8. Dreams


M: I’ve never had dreams before about devi’s so it was so amazing to have that happen. is this a sign of progression?

DD : Yes, it is good, Gurbani says: Braham Gyani Ko Khojey Maheysur – Shiva is always in search of a Braham Gyani. In the early days of our Bandgi we saw Vishnu Bhagwaan for a long time in one of our deep meditation sessions.
M : How do i become more aware of satnaam ji in my dreams, cos right now im not at all?


DD : You need to do more and more Naam Simran, become a Kanchan Dehi – pure from inside with all the divine qualities, complete surrender as we have said in the beginning, and when the Naam will blossom all the Sat Sarovar and you will go on auto pilot mode of Naam simran, then the Naam will go in Rom Rom and you will go in Sahaj Smaadhi then you will stay alert and awake inside your soul and nothing can distract you, you will reach Puran Braham Gyan Stage by getting the Tatt Gyan, then you will see the difference yourself inside your ownself.
M : What is the significance of dreams in terms of spirituality?


DD : Already explained – provide learning opportunities, enhances confidence and trust, blessings and love, Gur Parsaad – in one of our visions in the recent past a big Sant came in and we did dandaut to Him and we could feel the corrections being made in our spine area, gave a lot of blessings and told us not to think bad about any one – Buraa Nahin Chatwana Kisey Daa – actually we had some bad feelings about the people backing out from Baba Ji’s Sangat and then doing their Nindya to the extent which can’t be described, so much bad mouthing and abuse  and so on which was hard to tolerate, so that was the reason for cursing thoughts for these people and then the correction came in right away – and this Maha Purakh Ji – and probably He was Akal Purakh Himself, because He was too Big and there was a lot of Parkash everywhere, but didn’t ask Him anything – just did dandaut and heard the golden divine wisdom – Buraa Nahin Chatwana Kisey Daa, and this was the GurParsaad – the bad feelings disappeared right away, and the learning to even forgive the slanderers, to forgive even the killers and the highest level of criminals, this is the height of forgiveness where one has to reach when He becomes Nirvair – becoming Nirbhao and Nirvair are the most difficult things to achieve, these are the most difficult divine qualities to absorb inside your Hirda.


M : Could they be a distraction?


DD : Yes, if they bring in negativity, if they are Maya related, if they are incidents which will involve you in the doubts and illusions.
M : Is dreaming being in mansarovar?


DD : Some times yes, being in Dargah is being in Mansarovar, meeting Sants and Bhagats of the Puran Braham Gyan level is being in Mansarovar, having Akal Purakh Darshan, Guru Darshan, Guru Sahiban’s Darshans is being in Mansarovar.
M : Can you stop/train urself from not having dreams….is that possible?


DD : It is beyond your control, for that matter anything is beyond your control, to try to put a control is Haumai, everything is in Hukam, it all depends on your destiny and your Bandgi and Seva, some of the Sants do Seva in the Visions that you get in DreamS as just explained above.


M : Are dreams a bad thing?


DD : Not necessarily, they can be very rewarding and blessful as explained earlier and can be negative also if they are Maya related.