7. The Aim of Life – Heaven, Hell or Sachkhand?



These three words are used in day-to-day life with different meanings to different people. Many people believe that you will find yourself in Hell, Heaven or  Sachkhand only after death.


Careful analysis of Gurbani indicates that actually all these three words mean three distinct states of mind. All the people on the face of Earth live in one of these states at any given time. It is possible for any person to wander through these three states of mind several times in their life.


Your life after death is determined by how you lived on earth.


If you lived in Hell while living, then Hell awaits you after death.


If you lived in Heaven while living on earth then Heaven awaits you after death.


The same applies to Sachkhand living.


It is completely incorrect to think that living a life of hell on the Earth will be rewarded with a place in Sachkhand after death.


Broadly we can subdivide living in two categories:


1) living in Hell & Heaven and


2) living in Sachkhand.


Living in Hell & Heaven is under the influence of

·         Maya,

·         five vices (Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh & Hankaar),

·         desires,

·         praise & slander,

·         duality (i.e. getting confused between true & false).



The living in Sachkhand is living completely like God i.e. complete truthful living. Sachkhand living was lived by Ten Gurus, Jesus Christ, Hazrat Mohammad, Gautam Budha, Kabir, Naamdev, Ravidas and several saints in the modern day such as Sant Baba Harnam Singh, Sant baba Nand Singh, Sant baba Ishar Singh and several others. Our Guru Sant Baba Ji is a living example right now. Only a few people in a million live Sachkhand life everyone else lives in Hell & Heaven. Now we will describe with more detail, each type of living:


Heaven & Hell Living:

Heaven & Hell living is under the influence of Maya. Maya is nothing else but dark side of God himself. It is manifested through five vices.

  • Kaam i.e. out of control Sex
  • Krodh i.e. out of control Anger
  • Lobh i.e. Greed
  • Moh i.e. Emotional attachment
  • Hankaar i.e. out of control Ego


All actions of ordinary people are dominated by these vices.


Kaam makes people covet members of the opposite sex other than their spouses and torments them if they do not succeed in their evil Wish.


Krodh makes people angry over accidents big or small or makes them angry if things do not happen as they Wish.


Lobh makes people covet material things beyond what is destined for them. So, they torment themselves by comparing what they achieved versus what they Wished.


Moh torments people because they indulge in preferential social treatment to their family, friends, relatives and colleagues compared to the rest of the world. So they come to expect special treatment from their family, friends, relatives and colleagues as compared to the rest of the world. They torment themselves when they get treatment less then they Wished.


Hankaar makes people love their praise and slander of others. Makes people think  they are wiser and more capable than others. So they have expectation of  preferential treatment from others because they are special. So they torment themselves when they get treatment less than they Wished for.


So Maya, acting through these five vices makes people live a life of Desires or Wishes. These Wishes or desires are sickness. They torment people all the time and punish their souls. Fundamentally, then, these desires cause people to expect more or different from what is naturally destined by God for them (God’s Hukam). So they are fighting against God’s Will.   And rather than praying to God and being thankful for what they got, they start cursing or blaming God for the things they did not get or achieve.


Beside this there are nine doors (Gyan Indre), which influence behavior of  people living in Heaven & Hell:

  • Eyes (2)
  • Ears (2)
  • Nose (2)
  • Mouth (1)
  • Reproductory Organ (1)
  • Anus (1)


Eyes let people see things and then because of their judgmental nature, they start comparing things, people etc. The comparison makes them like some things and dislike others. So, they start treating what they see as Good or Bad, Beautiful or Ugly. Now that is against God’s will. He does not like Ustat (Praise) or Ninda(slander) of his creation whether it is people or things. So, eyes help people see, their judgmental nature then judges things to be good or bad. Then judgenment leads them to Wish to see things they like to see and not see things they do not like to see. On further analysis we can discover that Eyes actually operate under the influence of the five vices and serve the five vices.


Similarly the Ears, Nose. Mouth, sex organs serve the five vices for people living in hell or heaven. To fulfill their desires these people indulge in bad behaviors that are too many to be described here completely. Few examples are stealing, injustice, manipulating, jealousy, backbiting, fighting, speaking foul or meaningless language etc.


So, Maya acting through five vices and served by nine doors (Gyan Indre) drives people living in Heaven & Hell to live a life of:


  • Wishes
  • Judging
  • Praising & Slandering
  • Fighting God’s Will
  • Self inflicted Tormenting because of non-fulfillment of Wishes
  • Bad behaviors aimed at desire fulfillment


As a result of wishes and judging these people indulge in variety of behaviors. They divide things into good or bad. Good things they wish to have. When they can’t have enough they self-torment and complain to God. Because of this they keep distancing themselves from God. Their mind is full of filth of Maya and they do not enjoy God’s praise or worship. Instead, they enjoy slandering the people who worship God.


Sachkhand Living:

The people who live in Sachkhand have God complelely in their heart. Maya and five vices can’t distract them from their truthful life, on the contrary, Maya and five vices worship them and always serve them.


Their nine doors serve the Truth and not five vices plus Maya. They are not judgmental. They are Pragtyo Jyots i.e. God living in flesh and blood. These people live life free of desires, jealousy, praise or slander. They are single minded only in one direction and that is Truth. They can’t be distracted. They have no feelings of guilt. They have no doubts and duality. They are not disturbed by pleasure & pain, hot or cold, accidents, death &  birth of others. Nobody is good or bad to them, all are equal. All that happens on the face of earth is God’s Song & Dance to them and they do not have any emotional feelings relative to any part of that.


They have desire neither to create nor to destroy except for the benefit of others. They live for others service. They sacrifice their lives for others if and when needed. They see God in everything and everyone.


They do not have fear of death. Their Soul is same as that of the God. So, they are indeed above life and death and have infinite wisdom and capability. Yet, they stay under God’s Hukam (Will) and do not get into display of their divine powers. Display of divine powers is indeed interfering with God’s hukam. If they must use their divine powers, they use for alleviating the pain or suffering of others and nothing else.


They are free from the cycle of birth and death. Just like God, they are within everybody and everything else and yet they are independent of everybody and everything. They are reborn only when God sends them to mend things on earth. They typically are engaged in alleviating other people’s sufferings, spreading God’s message to people. They become guides to people and they put people on the path to Sachkhand living.


They are like God, they act under God’s hukam and they have God’s powers at their disposal. God serves them at their will. All God’s creation serves them.  Despite all this they consider them lowest of all creatures humans and others.


Pragtyo Jyots have the ability to give Gurparsadi Naam and instill God’s divine light in the hearts of ordinary people. Only a Pragtyo Jyot, living in Sachkhand can do that and nobody else. They like detergent purify souls of other people. The effects of Heaven & Hell living  vanish in their presence. Ordinary people can’t fathom the length, breadth and depth of their capabilities. Only people who live in Sachkhand can appreciate each other. They live in Truth and they are replicas of God, so they are independent of religions and norms of societies. Because of this ordinary people including the rulers, governments typically can’t understand them and out of their confusion criticize them and even persecute them.


A Humble Servant