8. Premee’s Poem Sat Jans?

Raag Bairaaree, Fifth Mehl, First House:
One Universal Creator God.
By The Grace Of The True Guru:

Meeting with the humble Saints (Sant Janaa), sing the Praises of the Lord.
The pains of millions of incarnations shall be eradicated. ||1||Pause||

Whatever your mind desires, that you shall obtain.
By His Kind Mercy, the Lord blesses us with His Name. ||1||

All happiness and greatness are in the Lord’s Name.
By Guru’s Grace, Nanak has gained this understanding. ||2||1||7||



This poem was written by Premee Ji after her first meeting with the sangat.



Sat jans – Devotees of Truth


The Satjans send out cosmic energy.
Penetrating I can’t contain its intensity.
The Satjans are robed in the court of Sach.
The pure holy saints all comes to watch.


The Satjans face shines day and night.
Gazing at them I destroyed spite.


The Satjans have taught me to love the truth.
By their true actions my goal doesn’t seem aloof.


The Satjans have shown me pure affection.
By which I burnt the filthy garb of deception.


The Satjans have given me the priceless boon.
And with it I remain continuously attuned.


The Satjans make me fall in love again and again.
And everytime the arrow of love pierces deeper within.


The Satjans inspire me to laugh and sing.
And so my soul does, rapturous in him.


The Satjans sow truth and truth they reap.
I beg Satnaam ji to give me a place at their feet.



Thank you to the Satnaam Family this week end – it was beautiful.
Please keep me near your charan (feet), under your saran (protection) and inspired to practise Sat Karams (truthful deeds).
Tusi sarai dhan Sat Jan ho (you are all great great)