9. Confused and Broken Hearted

Ik Oankaar Sat Naam Satgur Parsaad 

Guru Pyare Jee: 

Whenever you have a problem turn your face towards your Guru and Akal Purakh with your head at their feet and with folded hands, with full humility, humbleness, trust, faith, devotion and love and pray to them for giving you the guidance to solve the problem you are in, if you do so you will for sure find a way out of the problem you are facing. So let us do the same over here – pray to the Agam Agochar Anant Beyant Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar and Dhan Dhan Guru Ji with Kottan Kot Dandaut Bandhna at their lotus feet for helping us understand the situation we are in and give us the divine wisdom to help us get out of this situation.  

Sat Sri AKal

i have a question…

well i love you articles …they help in clearing some of the

confusions about life. 

Thanks for being truthful to us with your current situation, thanks a zillion times to the Almighty for provoking you to communicate with us. We appreciate you reading the articles. This is all very simple – the whole world is run by the Maya and Maya is eating the entire humanity on a continuous basis – the Panj Doots and desires make you do all kinds of ASAT KARAMS – and your pains and sorrows are nothing but a result of your own deeds in the past of this life and all previous lives you have been through, so blaiming anyone for your own deeds is not wise. The best thing is to accept your own UNTRUE DEEDS – ASAT KARAMS and concentrate at the present in not performing any ASAT KARAMS, AND PERFORM ONLY SAT KARAMS – TRUE DEEDS and true deeds are performed under the SATO – QUALITY OF MAYA, bottom line you need to understand how the Maya works in your life and you can learn this only by praying to the Almighty to give you the divine wisdom and divine wisdom will come in when your divine doors open. This can happen only by focusing yourself on Naam Simran so we will try to answer your concerns in the following text but the solution to this issue is only winning over Maya – that will calm you down completely  from inside and you will be blessed with the Gur Parsaad of Chad Di Kala. Now this is not going to happen just like that so you need to start praying for the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran and Puran bandgi and Seva and then a time will come when you will be blessed with this Gur Parsaad and you will start moving on this path to Sach Khand. Harjit Ji please send her the Gur Parsaadi writings on Maya and deeds. 

im confused about one thing in my life, which i need help with.

well i see…or at least try to see everyone as one Jot of God. now i

have met some people who are just …they lie a lot , or try to hide

things. i can sense them and i know what they are up to. what should i do with those people? as a sikh we are supose to be humble and all….so is there a good way to help the pleople who do that? who you can’t trust but can’t say to their face that tehy are liers. i see that its because of attachment. may be that i dont wana hurt them… else tehy will go away or not talk to me. so i donot know how to go about this part of life. 

Your problem is confusion and confusion is darkness – no passage in sight – no light at the end of the tunnel, it is all darkness, no path to the truth is visible to you – and that happens without the divine wisdom. But one thing you are blessed with is that you can understand when people lie to you, which is a blessing. You are right everyone has a Jyot inside which is keeping the life going – Jyot is the life element which keeps the body going, but at the same time this divine light is giving you a test as to how far can you go in understanding this divine Jyot inside every one of us. So you go so far only where you understand that the people are lying to you but then you are stuck there and get confused about what should you do or how should you deal with these folks. Weather you should get angry with them or hate them or whatever? You are also blessed with the divine wisdom that this is happening because you are attached with these people, which infact are trying to hurt you by being untruthful to you or if you stop communicating with them they will get hurt and so on, and you should be thankful to the God for giving you this divine thinking. So how do we resolve this situation? Where people are being untruthful to you – so this is a part of the Karni – deeds as we said whatever we receive or get is a result of our own Karni in the past of this life and all previous lives, once you understand this divine law then you will stop blaiming people for your own Karni. The next question is how do we get rid of this confusion and of the effects of our Karni and make our life sublime – full of bliss and happiness, how do we get out of this effect of our Karni – the answer is very simple and easy – ONLY GUR PARSAAD OF NAAM, NAAM SIMRAN, PURAN BANDGI AND SEVA can take you out of this effect of the Karni. 

Your confusion is obvious without understanding how this entire creation works. The readings on Maya will make you understand how this entire creation works. Also take time to read about Naam, How To Do Naam Simran and other writings – everything written pertains to making your mind stable and calm, that is what Bandgi is all about – stop the mind – remove the mind – replace the mind with Puran Param Jyot. 

my trust has broken by many people many times…and i feel that even

though people might think i trust them…i know inside that i feel empty and feel unsafe thinking there is no point in trusting anyone. i try not to connect with anyone….but think about waheguru. but sometimes i feel that i am going in the wrong direction. i should see waheguru in them and not isolate my self. 

The entire world operates under the influence of Maya and only a person who has won over the Maya is beyond Maya and only the one who is beyond Maya is trustable – the one who has merged in God – Nirgun Saroop is trustable – the one who is operating under the direct Hukam of Akal Purakh is trustable and truthful, everything else is untrustable, so how can you trust a common person who is drenched in the scum of Maya – a normal person is drenched in 40 feet deep scum of Maya and expecting him to be trustworthee is a mistake, a serious mistake, so we can trust a person who is completely truthful, sees, speaks, hears, serves and delivers the truth and nothing but the truth and sach a person is called Khalsa – a Puran Braham Gyani, who has earned a Puran Sachyari Rehat – so you are right when you say – no point in trusting anyone and only think about the Waheguru, so you have that divine knowledge but there is a lack of trust on the Akal Purakh, so develop your trust in the Akal Purakh, develop your devotion and love for the God and then God will take over and help you guide through every situation, not only that when you become fully enlighten then people will look at you to get help and guidance. Seeing God in everyone is a divine quality and can’t be wrong, but isolating doesn’t mean isolating God in them, but isolation means detachment – internal detachment and convert the attachment in to true love, and praying for them rather than hating them and feeling hurt, feel piety on them and pray for their betterment. Be kind in your heart, be humble and full of humility – these are all divine qualities, when your heart gets filled up with these divine qualities – unconditional love, devotion, trust, faith, love, humbleness, humility and kindness then your heart will become infinite lime him and you will become a Sant Hirda where these things will not be able to distract you. 

i dont know what to do. 

Do you still don’t know what to do – just concentrate on Sat Naam Simran and you will learn more and more and will earn more and more divine wisdom. 

i get the feeling that this started when a guy who liked me totally

betrayed me. i was kind of into religion and felt guilty  just being with him and talking to him. but i guess we were in "love" later on as our talks progressed….and then its jus i dont know what happend. he lied to me from the begining and then told me someof teh truth about his life. and then from their we were on and off about talking to each other and missing each othere. 

Religion teaches love, no relegion teaches not to talk to others, so there is or there was nothing wrong with your relationship and there is nothing to feel guilty about, and if he betrayed you then he is guilty and not you, if you were sincere in your love – if it was love and not the lust then you are truthful – and we know that your love was love and not the lust, but his love was not love and it was just lust – Kaam, that is why he was not truthful to you and how can he like you of he is not truthful to you, he never loved you but his heart was full of Kaam and only Kaam, never loved you which lead you to brake off from him, which is something good happened, so why even worry about it or why even think about it, just forget about it and get on with your life. He was not for you and you are not for him. And again that is a part of your destiny based on your previous Karni as explained earlier. 

i really want to stop thinking about him and want a clouser. i tellmy

self that he is not worth it think about all teh wrong things he has

done in his life…and how he is not much into religion where as i am. i still talk to him sometimes, but it always end up messin my whole

thinking and peace.we do have feelings for each othere ..i can feel um…i can hear and feelhow he feels about me. they are strong feelings, but he is married. i just can’t understand how i got into this mess.  nd my mind blocks all of the thought baout him being horrible human being. i know that he is wrong, that its all wrong, but i dont know how to detach my self from him.  

When you know that you should stop communicating with him then why are you thinking and even talking about him. When you know that you should put a closure to it – again your inside wisdom, so why not just do it – forget the past, don’t think about future and just sieze the current moment and be truthful in the current – present and the effect of your past Karni will start to diminish. Sat Naam simran will remove your confusion and will give you mental streangth to get out of this fast, so please concentrate on Sat Naam Simran and stay calm and stop thinking and talking to him then you will do a lot better. 

we dont talk much, because once i told him that if it was someone else

who had donethat to me i would have slapped them so hard. but my heart

always melts and can’t think about doing that to him. He got really mad

and said that i was a fool, and i act like a little kid!

why isit at one point i am all free from all this, and at somepoint im

all thinking about him. 

i wana pucke atthese thoughts. what kind of person am i? no respect for

my self? no standards? no grace? how do i bring my self back…

i dont even knwo where i am suppose to bring my self back to. a person

who is clean and can hear the hukum and follow it 

When you know that you have to be internally clean then what is holding you back from doing so, when you know that he has been and is wrong and your relationship with him is not based on trust and love then what is keeping you back from giving up on him. Only one answer to all your issues and problems is Sat Naam Simran and understand your own karni and the game of Maya and once that happens then you will get out of this mess. 

please help me to understand this whole mess. 

There is no other magic to have a control over your mind and win over your mind, only Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Puran Bandgi and Seva can elevate you to such higher levels of spirituality where you realize the presence of God inside you physically and win  over the Maya completely and reach Atal Awastha so please keep on concentratng on Sat Naam Simran and praying for the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Puran Bandgi and Seva. 

Dassan Dass