Best Time for Simran

Q: Some people I consulted about the timings if the simran said that its best at 3am. I would like to know your thoughts on this. One of my Aunts told me that its not good to chant the simran at 1am because all evil people follow their rituals around this time.


A:  The problem with modern day society is they urge to gift there opinions on topics they cannot even apprehend.  What is evil? – All is God, all is Hukam, the story of Karam is his writings, the Highs and Downfalls of life are all justified.


We deserve our suffering (Dukh) – we deserve our peace (Sukh).  No Power is beyond Truth, all image of Power is derived of Truth, only Truth remains- it is infinite.


Simran can be done any time of the day, the most affective time is 1am, try to continue the simran for 2.5hrs minimum if you can (it takes this long for the inner voice to reach Dargah), Jaap in Surat (within).


Whatever society is feeding you on this topic is not Puran Sat and therefore can only be Worldy Knowledge.


Q:  Thank you very much for your kind reply. I enjoyed reading it and would like to know that what I should chant?  Should it be "Satnaam" or "Waheguru" or Mool Mantra? I lead a very hectic lifestyle and am wondering if I would be able to start the simran at 1am and continue for 2.5 hrs? What other options do I have? Should I shower beforehand? Please help. P.S. I am very happy to receive a kind and honest reply – appreciate it.


A: This is a House of Service, we are not here to dictate – we exist for Selfless Service to gift another with the Puran Sat, the very Puran Sat that God discovered when realizing Self (long before the thought of the Creation came to light).


All the education given is derived Gurparsaad, it is Gyan realized out of Absolute Nothingness blessed within the Hirda from the Deep Sleep of Smadhi, our new found education is then taken from the hirda and gifted in language -as you see on the website (through the Gyan of Dassan Das Ji) and as we write to you now. The tragedy of the story is that language can only educate to an extent, to Recognize the Vision behind our words will be something you have to earn.


You may live a Fast Paced Life but we all work, commit to Simran and do Seva. We accept it can be a shock to the system – remember as long as Truth is gifting the shock it can only be a good shock.


The Masters of this modern-age educate the Sangat of Truth Glorifiers to take rest much earlier (tv shows are not that important) to then set there alarm clocks for 12.30am.


The Body you wear has been designed by God to remain prominent while in Truth- Great Great engineering. The body is able to sustain many hundreds of years of life in great health, and in the Sat Yug (first age of man) it did just that.


But : As the mind of Society shifted the Consciousness of Man shifted, worldly knowledge took over, God became an entity of False.


Now in the fourth age of Man, we the Man are dictators of our One Man Religions fueled by Ego, Greed, Lust, Attachment, Pride and Anger. Sat Yug (Truth Age) has shifted to Kal Yug and the Maya (illusion) has taken Raj.  


They will bow to the King or even the Celebrity in courtesy but they will feel ashamed to bow and even worse acknowledge the God =Welcome to the Kal Yug.


When one takes to Naam Simran, the hold of Maya is tested and broken down overtime, the ones who absorb into the Truth, lose all sight of sleep, to never require sleep again, to never require requirements again. – As we said the body is gifted to do so much.


Before stopping the race at the first Hurdle, an attempt must be made, how else can our words be proven through experience.




“Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sada Sada Satnaam”


The Formless One made it clear to the Masters before us that he has no name, but if ever to be named it would be Satnaam (Truth is his Name). Naam Simran is more than just a recitation, it is the foundation of ONE to state here I stand and now we are to move forward as Hukam commands (towards the light).


But you cannot see the light for your eyes are closed in the weight of Maya, and the air is covered with black clouds. So you remain persistent, you continue, and continue, the Naam is the medicine, it makes you stronger, it feeds strength to your vision, to your body, it detaches you from the Darkness of False and your eyes open to witness all the darkness around you, you see the true color of Maya (realization).


A pin hole of light is seen through the dark cloud, you walk towards it for this is the way forward, the way of Puran Sat, as you excel the path, your wisdom becomes Truth Wisdom unto the point where you realize false to such an extent that you can overcome it as if the Hukam was your own (for you have now merged with the Truth), you choose for the cloud to disappear and it disappears to find you are at the end of the Path and the Master (God) a source of Pure Gold awaiting to Hug his Truth Seeker home (Enlightenment).


The value of Naam is beyond comprehension, surrender to it and discover it, the Gyan is infinite, only the Brahmgyani can grasp the great depth of the Truth Vision.


As we have said Simran can be done anytime of the day, the service of Truth is accounted for regardless of the time or action, but the gift of Amrit Vela (1am) enhances the prayer (and the effort) a million times literally. There is Gyan behind this, again it has to be experienced, all you can do for the moment is Surrender to the Truth.


Yes 2.5hrs, some of us do it everyday, some of us do it pre-planned on the night before a day off from work regardless we educate the Sangat to take to the discovery of Truth while they have the chance. No One has promised you access to the Truth in your next Janam that is if you are to be born Human, so we focus on the Process of the Moment – we glorify each and every Moment with Truth.


They come and ask for God, we ask for 2.5hrs- they say I’ll call you back. (we cannot help but laugh).


Consider your recitation of Truth emitting light and traveling at speed, traveling past many Khands- Dharam Khand, Gyan Khand, Saram Khand, Karam Khand, Sach Khand the journey takes 2.5hrs to reach the destination of Dargah (the Court of God).


On arrival we continue for even longer and shout the Truth, awaking the Bhagats from their deep bliss to see who this intruder is- an intruder he maybe, but he has earned his way through dedication and earned blessings, they can only bow and bless you, for they recognize that we share the very love that they Experience in the Presence of Truth. Our stories maybe unique but we are the same, and the songs of love we sing are shared to such precision our hearts beat in unison.


We can only gift the education, it is up to you to act on it.


Water is a universal element, it exists across the 14 realms, as it washes the mud from the skin it also washes the weight of negativity. To shower before doing simran would only be of benefit.


To Glorify Truth, we must accept that we are less than adequate for the Truth, and is that is why we take to Ardaas, it is our confession to the Truth (God) that we accept we are worthless and lost in the false of Maya, and now call upon God as we now recognize him to help us kindly (as his Hukam chooses) to deliver us from Maya back to the Truth (Source).


Ardaas: click here– make it your own confession. For you are lost in Maya, you are of Kam Krodh Lobh Moh and Ahankaar. If you wasn’t then you would be in Dargah with the other Brahmgyanis deep in the Elixir of Truth.


The Kushi you feel from reading our words, is the recognition of Puran Sat- the experiences go way beyond this.


Go and discover them. 


God Bless you with Satnaam Simran, Naam Ki Seva and the Greatest Bandgi