8. Doubts, Delusions And Illusions

The doubts, illusions and delusions are like cracks in the foundation of the Mansion of Bandhagee, which is the belief, commitment and trust on the Gur and Guru. These cracks are very dangerous and responsible for the downfall of a lot of people from the heights of spirituality. These cracks in the foundation of the Mansion of Bandhagee are formed by the little doubts and illusions and keep on widening until the entire Mansion of Bandhagee falls down, unless something is done to rebuild the belief, commitment and trust in the Guru.

What can we do to keep our trust, commitment and belief intact and indestructible?

Always pray to the Guru and Akal Purakh to give us the diamonds and jewels of Trust, Commitment and Belief in Gur and Guru.   Pray every day, every morning and evening, every hour, probably every fifteen minutes to please give us these priceless jewels of trust, commitment and belief on the Gur and Guru.  And continue these prayers until your Bandhagee is complete and the Mansion of your Bandhagee has been built on a strong foundation of trust, commitment and belief.  And you have reached that level of Bandhagee where nothing can distract you, when we say nothing means nothing and this is called the Atal Awastha, the Sahaj Awastha. 

Whenever a doubt or illusion enters in to your mind immediately pray for forgiveness and for the restoration of the belief and trust inside you for the Gur and Guru. Keep in mind always: if the trust and belief on the Guru is broken or is falling through the cracks then your trust and belief on the Gur is also falling through the cracks simultaneously.

Basically these cracks form holes in your soul and mind and the Amrit starts to drain out through these holes.  And as the Amrit keep on draining, the five vices – Panj Doots keep on taking the place of the Amrit inside your soul mind and body.

Basically, everything that
·         takes you away from the Gur and Guru,
·         takes you away from the divinity and spirituality,
·         takes you away from the Bandhagee and Amrit,
·         makes you unstable and prone to distractions, illusions and delusions,
·         comes in your way while doing your Bandhagee is the creation of Maya.

Maya is sitting like a Cobra Snake on your head to bite you when ever you give it a chance and all the time until your Bandhagee is complete.   

When your Mansion of Bandhagee has been built on a very strong foundation of trust, belief and commitment then the Maya crumbles and falls on your feet at this point she becomes your servant.  But until this point you have to stay alert day and night, awake or sleeping. Be alert at  all times for this Cobra Snake and ready to counter it at any cost. If you do so then you will be able to find out very quickly when these cracks are starting to form in the foundation of our Mansion of Bandhagee.

Always remember whenever you start to have negative feeling or start to feel negativity inside your soul and mind, whenever you are not able to concentrate on Naam Simran, the cracks are starting to form and the Amrit has started to flow out through these cracks and again the remedy is the prayer as mentioned above.

Dassan Das