kaa Data,
·         Braham Gyani Puran Purakh Vidhataa,
·         Nanak Sadh Prabh Bhed Naa Bhaaee,
·         Ram Sant Dohen Ek Hain.


Dhan Dhan Shree Paar Braham Parmesar – Sarabh Kala Bharpoor have been very kind on us by giving us this Braham Gyan about this highest level of eternity, spirituality and divinity.  Through Dhan Dhan Shree Guru Nanak Patshah Ji, who achieved that level of the Eternity and very kindly gave us this divine wisdom of the highest order.  In the following Shalok of Gurbani let us try to understand and bring these priceless jewels and diamonds inside us and by doing so earn the purpose of our human life and achieve salvation – Jivan Mukti.


Maaroo mehulaa 1 ||
Maaroo, First Mehl:


su(n)n kulaa apuru(n)par dhhaaree ||
In the Primal Void, the Infinite Lord assumed His Power.


aap niraalum apur apaaree ||
He Himself is unattached, infinite and incomparable.


aapae kudhurath kar kar dhaekhai su(n)nuhu su(n)n oupaaeidhaa ||1||
He Himself exercised His Creative Power, and He gazes upon His creation; from the Primal Void, He formed the Void. ||1||


poun paanee su(n)nai thae saajae ||
From this Primal Void, He fashioned air and water.


srisatt oupaae kaaeiaa gurr raajae ||
He created the universe, and the king in the fortress of the body.


agan paanee jeeo joth thumaaree su(n)nae kulaa rehaaeidhaa ||2||
Your Light pervades fire, water and souls; Your Power rests in the Primal Void. ||2||


su(n)nuhu brehumaa bisun mehaes oupaaeae ||
From this Primal Void, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva issued forth.


su(n)nae vuruthae jug subaaeae ||
This Primal Void is pervasive throughout all the ages.


eis pudh veechaarae so jun pooraa this mileeai bhurum chukaaeidhaa ||3||
That humble being who contemplates this state is perfect; meeting with him, doubt is dispelled. ||3||


su(n)nuhu suputh surovur thhaapae ||
From this Primal Void, the seven seas were established.


jin saajae veechaarae aapae ||
The One who created them, Himself contemplates them.


thith suth sar munooaa gurumukh naavai fir baahurr jon n paaeidhaa ||4||
That human being who becomes Gurmukh, who bathes in the pool of Truth, is not cast into the womb of reincarnation again. ||4||


su(n)nuhu chu(n)dh sooruj gainaarae ||
From this Primal Void, came the moon, the sun and the earth.


this kee joth thribhuvun saarae ||
His Light pervades all the three worlds.


su(n)nae alukh apaar niraalum su(n)nae thaarree laaeidhaa ||5||
The Lord of this Primal Void is unseen, infinite and immaculate; He is absorbed in the Primal Trance of Deep Meditation. ||5||


su(n)nuhu dhhurath akaas oupaaeae ||
From this Primal Void, the earth and the Akaashic Ethers were created.


bin thhu(n)maa raakhae such kul paaeae ||
He supports them without any visible support, by exercising His True Power.


thribhuvun saaj maekhulee maaeiaa aap oupaae khupaaeidhaa ||6||
He fashioned the three worlds, and the rope of Maya; He Himself creates and destroys. ||6||


su(n)nuhu khaanee su(n)nuhu baanee ||
From this Primal Void, came the four sources of creation, and the power of speech.


su(n)nuhu oupujee su(n)n sumaanee ||
They were created from the Void, and they will merge into the Void.


outhubhuj chuluth keeaa sir kuruthai bisumaadh subadh dhaekhaaeidhaa ||7||
The Supreme Creator created the play of Nature; through the Word of His Shabad, He stages His Wondrous Show. ||7||


su(n)nuhu raath dhinus dhue keeeae ||
From this Primal Void, He made both night and day;


oupath khupath sukhaa dhukh dheeeae ||
creation and destruction, pleasure and pain.


sukh dhukh hee thae amur atheethaa gurumukh nij ghur paaeidhaa ||8||
The Gurmukh is immortal, untouched by pleasure and pain. He obtains the home of his own inner being. ||8||
saam vaedh rig jujur athhurubun ||
The Saam Veda, the Rig Veda, the Jujar Veda and the At’harva Veda


brehumae mukh maaeiaa hai thrai gun ||
form the mouth of Brahma; they speak of the three gunas, the three qualities of Maya.


thaa kee keemath kehi n sukai ko thio bolae jio bolaaeidhaa ||9||
None of them can describe His worth. We speak as He inspires us to speak. ||9||


su(n)nuhu suputh paathaal oupaaeae ||
From the Primal Void, He created the seven nether regions.


su(n)nuhu bhuvun rukhae liv laaeae ||
From the Primal Void, He established this world to lovingly dwell upon Him.


aapae kaarun keeaa apuru(n)par subh thaero keeaa kumaaeidhaa ||10||
The Infinite Lord Himself created the creation. Everyone acts as You make them act, Lord. ||10||


ruj thum suth kul thaeree shhaaeiaa ||
Your Power is diffused through the three gunas: raajas, taamas and satva.


junum murun houmai dhukh paaeiaa ||
Through egotism, they suffer the pains of birth and death.


jis no kirupaa kurae har gurumukh gun chouthhai mukath kuraaeidhaa ||11||
Those blessed by His Grace become Gurmukh; they attain the fourth state, and are liberated. ||11||


su(n)nuhu oupujae dhus avuthaaraa ||
From the Primal Void, the ten incarnations welled up.


srisatt oupaae keeaa paasaaraa ||
Creating the Universe, He made the expanse.


dhaev dhaanuv gun gu(n)dhhurub saajae sabh likhiaa kurum kumaaeidhaa ||12||
He fashioned the demi-gods and demons, the heavenly heralds and celestial musicians; everyone acts according to their past karma. ||12||


Gurumukh sumujhai rog n hoee ||
The Gurmukh understands, and does not suffer the disease.


eih gur kee pourree jaanai jun koee ||
How rare are those who understand this ladder of the Guru.


jugeh jugu(n)thar mukath puraaein so mukath bhaeiaa path paaeidhaa ||13||
Throughout the ages, they are dedicated to liberation, and so they become liberated; thus they are honored. ||13||


pu(n)ch thuth su(n)nuhu purugaasaa ||
From the Primal Void, the five elements became manifest.


dhaeh su(n)jogee kurum abhiaasaa ||
They joined to form the body, which engages in actions.


buraa bhulaa dhue musuthak leekhae paap pu(n)n beejaaeidhaa ||14||
Both bad and good are written on the forehead, the seeds of vice and virtue. ||14||


oothum sathigur purukh niraalae ||
The True Guru, the Primal Being, is sublime and detached.


subadh ruthae har ras muthuvaalae ||
Attuned to the Word of the Shabad, He is intoxicated with the sublime essence of the Lord.


ridhh budhh sidhh giaan guroo thae paaeeai poorai bhaag milaaeidhaa ||15||
Riches, intellect, miraculous spiritual powers and spiritual wisdom are obtained from the Guru; through perfect destiny, they are received. ||15||


eis mun maaeiaa ko naehu ghunaeraa ||
This mind is so in love with Maya.


koee boojhuhu giaanee kuruhu nibaeraa ||
Only a few are spiritually wise enough to understand and know this.


aasaa munusaa houmai sehusaa nur lobhee koorr kumaaeidhaa ||16||
In hope and desire, egotism and skepticism, the greedy man acts falsely. ||16||


sathigur thae paaeae veechaaraa ||
From the True Guru, contemplative meditation is obtained.


su(n)n sumaadhh suchae ghur baaraa ||
And then, one dwells with the True Lord in His celestial home, the Primal State of Absorption in Deepest Samaadhi.


naanuk nirumul naadh subudh dhhun such raamai naam sumaaeidhaa ||17||5||17||
O Nanak, the immaculate sound current of the Naad, and the Music of the Shabad resound; one merges into the True Name of the Lord. ||17||5||17||


 (SGGS Ji  1037-1038)


This power of complete silence, which is the highest eternal power of the Eternity, Dhan Dhan Shree Paar Braham Parmesar.  There is nothing above this power of the Eternity, where there is a complete silence and no distractions, complete stability.  This uniqueness is the highest eternal power of the Almighty, this is where Almighty resides and lives, and this is where he remotely controls and executes His Hukam. 


Such a state of spirituality and eternal power is the Sunn Kalaa, where there is nothing less then complete silence,.  Such a state is also defined as Param Jyot Puran Parkash, this is also sometimes referenced as Braham Khand or the Sixth Khand, where the Creator and Doer resides. When a soul reaches that level of the Bhagtee where there is a complete silence, complete thoughtlessness, no distractions, such a soul wins over everything, wins over the mind and Maya, wins over the Panj Doots and all the desires. 


Such a soul becomes one with the Almighty, then there remains no difference between Akal Purakh and such a soul.  It becomes Puran Sant Satguru, a Puran Braham Gyani. By virtue of this highest level of Eternal Power, the Self Created Creator, which is Infinite, no boundaries, no dimensions, has been in existence even from the beginning of this universe, because He is the only Creator and the only Doer. All His Eternal and Divine Powers are His own creations.


The only Creator creates the entire nature from Sunn Kalaa – from the Eternal Power of Complete Silence, and then watches it with eternal happiness. This means that the entire nature, the entire universe has been originated and created by the Creator from this eternal power of Sunn Kalaa. Look at the wonders of the Sunn Kalaa – the most wonderful life giving eternal entities air and water have also been born from the Sunn Kalaa – Pawan Guru Pani Pita Mata Dharat Mahatt.


 Look at the importance of these two natural elements (air and water), how divinely they have been gifted to us by the Almighty, and these two elements are free and equally available to each and every soul, each and every creation of the nature.  There would be no life without these two elements, so with every breath of ours the Pawan Guru goes inside us, and water is the father ( PANI PITA) .  It is as pious and pure as Almighty Himself.


Look at the Earth, it is another life giving entity, whout which we couldn’t survive, this is Dhan Dhan Divine Wisdom of Gurbani, let us bring these Gyan Ke Moti inside us and make a Mala of these priceless diamonds and jewels in side us, this is the real Mala of Naam, of Braham, of the divine qualities of Braham,.  That is the real Mala and we should all earn this Mala.


And then after the creation of these life giving divine gifts the Creator created all the living beings like us and other Junies – species . The body like a human body is the fort for our soul, so He created a fort, a place for the soul to live, and this creation of the human body a place for the soul to live, was created from five elements – Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky.  


The soul which is the Jyot of Braham, the Infinite part of the Braham, the Nirlep (undistracted) Part of the Braham, which is not effected by Maya, was instituted in this fort – body. The Brahamaa,  Mahesh (Shiva), and Vishnoo (these are the Devtaas which are worshipped by some communities) were also created by the Creator like that from the Sunn Kalaa.


Such is the Eternal Power of the Sunn Kalaa, in which Dhan Dhan Shree Par Braham Parmesar remained for countless number of Ages, Age is called a Yug – such as Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug, Dwapper Yug and now Kal Yug. Each Yug – Age’s life is estimated in millions of years. The soul which learns this most powerful eternal blessing of Sunn Kalaa, becomes complete in Himself, means gets Himself absorbed in the Almighty, becomes a Roop of Braham, the Infinite part of the Braham.  Anybody who will come in contact with such a highly eternally and spiritually blessed soul, will become like Him. Such a soul is also described as Apras Aparus in Gurbani, and when we come in contact with a such a soul which has become Apras Aparus, we will be eternally blessed by such a soul and we will eventually become like Him. The company of such a Apras Aparus soul will vanish all the doubts in our minds.


The construction of Sat Sarovar (Seven Oceans – Seven Energy Centres In The Body ) was also created by the Creator from the Sunn Kalaa and the activation of these Amrit Sarovars can only be achieved through Sunn Smadhee. Let us talk a little bit more about these Sat Sarovars – Seven Seas of Amrit, which are created by the Creator inside our human body. 


These are the centers of divine powers and the source of Amrit inside our human body, they are present in :


Trikuti – center of the forehead, which is also called the Gyan Netter,


the Hirda Kamal, (heart centre)


the Nabhi Kamal, (navel centre)


the lower portion of spine which is also called Kundlni,


there are two of them situated under the eyes,


the seventh one is situated in the upper portion of the spine. 


These are all activated by the divine and eternal blessings, when the Gur Parsaadee Naam – Satnaam goes in to them.   And when the cycle is completed starting from the Surat – in the Trikuti area and Naam travels down to Hirda Kamal, then Nabhi Kamal, then to Kundlini and through the spinal cord – through Ida, Pingla and Sukhmana, and hits the Dassam Duaar, and back in Trikuti. 


Then all the Amrit Sarovars are enlightened and continuous flow of  Amrit starts in the entire cycle of body, after opening of the Trikuti and Dassam Duaar. This creates the real Naam Ki Malaa and Ajapa Jaap all through this cycle.


The activation of this Naam Ki Mala is a Gur Parsaadee Game, and happens only when we do Gur parsaadee Naam Simran sitting in Sunn Smadhee, it happens by itself, not by our own efforts but by the eternal blessings of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar and a Gur Kirpa of such a soul who has realized this Sunn Kalaa, a Puran Sant Satguru, a Puran Braham Gyani.


The soul who is able to activate these seven seas of Amrit becomes Jivan Mukt and such a soul is a Gurmukh soul, which means that only a Gurmukh soul, means the soul who has completely surrendered himself to the Guru and has taken His wisdom – Gur Matt, and left the Durmatt and Sansarik matt, his own wisdom will be able to do so and become Jivan Mukt.


The creation of sun, moon and sky was also done by the Creator from the Sunn Kalaa, there is His Jyot in all these entities too. The invincible and Infinite Braham remains self supported and doesn’t need any assistance in any form or in any way, is totally independent and unique, and remains absorbed in self only.


The earth and sky are also created from His Infinite super powers of Sunn Kalaa, and all these entities (sun, moon, earth, sky) remain in their respective positions without any support from any source, except Himself. 


The entire creation has been tied in to the rope of Maya, means all these material creations are run by the Maya, this Loop of Infinity is the Sargun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Shree Paar Braham Parmesar and remains under the jurisdiction of Maya.


He is the creator of His Sargun Saroop also and He is the destroyer of His Sargun Saroop, means everything living in the Loop of Infinity is perishable, only His Infinite portion is non perishable, that is the Truth and complete truth, and that is His own Nirgun Saroop.


All four forms of reproduction of life (andaz, jeyraj, seytaj, utpujh are four life creating forms) and their communication channels, their taking languages are also created by the Creator sitting in Sunn Kalaa. The entire universe takes birth from Himself, the Origin and after destruction or perishing, or dying goes back to Him.


The wonderful creation of the entire vegetation is also one of His wonderful actions. All these creations are born from the Sunn and when they are destroyed they go back to Sunn. All His creations are under His Hukam. The wonderful creation of day and night is also done by Him. He is the one who gives birth and death to the life, He is the one who gives the worldly happiness and sorrows to the life, means the birth and death is also under His Hukam, our sorrows and happiness are also His creation.


The cycle of life and death is also His creation, basically this is a part of His Sargun Saroop, which operates under the Maya, in the Loop of Infinity, and only a Gurmukh can break this Loop of Infinity, means only a Gurmukh can over power the Maya and can find His Original Home – which is the Infinite Part, Param Jyot Puran Parkash of Almighty.


The four Vedas that were written by Brahamaa (there are four Vedas written by Brahamaa; these are Rig Ved, Jajur Ved, Saam Ved and Arth Ved), and these were written by Brahamaa under Hukam from Akal Purakh, means all this divine knowledge presented in the Vedas by Brahamaa came from the Almighty only.


The three qualities of the Maya were also produced by Akal Purakh. Basically Maya is the creation of Dhan Dhan Akal Purakh Jee, which runs the normal person’s life, only the Puran Sants are not under Maya, they always remain one with Akal Purakh, and Maya serves them instead of directing them, Maya remains under the feet of such Puran Sants, Puran Braham Gyanis.


There are three distinct properties (Gun) of Maya:


Tamo Gun: Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar (five vices), Duality, Hatred


Rajo Gun: Asha, Trishna and Mansha (desires)


Sato Gun: Daeyaa – kindness, Santokh – contentment, Dharam – religion, Jat – control over lust, Sat – the truth.


The soul which concentrates and operates under the Sato Gun of the Maya, eventually is eternally blessed and gets involved in the Gur Parsaadee Game, then does Puran Bhagtee, and breaks all barriers of Maya, wins over Maya and goes back to the Infinite Part of the Braham, becomes one with Braham.


There is no price for Infinity, nobody can buy it with whatever, except pure, pious and unconditional love, sacrifice and service to Him, and only such a soul understands His Puran Hukam and speak the complete truth, see the truth, hear the truth and serve the truth.


He is the Creator of all the Khand Brahamands, seven Pataal and Seven Akaash are all His creation, all these things are then looked after by Him, He is the Origin, there is nothing beyond Him, He is supreme, and takes care of everything by himself.


The souls which are absorbed in Him remain in the Infinite Part of Him, and the other creations remain in the Loop of Infinity under His control through Maya and its three properties as discussed earlier. Every thing is under His Hukam.


The most serious mental sickness is the Haumai, which also is a part of the Maya’s Tamo Gun, and is also created by Him. The entire cycle of life and death is due to the Haumai, which is the deepest sickness.


The person who is blessed eternally by Akal Purakh, gets involved in Gur Parsaadee Game by completely surrendering himself to a Puran Sant Satguru, a Puran Braham Gyani, who has broken all barriers Himself, and won over the three properties of Maya, who has won over the Maya completely, and a such a Sant Satguru takes our soul in to the fourth stage – Karam Khand, and eventually get our soul relieved of the Maya and gives us salvation – Jivan Mukti.


Ten Avtaar – Dus Avtaar have also been born from the Almighty. There are ten such Bhagats, who are the Avtaar’s of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar in various Ages. He is the Creator of Shiva, Devis and Devtaas, but most of these entities were born to work and bring the rest of the souls closer to the Almighty, but all these entities called themselves as gods and started to get the public to their worshipping and ignoring the worship of Akaal.


All these Devi Devtaas are under the Maya, none of them could break the barriers of Maya. Their own deeds are responsible for such a condition of these so called gods. There is only one way to win over the Maya and break the Loop of Infinity and go back to the Infinite Part of Braham, and that is the complete surrender to the Gur and Guru, to become a Gurmukh, earn Guru’s words and serve the Guru, remain at the Charans of the Guru.


The person who recognizes this infinite power of the Infinity – the Sunn Kalaa, cannot be effected by any of these mental sicknesses of Maya, but such souls are very rare who can understand this unlimited power of the Sunn Kalaa, from all Ages in the past this path of following the Guru has been a source achieving salvation, and this is the Gur Parsaadee ladder of Gur Parsaadee Naam – Ik Oankaar Satnaam Simran in Sunn Smadhi which can bring the soul closer to Almighty.


The soul goes in to Smadhee in Karam Khand, and then in Sunn Smadhee, this is where Almighty can be realized and door to Sach Khand can be opened and the soul can enter the Sach Khand. This is the highest level of Eternal Blessings – Gur Parsaad. This can only happen in the Gursangat of a Puran Sant Satguru, a Puran Braham Gyani.


Very rare are those souls who can understand this divine wisdom and follow it, but such souls who do so is relieved of all the sicknesses of Maya and obtains respect in the Dargah of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar.


The human body is made of five elements (discussed earlier), and this is all the creation of the Creator only. Our deeds, actions and reactions are recorded, if we so bad we reap bad, if we sow good we reap good, means all our sorrows are due to our bad deeds and all our happiness is due to our good deeds, so we should sow only good deeds, why do we sow bad deeds, when we know that we will have to reap our bad deeds ourselves.


This is how every ones fate is different because everyone’s deeds are different, the souls who sow more good deeds and accumulate their good deeds to a level where they are recognized by the Braham for their good deeds are eternally blessed by Him. 


Such souls will be blessed with the Gur Sangat of a Puran Sant Satguru (we write Puran which means who is completely merged in Almighty, who has won over the Maya, and have penetrated and absorbed in the Infinite Part of Almighty), such souls remain absorbed in the Gur Parsaadee Naam Amrit of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar, and by virtue of the Sangat and eternal blessings of a Puran Sant Satguru win over the Maya and break the Loop of Infinity – Sargun Saroop and go back and merge in to His Nirgun Saroop.


The spiritual powers and divine wisdom comes only to such souls which remain absorbed in the Almighty.


Akal Purakh is addressing us all and urging us all to understand this game of Maya, its three properties and its adverse affects on our daily life, the most sickening being the cycle of life and death – Janam Maran Da Rog.  However, this game of Maya can only be understood if we leave our own wisdom and take Guru’s wisdom, there is no other way, because Guru has achieved the Infinity and only He can tell us how we can do it.


If we don’t take Gurmat then we will always remain in control of Maya and therefore will always remain suffering with all kinds of mental sicknesses under the influence of Maya. The person who understand and obtains all the vital qualities of Almighty, gets absorbed in Him, means we will have to bring all the vital qualities of Braham to be like Him, then only He will absorb us in Himself.


The bottom line is that we can’t achieve the salvation without Smadhee and Sunn Smadhee, which is a Gur Parsaadee Game and comes only in Karam Khand and Sach Khand. We should all therefore try to understand its importance as discussed in the above divine wisdom and pray for getting eternal blessings for Gur Parsaadi Naam – Ik Oankaar Satnaam, because the Smadhee and Sun Smadhee will come only when we are involved in a Gur parsaadee Gur Sangat of a Puran Sant Satguru.  Because He is the Amrit Ka Data, Naam Amrit Kaa Data, and His Sangat will bring us close to Almighty and we will be able to break the barriers of Maya, win over Maya and achieve Jivan Mukti, there is no other way to do so.


We should all therefore watch our daily deeds, do Naam Simran, completely surrender ourselves to the Charans of the Guru, then we will one day be blessed with the Gur Parsaad.



Dassan Das