Anu – True meaning of Khalsa experience

Kottan kot dandaut aapji de satcharana vich pyare satguru pitaji

Pitaji over a phone call yesterday with aapji, aapji did following katha and then gave us few experiences.

Aapji did dhan dhan katha on institution of khalsa panth and told us that how wrongly the khalsa word is interpreted in today’s world. Aapji recited few verses from guru granth sahib ji where the actual definition of true khalsa is written by pooran satgurus, including the bani of Kabir ji. Aapji shared this knowledge that khalsa was never born on baisakhi, it is always a true satguru who is khalsa, for this aapji gave reference of guru nanak patshah ji. Aapji said that “We all need to serve this complete truth” even if we face hatred from people who are misinterpreting the khalsa word. Dargah will be happy if we will serve this truth and if people slander us then also it’s good. So in both the scenarios, it will be advantageous for us.

Aapji also explained beautifully that during Guru Gobind singh patshah ji and Panj Pyare jis time, such magical and unbelievable grace was showered by Sat Parbrahm Pita Parmeshwar ji that they presented 6 pooran satgurus, pooran brahmgyanis, pooran parbrahm roop at one place that day. It is so rare to find one pooran satguru, whereas that day sat parbrahm ji presented 6 pooran satgurus at one place. Aapji told that such thing has never happened in history and it will never happen again.

Pitaji while aapji were doing this katha, we heard loud drums sounds running in the background that time. Aapji showed the entire dargah and thousands of sant souls walking behind aapji. Guru Gobind Singh Ji and panj pyare jis were walking besides aapji that time. Aapji were emitting golden prakash and everything was merged in aapji.Then Guru Gobind Singh Ji in their golden chola appeared in our room and we did dandaut to them. We just kept on seeing that pure golden prakash while aapji were continuing with katha.Then when aapji did the bachan that “we all need to serve the truth”, then the same time Guru Gobind Singh Ji said the same words ” Sat Vartao”. It was just so so mesmerizing pitaji, we don’t have words to even express it. Shukarana aapji da pitaji for giving us such beautiful experience.

Pitaji during simran since few weeks, our both hands were making different movements, even if physically we were not doing them, we saw our soul making those movements. Our right hand is going to our heart in upwards direction and left hand on our heart in downwards direction. It’s similar to how lotus opens and it has few leaves in upward direction and some in downward direction. Then aapji told us that our heart’s lotus has been opened by aapji and that’s why our hands are making such movements.

Pitaji during simran we are often taken to a market where sant souls are roaming and are doing ‘Naam ka Vyapar’. Everyone in that market is only reciting satnaam for any services. Whether it’s selling or purchasing, only ‘satnaam’ and ‘sab tera’ is said on exchange of things.

Pitaji aapji also showered aapji’s immense grace on 2 extremely strong black souls yesterday by giving them mukti with 10 janam bandagi. They had possessed the recliner where we do simran and one of the Black souls came in front of us only in a dream type vision while doing simran. In that vision, kiran ji sat in front of us and she told us from where that black soul is coming and asked that black soul to appear.

Kottan kot Shukarana aapji da pitaji for everything. Pitaji we are each and every breath sinners but aapji still continue to keep on showering aapji’s immense grace and blessings on us. We beg aapji to keep us under your charans forever and make us surrender to aapji completely.

Dhan dhan parbrahm parmeshar Dhan dhan satguru parmeshar Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam ji
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