Our spiritual journey began in 2007 when we were sleeping in the afternoon and got up with an inner voice ‘Braham, Brumm’ (God and Illusion). We did not even know the meaning of the word ‘Braham’ at that time but we recognized that it was a wake-up call for us. We were so busy doing misdeeds in those days so we ignored that voice. In 2007, we used to learn astrology from TV shows and books; we had a knowledge of Vedic mantras that’s why one day a thought came into our mind that every Vedic mantra starts from the word ‘OM’, so, what is this word ‘OM’? We decided that we should meditate on the word ‘OM’ only. One night we were in rest position on our bed and started meditation on the word ‘OM’ and within few minutes, we experienced that we have no physical body but a major beat in our chest. That was an amazing experience for us so we thought we would try it later. Next day we felt that there is something wrong in outside world, we were on highway it seemed like we were watching moving scenes on a big curtain and in the same evening we heard a Saakhi of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Bhai Lehna Ji about importance of Amrit vela after listening half of the Saakhi we started to cry loudly because we got the real message from story of Sagar manthan by Demi Gods and Demons from this Saakhi. We decided that we should dedicate our self for devotion of true lord. We remember when our mother used to motivate us for the worship of true lord almighty and we asked her to tell us the name of God. She replied, ‘Waheguru’ but we refused to accept this name of Lord. Next morning we got up and felt no energy like we were going to die because we were falling down again and again. We drank glucose but did not get relief. After that we started to feel a giant fire inside us, we were having a shower and same time we were dancing and behaving like a cobra. Everyone who was near to us at that time experiencing heat and burning sensations in their bodies too. We requested to our mother and sister to do path of five banis and put a jug of water near to them while doing path. Our grandmother also advised to mix some sugar in that water. When she was doing path we were experiencing aasan similar like Sirash aasan after completion of path we drank that water and shared with our mother, sister and grandmonther too. In afternoon, we were resting in lap of our grandmother; we started to talk with Shri Guru Amardass Sahib Ji Maharaaj. We did not see him; we were seeing a land of bright light and heat.

Here is the conversation with Shri Guru Amardass Sahib Ji Maharaaj :-

Satguru Ji: – Bas kar hun, bahut ho gya, vaps aaja hun.

We: – Main nahi aana baba ji, ithe bahut heat hai, je main aaya ta main marr jaonga.

Satguru Ji: – Sarea ne ik din ithe hi aana aa, eh gal sade mohre vi aayi si par asi sochya je ik din ithe aana hi aa ta ajj hi kyun nahi.

In night we experienced one new aasan, touching our head with ground in sitting posture. We hugged our sister she was so scared, we talked to her in a different voice, Ghabra na putt tu mera Angad aa, maybe this message was for us because we were so scared too due to unknown and unbearable forces in our body.

Next day a different and loud voice started to speak through our body that was voice of God. He was telling loudly, Main hi main hi aa main hi main hi aa, main hi ghar ghar jamm reha te meri hi maut ho rehi aa. We opened our mouth and asked our mother to see in our mouth, Dekho sade andar sara Brehmand samaya aa. We experienced at that time all our desires are co-existed with us in different human bodies, we thought how it can be possible, we are individually different, and how can we be one? Then had a realization that these all desires are of God, then what about us?

Another next day we were sitting with our family we asked them to make a circle, hold hands of each other’s and close to their eyes, we want to see you something. At that time we saw a Yogi at front of door who was walking in the street, we can see only his lower legs during this time we listened multiple voices of speaking Ram Ram and multiple bells were ringing.

Then our family members decided to take us to baba Vadhbhaag ji. Next morning when we were going to baba Vadhbhaag ji, we felt bad about to go there. We saw so many demons and witches over there with our naked eyes but we decided to keep our self quiet otherwise our family members would think that we got mad completely. After that we went Shiv temple. But everything was useless. One day we asked to our brother that we want to go Dukh niwaran gurudwara sahib in Ludhiana and we went and felt so much peace and relief over there. Our mom wanted us to meet with a baba who was disciple of Kaali, Baba Balak Nath and other demi gods. We wanted to know that what was exactly happened with us so we got ready to meet him when we were going to meet him then we felt that something wrong is going to happen. A weird lady came into same auto rickshaw who had worn a saari printed Ram word on it. After covering a small distance a little accident happened with our auto and a group of people started to beat our auto driver. When we met with that baba, he closed his eyes and told us nothing except everything would be fine. We said to him, everyone here is eating dust of time. He said, yes. We got back to home but still dissatisfied.

Meanwhile we listened a katha of Satguru Kabir Sahib Ji’s shabad by dhan dhan Giani Kulwant Singh on TV. Giani ji was saying that Kabir ji kehnde aa ki es kanya (Jeevaatma) da rishta hun jud gya hai hun es nu es da prona (God) vyhun aavega.

Life period from 2008 to 2012

After these experiences we knew that nobody can answer our questions except Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj. We had made a habit of listening Gurbani Katha everyday on TV or internet. One day we found katha vichar by Giani Thakur Singh Ji. We listened him a lot then we knew the spiritual experiences of many Puran braham giani mahapurakhs which motivated us a lot for bandgi but it was difficult to adopt or follow this path for us. We did not want to go for Amrit Shakna because we knew that most of amritdharis believe in rituals but reality is maybe different and we also experienced often times in gurudwaras amritdharis are not humble as per gurbani but egotistical and recognized them as greedy people for money. Fortunately, one day of year 2011 we were searching gian of gurbani on net and we visited on website by God’s grace then we had read article about five khands written by Dhan dhan Dassan Dass Ji Maharaaj. We felt so blessed after reading many writings on the website. Reading of gurparsaadi writings was like a feed for our soul. We praised the writer of these articles in our mind but maybe that was not exact time to know about our Spiritual father as per our destiny and we had to wait for one more year. During this period of life every night when we tried to sleep we used to listen a repeating inner crying voice, this is not me (True self). And when we had to be awake due to any reason then heard a voice, there would be a sun rise soon. Oftentimes we used to experience samadhi in this period but at that time we did not know about that phenomenon. We used to experience samadhi usually in our lunch break at work for a few seconds and one night we saw a yellow light in samadhi, we asked our self that who am I without this body ? Our true self replied you are nothing mere a thought. After some days in the night we were listening gurbani katha vichar by Giani Thakur Singh Ji, he shared an experience of a bhagat who lives at Sahneywal in Ludhiana. He used to do simran of naam given by his guru. One day he went to Sachkhand and met with Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Sahibjada Ajit Singh Ji Maharaaj. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji told him that you did a lot of bandgi in your previous lives that’s why you reached here but you don’t have a guru. Bhagat replied, I have a guru who gave me the naam. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji asked him if you have a guru then show us the place of your guru in Sachkhand. So, his guru was not puran. After listening it we realized that if a Puran Guru blessed us then we can go to Sachkhand easily means without adopting external rehat or rituals.

Life period after July 2012

We were in so stress because facing so many troubles in our life. It seemed like every door of our life had been completely closed for us. So, one day we decided to visit again on website to divert our mind. That month was June 2012 when we read about Dhan dhan Dassan Dass Ji Maharaaj that writing motivated us a lot and we started to get up early at 12 o’ clock. We started our simran with Mool Mantar. Meanwhile we listened sangat recording of Ik Oankaar Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji’s voice, our soul trembled to listen his voice, and we recognized that God is talking through him. And when we listened voice of Dassan Dass Ji Maharaaj he was requesting to everyone to do Satnaam simran. So, we started to do Satnaam simran after listening to Dassan Dass Ji. After a few minutes we opened our eyes and felt that we were staying in an unknown place whether we were at our home so we closed our eyes and stared to do simran again.

Day by day we were reading writings and doing Satnaam simran. We were thinking how is that possible because simran was going in our surat without our efforts. Then we read on website that who would visit on this website would be blessed by gurparsadi Satnaam.

Three experiences before sangat with Satguru Dassan Dass Ji on fb:-

1. We made three slips of paper and wrote shabads ‘Waheguru’, ‘Satnaam’ and ‘Mool Mantar on these slips and prayed to God that please tell us which is right word to meditate for us then we chose one slip and answer was Satnaam.

2. Fortunately, we heard the same Saakhi of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji from our mother, and this time she completed the whole Saakhi because we had missed the end part in 2007. In this Saakhi, at the end Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji touches faint Bhai Lehna ji with his feet and says word Satnaam and Satguru ji says we are doing all these things for you. We felt that Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is talking to us through this Saakhi.

3. Our third experience was about our inner voice ‘Guru ladho ray’ after experiencing this inner voice we switched on our PC and login our fb account and saw image of Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji. We got surprised to read same line Guru ladho ray on the image.

Meanwhile, we went to Shri Harmandar Sahib to pray for our worldly desires but in the Golden temple we refused to pray for worldly desires and prayed for Naam and Braham gyan.

Then, next day first time in the evening we got a chance to do sangat with Dhan dhan Dassan Dass ji Maharaaj and Dhan Dhan Pritam Anand ji Maharaaj on face book. We told our all spiritual story to Dassan Dass ji. We felt so blessed at that time and started to do Satnaam simran with more dedication by Satguru Ji’s grace. And within few days, Satnaam amrit started to clean our astral body, since then we are feeling vibrations or tickling sensation in our body. We got a chance to watch a video interview of Dhan dhan Pritam Anand Ji in those days, we felt so blessed to see his joyous face and cried a lot. In this video Pritam Anand ji was telling about importance of doing dandout bandhna told by Dhan dhan Sat Paar Braham Satnaam Baba Ji. One night we were about to sleep on our bed then we felt the presence of Dassan Dass Ji close to us, his hand was on our head and we noticed that something is getting out from our body it was similar like soul leaves the body. Next day baba ji told us, all our negative energy has been sucked now.

Our Prayer: – We used to do this prayer every time before starting our Satnaam simran.

Aad gureae nameh

Jugad gureae nameh Satgureae nameh

Sree guradhaeveae nameh

Hey dhan dhan Sat Paar Braham Pita Parmeswar Ji, hey dhan dhan Sat guru ji aap ji nu namaskaar te dandout bandhna anik baar ji, Hey dhan dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji maharaaj aap ji nu namaskaar te dandout bandhna anik baar ji, Hey dhan dhan das guru sahibaan, das guru paatshahiya ji, dhan dhan Shiri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji maharaaj, dhan dhan Shri Guru Angad Dev Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Amardass Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Ramdass Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Arjan Dev Shaib Ji maharaaj, Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Harirai Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Harikrishan Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji maharaaj, aap ji nu namaskaar te dandout bandhna anik baar ji.

Dhan dhan Satnaam baba ji, Dhan dhan Dassan Dass baba ji, Dhan dhan Pritam Anand ji, Dhan dhan Preeto ji, Dhan dhan Satnaam Parivaar, aap ji nu namaskaar te dandout bandhna anik baar ji. Dhan dhan char juga de bhagat, sant, avtaar, brahamgyani mahapurakha te aap ji da saroop sari srishti nu namaskaar te dandout bandhna anik baar ji.

Then a prayer written by Dassan dass baba ji in Sukhmani Sahib Katha. Hey Sache Paatshah ji asi maha paapi, maha kaami, maha krodhi, maha mohi, maha ahankaari, maha lobhi, loon harami, pal pal gunah karn vale jeev aap ji charan sharan vich aaye haan ji kirpa karke ke sanu bakash deyo te sanu sat karam karn di daat bakasho, bhaana manan da bal bakhsho, naam, naam simran, naam di kamai, puran bandgi, samadhi, sunn samadhi, sehaj samadhi, sewa, parupkaar te mahaupkaar di sewa di daat bakasho. Nanak naam chad di klaa tere bhane sarbat da bhlaa.

Satnaam light in Trikuti: – When Satnaam amrit enlightened our Trikuti (Forehead) we experienced like something is melting inside our forehead. We got scared because it was a similar experience which we had felt in 2007. We asked about this to Dassan Dass Ji, he replied us that your Trikuti is getting enlightened. It was a blissful experience. At that time, we realized that God has given us a beautiful life which had been controlled by some thieves or thugs and now we got relief from them. Same night we did sangat with Dassan Dass Ji and told him, baba ji sada mann pardesi apne ghar aa geya.

Satnaam in Hirda Lotus: – Same night Satnaam amrit travelled through our neck sarovar and we heard a sound ‘Shooon’ in our neck like air was trying to pass through a small hole forcefully. Next night of 5 August, 2012 same time we felt a beat or vibration in our heart. In the same night, we went to a gurudwara sahib in our dream. We watched that everyone there was sitting in white dress and we did not see Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji over there. We were about to do matha takna at front side empty space, suddenly Pritam Anand Ji’s teaching about importance of to do dandout bandhna came into our mind and we did it quickly then took a seat at last corner near to an almirah. A bhai sahib came toward almirah, opened it and picked a letter pad from inside. He gave us that letter pad and told us that who comes here with pooran bhagti bhaav, have to fill this form then we allow him to become a member. We got letter pad but thought it is strange we have never seen gurudwara like this yet. About at 4 o’clock we got up and smelled a beautiful fragrance from our arms and other body parts. That dream was about opening of Naam account in Dargah. Dassan Dass baba ji told us that was Gurdwara of Dargah where all Suhagans were sitting and doing their bandgi and advised us that we should have followed the order given by bhai sahib of Gurdwara and told that fragrance was a divine blessing for us.

Satnaam in Nabhi Lotus and all over body: – Next day Satnaam amrit travelled through our Nabhi lotus. Day by day amrit was going in next sarovars, we noticed it up to half of our spine then it spread in all over the body. We started to feel some tingles in our forearms and hands.

Sangat with Satnaam Baba Ji over phone: – One day Pritam Anand ji gave us phone no. of Satnaam baba ji and we phoned him. Baba ji’s voice is very sweet, he started conversation to say that dandout bandhna aap ji nu, aap de maat pita dhan ne. Satnaam Baba ji gave us gian that you are a soul. You should not chase after worldly things because these things come in our life as per our destiny. He blessed us again with Satnaam and said, Shri Guru Amardass ji ni mukh rakh ke bandgi karo. Same night we experienced, there were 4 or 5 small discs rotating on our spine.

Experiences about Aasans and Samadhi: – We had listened many times about aasans in Sat sangat recordings and eagerly wanted to know about aasans. One day we asked regarding aasans to Pritam Anand ji. He tried to teach us but we did not get any point of his teachings. Pritam Anand ji asked us to close eyes then we had a vision of aasans done by us in 2007.

In 2007, the experience of aasans was not so blissful for us. Alongside of doing simran we also started to read eBook of Sukhmani Sahib written by Dhan dhan Dassan Dass Ji. Then, we have been blessed with long hours of simran. One day we prayed as per instructions of Dassan Dass baba ji written in Sukhmani Sahib Book, on that day we experienced blissful aasan first time, our both hands were going in upward direction automatically while doing simran. In next days we experienced so many aasans i.e. front side bend, back side bend, expansion in chest, opening of mouth and finally one day in evening session we pressed our both palms on center part of our chest then we realized this is called Hirda aasan. It was a realization that god is telling through this aasan that he dwells here. After knowing about our experience, Dassan Dass baba ji welcomed and introduced us as a new suhagan in Satnaam family. Same night we also experienced a Samadhi of half an hour, our body posture after sitting has been settled down automatically and we had a shower of amrit on our face. This experience was truly so blissful for us.

Satnaam blessing for our Mother: – When we started to invest our all free time in Satnaam simran to see this our mother got worried about us. So, we thought to ask Satnaam baba ji about naam blessing for her. Satnaam baba ji blessed her over phone and first night she had a vision of Shri Krishan a child, within few days she also became a Suhagan and started to experience some aasans.

Realization about the divine eye: – We went to a local gurdwara ‘Dukh Niwaran Sahib’ in Ludhiana, on that day we decided to do long hours simran even without a break. We closed our eyes and started to do simran after 3 or 4 hours we had a vision of many naamdhari saints and a smiling child in yellow turban. Dassan Dass baba ji told us when a Suhagan sits for simran then many saint souls and demi gods come to join the sangat. That child in yellow turban in our vision was our 2 years old niece about that we knew on next day when we saw her picture in yellow turban.

Rewards of Super natural powers (Ridhi Sidhis):- One day in evening session of Satnaam simran, we had a vision of conversation between two men. Both were talking over phone one said to other, Do you have any demon? Other one said, No, I don’t have any more. And in same night we had a vision of group demi gods, the king of demi gods was very happy and telling to other we got our four divine powers which were under control of demons for a long time. These divine powers were 1.Kalp vrikash 2.Agni 3.Prithvi and before knowing 4th one power we got up then next day we had a vision of a weird and dreadful girl who were in Samadhi and we had some amrit contained in our both hands that we drained on her head. Actually, that girl was representing to our budhi which had become Betaal budhi under the influences of Maya. So, we realized that 4th power was an intuition. Then we got a deep understanding that we were blessed with these four powers by birth by Sat Paar Braham Pita Parmeswar Ji and we lost them due to our sinful mistakes. Dassan Dass ji advised us that never use these powers for your personal use and pray to god that you don’t need these powers.

Then next day god showed us that we have been blessed with one more power that was ‘Telekinesis’.

On other day god showed us power of ‘Teleporting’ but due to continuous prayers to say no for these powers as per instructions of Dassan Dass ji, and then we did not see the visions regarding these powers again.

Actually, God was just showing and teaching us by many ways that these powers are very harmful for us on the path of true worship.

One day we had a vision, in that vision we went into a beautiful palace where we saw many kids they were fully decorated with jewelry, diamonds and gems were continuously falling from their bodies but they were looking sad like a prisoner. When we shared about our this vision with Dassan Dass ji, he told us these kids were those people who are trapped by Maya because of their greed for super natural powers.

Visions of Satgurus and demigods: – In month of November 2012 we made a habit of doing long sessions of Satnaam simran. We used to do simran whole night and one night in samadhi we saw Vishnu with his four hands. We have a magnetic sticker of ten Guru Sahibaans, we saw also this sticker in our vision it was shinning, feeling like they were giving blessings to us. Then oftentimes we started to see demigods i.e. Shri Ganesh, Bhagwaan Shri Ramchandar Ji, Hanumaan Ji, Shivji, Shri Krishan and Radha, Baba Balak Nath and Devi Luxmi.

Visions of Maya (The illusory power of God): – As per teachings of Dassan Dass baba ji Maya attacks on our major weaknesses under control of one of five thieves i.e. 1.Ego 2.Attachment 3.Greed 4.Anger 5.Lust. Our major weakness was lust so she started to attack on our weakness. First time we realized it when we had a vision of legs of a girl in short skirt. After that, oftentimes we used to see dreams of Maya. One day we saw a group of women everyone was naked from breast. In other dreams we saw fully naked girls; sometimes we used to chase after them otherwise to see them only. One day we saw two naked women were having a bath in a pond. Sometimes Maya used to trap or confuse us in a puzzle. Many times she tried us to go against Dassan Dass Baba ji, Satnaam Baba ji and Pritam Anand ji then we used to chant on Dhan Guru and Mera Guru Poora for some minutes as per guidance of Dassan Dass baba ji.

Changes in personality by the grace of Satnaam Simran: – Major changes or got rid of some negative traits, that we noticed in us.

1. Watching TV until late night

2. Watching violent programs on TV

3. Watching porn movies every day

4. Over eating and eating junk food

5. Drinking alcohol

6. Self abusing by many ways

Satnaam blessing for our brother: – One day in month of November 2012 we met with our brother. Our mother began to share our experiences with him after having Satnaam blessing. Our brother is in the habit of drinking but occasionally. Our mother advised him to leave this habit and to do Satnaam simran. He used to do mool mantar path everyday and sewa in Gurudwara Aalamgir Sahib. We prayed to Satnaam Baba ji for Satnaam blessing for our brother and baba ji blessed him. After having blessing we saw our two years old niece started to sing a shabad of praising Satguru, we got surprised to see it. Same night our brother had vision that he was going to have a drink, our mother went toward him and added one drop of white liquid (Amrit) in his glass. When he drank it he felt bitter alcohol had changed in a sweet drink. Next day he was having a nap in afternoon then he experienced Samadhi he saw a shadow came toward him and started to absorb his astral body. We told him that shadow was our Satguru Satnaam baba ji in astral form and he took his all poison. We advised him that he should dedicate himself for Satnaam simran but he did not take this blessing seriously. He is doing Satnaam simran but with little efforts.

Satnaam and our fight with Shiv ji: – We used to do devotion of Shiv ji for our salvation before 2007. We used to take a fast on every Maha Shivraatri and we did it maybe five or six years. But after receiving Satnaam blessing we thought we wasted our time and energy in devotion of Shiv ji. We thought we should not keep photo frames of Shiv ji and devi Luxmi at our home that was a fake worship what we did. We had realized gurbani that ‘Sabh sukh daata Raam (Sat) hai doosar nahin koye.’ So, we wanted to place these photo frames in a temple. In mid night we were in samadhi we saw two hands were pulling us up in the sky. We took it lightly but the grip over our waste was getting tighter then we realized that was something wrong so we started to do Satnaam simran alongside tried to loose the grip and fell down in our bed room. While we were doing simran we began to do kick-boxing with that invisible power after within a few minutes that power got scared and jumped in to our mother’s body when we touched her forehead we noticed our mother was behaving weirdly. We opened our eyes, we were trembling with fear then we sent a message to Dassan Dass baba ji asked him what was that and he advised to focus on Satnaam simran only. Then we went toward our mother and touched her forehead to wake her up and she was behaving same like what we saw in our samadhi vision, to see this we got horrified again. In early morning we saw a vision in this vision that invisible power through our mother was showing photo frames of Shivji and devi Luxmi and insisting us to replace those frames again, do their worship, not to follow Dassan Dass ji and Satnaam baba ji and stop doing Satnaam simran. They offered us a wealthy life if we followed these terms. We refused to follow and shouted them don’t try to confuse us by our mother’s look. After that every day we saw many bulls in our vision they were trying to make us confused and fearful. Dassan Dass ji made us sure that we come in Chandigarh Sat sangat.

First Sat sangat in Chandigarh: – Before going to Chandigarh Sat sangat, we went for it in our vision where we saw every Sat sangi was in pure white dress except baba ji so we could recongnize him in sangat. Dassan Dass ji told us that everyone in his Sat sangat would be in white dress (Here white dress is indicating the purity of a soul in the presence of Dhan dhan Satguru Dassan Dass ji maharaaj). We went to Chandigarh to have the blessing of Sat sangat with our mother. We did dandout bandhna to baba ji, we were so happy on that day. When dhan dhan Taranjeet ji did dandout bandhna to us, we did dandout bandhna to him automatically then he pressed his palm on our head and shoulder, while he was filling our body with amrit, we noticed major vibrations inside us. Next day in the evening when dhan dhan Jagdeep ji had been blessed with Satnaam, we realized that god is talking through Dassan Dass ji, he was in anger. We spent three days with Sat sangat. We did not want to go back to our home. After this sangat, we noticed that we were in an unknowledgeable phenomenon. Dassan Dass ji told us this was happening because of over doze of amrit.

About Gurparsadi Katha Books: – When we read a few pages of Sukhmani Sahib katha eBook, we have been blessed with simran until long hours then we stopped reading it and invested all our free time in Satnaam simran. But when we noticed a big downfall in our simran after December 2012 Sat Sangat due to our own ignorance we decided to resume reading Sukhmani Sahib katha. At that time we noticed a conflict in our mind, mind under negative influences of Maya refused to read it and other positive side of mind was greedy for spiritual progress that’s why wanted to read it. Finally, we resumed reading it. While we were reading we noticed that a different rhythmic voice from inside has started to read this book. That voice was giving the hidden message of Sat Paar Braham Pita Parmeswar Ji to us that we should not refuse to read and not to be greedy for our spiritual progress and he is the writer of this book inside Dassan Dass Pita Ji and he is also a reader inside us. Then, we read complete book with more trust, love and devotion. After reading we got an inner voice which was ‘Sampooran Adhyan Gurparsad’.

Then, we started to read Japji Sahib katha book and knew the meaning of our inner voice ‘Mahabhaag’.

We realized these books are form of Dassan Dass ji, many times we asked our questions directly to these books and got our answer from them. In month of June 2014 Dassan Dass baba ji sent us Gurparsadi katha of ‘Anand Sahib’ while reading it on our PC we just closed our eyes to give them rest and we saw that Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji was reading this katha in our both eyes.

Satnaam blessing for our sister: – One day we prayed to Satnaam baba ji over phone for Satnaam blessing for our sister. Baba ji blessed her with gurparsadi Satnaam. After receiving this blessing, she had a vision of Maya on same night. Maya was trying to confuse her in vision, after listening her vision we realized she is in deep attachment with her daughter.

Vision about environment in Kalyug: – God showed us a vision regarding our surroundings in Kalyug one night. In that vision we saw every place on earth was full of debris and dirty insects. People were suffering due to unknown metal and physical sicknesses. When we shared it with Dassan Dass baba ji, he said, you don’t worry; your correction is being done. We also watched a TV show in our vision, a person who was looking like a zombie giving an interview on TV. He was telling boldly that he was in a physical relationship with a girl for last 2 or 3 years but now he realized it that girl was mere only in his thoughts, not existing in reality. While seeing this vision in samadhi we thought how foolish he is, how can anyone do it? Later on we realized that we were also doing same stupidity like him for many years. Actually that ugly zombie was representing approximate of the entire male generation of present age in Kalyug.

Enlightenment on Sat Sarovars: – We experienced many aasans on Sat sarovars, mainly these can be divided in to three categories.

1. Namaskaar at front of Sat sarovars and namaskaar upon center part of head.

2. Lotus blossoming indication by both hands.

3. Pointing out Bajjar kapaats and Sat sarovars by finger.

First time we noticed that some kind of layer was being removed from our forehead then day by day our entire face got cleaned because of karmic layers. One day in evening we experienced that we were quenched in these Sat sarovars. This was very blissful experience for us, we got so much peace and relief which cannot be described in words then we knew about the exact meaning of ‘Bhikam Nadi’ or ‘Ocean of Fire’, the fire inside us due to lust, greed, anger, attachment and ego.

Salvation of our father: – Our father used to meditate on word ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ and also do path of ‘Japji Sahib Ji’. People used to believe in him that he had some super powers and come for their problems. We used to feel for him that he was doing cheats with innocent people for money. We advised him many times that he should stop doing it. Moreover he had some good qualities, he used to feed animals, see god in babies and kids and give them eatable, help others without any expectations. He was in search of a Satguru all of his life time who could bless him. One day we met him in samadhi, we noticed that he was playing some kind of magic on us. We advised him to stop doing this nonsense and meditate on Satnaam, we appealed him that we are not in a competition so stop checking it who has more spiritual powers. While doing Satnaam simran we caught his arm, he wanted to run away from us. Then he fell down we caught his leg, we were doing simran continuously and started to massage his leg. After a few seconds we saw his eyes were closed and he was in bliss, we noticed that his face was fully covered with a bright white light. He told about his satisfaction and said he got relief now. Next day we met him again in Samadhi, he was very happy, we both did sat sangat.

Salvation of mother’s uncle from ghost life: – Our mother’s uncle was suffering due to cancer. He did not ever give love to his son and daughterin-law in his life time. He was spending last stage of his life in a hospital. One day our aunt told us that he was asking to meet our mother. We said please tell him he should remember to god at this time otherwise he would come to meet our mother after his death. And it happened in real; he came after his death and met us in samadhi. He touched our body through our mother then we experienced a strong negative jerk. Dassan Dass baba ji advised us to pray for his salvation and a new human life for true worship. We prayed and did one hour simran for him.

Blood splashes at home: – One day our mother noticed some blood splashes on bed when she told us about that we ignored it. But it was really happening, we knew about that when one day we saw one fresh dark red drop on our shirt. We asked to Dassan Dass Ji about that, he replied that there were some ghost souls in our home who were looking for their salvation and advised us to pray for their salvation. We did it as per baba ji’s advice it worked but after some days it happened again then baba ji advised us to wait for Sat sangat at our home. After Sat sangat we had a vision that Dassan Dass baba ji had absorbed all the negative energy from our home.

Second Sat Sangat in Chandigarh and Ludhiana: – In second Sat sangat in Chandigarh we saw devi Luxmi. While doing simran in presence of dhan dhan Dassan Dass baba ji we also saw a big diamond in center of our chest and many other colorful gems inside and some light in organs. When dhan dhan Jasdeep ji touched us for eating lunch at that time we were not able to open lock of our fingers. After a few minutes we felt normal. In Ludhiana Sangat while meditation we saw chote sahibjada sahib ji he was doing meditation in standing posture he had a sword after that we saw a keyhole. When dhan dhan Premjit ji was singing a shabad of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, we did darshan of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Ik Oankaar in the sky. When sangat was in our home we did darshan of Shri Krishan Ji where Dassan Dass ji was sitting. While doing simran we saw a bunch of maybe three keys. We were full loaded with amrit and serving it to others by Satguru ji’s grace. When we were doing sangat with dhan dhan Tanmeet ji at main door of home, two ladies came. Actually these ladies thought any formal family function is going on inside the home. They started to ask for money and say congratulations to us without even knowing what the real situation is. We told them about baba ji and advised to meet him. Dassan Dass baba ji blessed them. After receiving blessing we noticed there was a peace on their faces. After a week they came again, they were doing Satnaam simran loudly and asking about baba ji. We told him about baba ji. While going back they were giving blessings to us.

Change in our Prayer: – One day we watched a Sat Sangat video of Dhan dhan Sat Paar Braham Baba ji then our prayer had been changed with new lines. Main prayer was same.

Aad gureae nameh

Jugad gureae nameh

Satgureae nameh

Sree guradhaeveae nameh

Hey dhan dhan Sat Paar Braham Pita Parmeswar Ji, hey dhan dhan Sat guru ji aap ji nu namaskaar te dandout bandhna anik baar ji, Hey dhan dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji maharaaj aap ji nu namaskaar te dandout bandhna anik baar ji, Hey dhan dhan das guru sahibaan, das guru paatshahiya ji, dhan dhan Shiri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji maharaaj, dhan dhan Shri Guru Angad Dev Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Amardass Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Ramdass Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Arjan Dev Shaib Ji maharaaj, Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Harirai Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Harikrishan Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji maharaaj, Dhan dhan Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji maharaaj, aap ji nu namaskaar te dandout bandhna anik baar ji.

Dhan dhan Satnaam baba ji, Dhan dhan Dassan Dass baba ji, Dhan dhan Pritam Anand ji, Dhan dhan Preeto ji, Dhan dhan Satnaam Parivaar, aap ji nu namaskaar te dandout bandhna anik baar ji. Dhan dhan char juga de bhagat, sant, avtaar, brahamgyani mahapurakha te aap ji da saroop sari srishti nu namaskaar te dandout bandhna anik baar ji.

Then new lines of prayer were: –

Hey dhan dhan Sat Paar Braham Pita Parmeswar Ji apne iss tucch, maleen te kood karmi jeev nu a’tut te ad’dhik bandgi te a’tut vishwaas di daat bakhsho te sda sda leyi apne charna vich niwas bakhsho ji.

The Teachings of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji: – By grace of Satguru we started having darshan of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji frequently. Whenever we used to close our eyes we see Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Sometimes we realized that Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was sitting on the sofa and meditating instead of us. One day in evening session we saw a vision in that vision Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji did namaskaar and gave blessings to us with both hands, we also read word Ik Oankaar written on his both palms. When this stupid (we) thought why is he doing namaskaar whereas we are nothing in front of him, suddenly our neck turned downward, through this aasan Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji realized us that he was doing namaskaar to Jyot inside us. One night in Samadhi we met him we were not able to see him but that was a realization. We did dandout bandhna to him and also kissed at his feet automatically in gross form. In next days in a vision we saw Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji Maharaaj, that time he started to clean our feet with his white beard through this vision he was giving us teaching of humbleness. We request to you Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji Maharaaj please make us humble as you are.

Inner command of our wedding: – One day we had a vision about our wife’s brother-in-law who is also our distant relative, he was thinking about our wedding. After three or four months it happened in real then we had a vision that two red or pink colored heart shape balloons were flying in the sky then a gathering of guests like a baraat was getting ready. When we shared the whole story with Dassan Dass Ji he advised us that we should say yes for this marriage that would be good for us. But sometimes before our marriage, whenever we used to feel negative about our wedding to think that our wedding might be an obstacle on the path to achieve Pooran Bandgi, same time we used to have darshan of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji Maharaaj, Shri Krishan and Radha Ji, and we used to realize that they are saying don’t take your wedding negatively. When we were going to meet her first time, we experienced some aasans in the car and had darshan of Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji on our palm. And after wedding we had darshan of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in our wife. In one vision we saw Dassan Dass ji was telling us both that you both are going to accomplish a particular task.

Some other experiences and visions: – We have many other experiences; we want to share some of them here.

1. Vision of The Golden Umbrella

2. Vision of The Divine Golden Cart

3. Vision of golden chain and Khanda in our neck

4. Vision of golden bracelets in our both hands

5. Bell sound at center of forehead

6. Vision of our self as a big pink lotus

7. Vision of sun rise in dawn

8. Vision of The Golden Book of naam account in The Sachkhand while doing sangat on Kakao messenger.

9. Vision of full moon then dim moon and then no moon in the sky on our left hand side and same time the sunrise on our right hand side and word ‘Saint’ written in the sky in front of us.

Winning over Maya: – One day of month December 2013 we had an inner order to do dusting of footwear of sangat at gurudwara sahib until one month. We started to follow it. One day we were in gurudwara and Raagi were singing a shabad ‘ Prabh mohe kab gal layoge’. We felt so much vairaag while listening it then we did darshan of dhan dhan Satnaam baba ji in look of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. In these days we also saw a vision that Satnaam baba ji was doing sewa of dusting shoes inside us. One night we were enjoying bliss of amrit then a lady in black dress came and started sticking with us. We were doing simran alongside we began to beat her off. She was squeezing more and more with every punch and kick. Next day she came again in evening simran session and she did dandout bandhna to us.

Inner voice of Janam Padarath Safal Hai: – One night of month May 2014 we had vision in that vision we saw Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji maharaaj and he had a ledger of our destiny in his lap. He was writing a new destiny in it for us. We were very curious to know about our upcoming new future written by him. When we peeked in to the ledger curiously then we read word ‘Satnaam’ written in Punjabi in a unique design. Later on we shared it with all Sat sangat as per our inner command. After few days we experienced that we were not able to do a prayer before starting simran. So, we started doing simran without a prayer. One day in evening session we felt some kind of freshness in all over the body like all black spots on our soul got cleaned. Then we saw Dharmraaj, he bowed to us, same time we saw ten Satgurus they also bowed like they were giving blessings. After that we saw many people were doing dandout bandhna to us but we saw our self as Satguru Dassan Dass Ji then Dassan Dass Ji changed in to the form of Satguru Satnaam Baba Ji. Next day we had a vision of white lotus, we searched the meaning of white lotus on internet and found out it indicates the purity of a soul as per Buddha teachings. Same day we saw a vision of a giant size Vishnu who was sitting on a small island surrounded by an ocean then a question came in our mind that how would we recognize the true lord? And had an answer through inner voice, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’. It was known the meaning of word ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ to us but we were not satisfied then we searched on internet and found out many meanings, one of them was ‘I am God’.

Same day in the evening we had vision of raining of stars upon our head after that a little insect came, he was very happy and giving us a bukey. Then after we had a vision of Mahatma Buddha Ji, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Jesus Ji, Satnaam Baba Ji and Dassan Dass Baba Ji and next they all became one after that again they got in to their real forms back. Then Jesus ji wore us a yellow flowers necklet, Mahatma Buddha wore us a colorful necklet, next Satnaam Baba Ji afterwards Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji converted in to a necklet and Dassan Dass ji wore us that necklet.

In our next vision we saw our self in the form Mother Nature; all creatures were spending their lives on us. While doing simran in night we had an inner voice, ‘Janam Padarath Safal Hai’.

Next day when we started to do ‘Ik Oankaar Sat’ simran then we had a vision of our brain, it was looking white shiny. Next we realized a sun on our neck instead of our face. After that we had an inner voice, ‘Main Parkash Haan’.

In next vision we saw a round shaped white light beam, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Jesus Ji were standing in front of this beam then they went inside the light and we also went in to the light. There was inside we saw a golden chair; Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji indicated us to have the chair. We saw our self in excitement then we realized how could we sit, that seat is for Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. So, we requested him to sit there. When Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji sat on that golden chair, we sat in his lap and merged inside him. After that we saw many saint souls were merging within us.

Same day in our next vision we saw our self as Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaaj and an eagle flew toward us and sat on our shoulder then we also had darshan of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji Maharaaj. We realized god was telling inside us through these visions that I am Guru Nanak and I am Guru Gobind then we had an inner voice, ‘Jalas main thalas main, Sat sat sat main’.

Then we had new vision in this vision Dassan Dass baba Ji was doing dandout bandhna to us and we were experiencing aasans, our right palm was on chest and our left hand’s first finger was up towards the sky. Then Dassan Dass baba ji hugged us and we both were molded into one form, now we were looking in a new form, our half body was of us and half body of Dassan Dass Ji.

On Sunday, 25 May, 2014 we had darshan of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, he ordered us, ‘Utho hun, jayo sewa karo’.

Then in next vision he gave us his khadava and kamadal, we put those khadava on, he got disappeared then we saw our self as Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

In evening we had an intuition that we got a permanent seat under ‘The Golden umbrella’.

Pilgrimage to Shri Harmandar Sahib: – On 31 May, 2014 we went to Amritsar with our family and friends. First we went to ‘Vaishno Mata’ temple, when we were standing at main gate of the temple we saw a priest of that temple came outside. Some people were touching his feet, we thought, is he a Satguru? Suddenly our left hand turned toward his car as god was giving blessings to all people who were giving him respect. Then god started to bless all people through us, God was blessing them, Khush raho, Aabaad raho and mainly Sat Karam karo.

Then we went to ‘Dugeyana Temple’ where we felt devi Durga was doing dandout bandhna to us. We did not see her but we felt it at the backside of main temple.

Next day we had a plan to go to Shri Harmandar Sahib but while doing simran in night we realized our self as ‘The Golden Temple’ and we also sitting inside in the form of nothingness and in morning we also had an inner voice that we don’t need to go there. We wanted to go there and we had to go. When we were at main gate we started to listen gurbani, it was happening with us Sat sat sat that cannot be explained in words. When we entered in our right hand pressed our chest and while having a bath in to the sarovar, we had vision of ‘The Golden Temple’ middle of our chest. After having darshan we saw a vision of seven golden temples inside us in the place of Sat sarovars and we also saw raining of white dots with naked eyes.

When we shared our experiences with our mother she said when she was inside ‘The Golden Temple’, she closed her eyes and she had our darshan for a few seconds and then her own.

Winning over Kaal (The demon of Time): – In June month of 2014, we had a vision of a demon named Kaal, he came and he opened his big jaw. He shouted at us that he would swallow us. We did not take him seriously and continue to do our simran. After two days we saw him again he was burning in a fire and crying loudly. In evening session of simran he came again, at this time he indicated us that he allowed us to go beyond him.

Vision of Kalyug: – One night we had a vision of Kalyug. We saw two blue shiny eyes in darkness, we recognized him that he was Kalyug. He was telling us that he might not torture us because we have a high divine blessing upon our head.

Some of our inner voices: – Here, we are sharing some of our inner voices and braham gyan.

1. Sda sda sukh hoya

2. Mahabhaag

3. Guru padd

4. Sab Gobind hai gunni nidaan

5. Mile lekh, lekh ta milya

6. Sat mein bhojan sat mein gyan, sat mein kar din raat ishnaan

7. Sda sifat salaah

8. Janaardhan

9. Janam padarath safal hai

10. Aham brahamasmi

11. Jalas main thalas main, Sat sat sat main

12. Jal thal mahiyal pooreya, Sat reha bharpoor

13. Satgur ke bhaa’ne chalat rahe

14. Hey mann sat seyo chit layo, sat paar braham ke gunn gayo

15. Sakhi saheli gunni gaheli Sat ke jo gunn gave, Sat sat sat kardi ik din oh sat mein sma jave

Vision of Demon Nahar Singh: – One night we had a vision of demon Nahar Singh and in early morning in samadhi we saw a negative force was trying to make us fearful, after some time that power spoke out through our body, first he chanted Satnaam simran then prayed that ‘Hey Sache Paatshah ji, Sachkhand nahi bhajna chahe na bhajo par bandgi wala manukhi jama ya jaanvar vali joon de do. Then he appeared in front of us in the form of a kid in white dress from head to feet. He was smiling and bowed to us. Main teaching in this experience is that as per his thinking animal life is better that human life if we don’t have naam and bandgi in our life.

Request of Earth: – One day in morning we had a vision, ‘The Earth’ was in the lap of an ugly man and we realized that man was poison of Maya. Then two or three days later in a vision we saw ‘The Earth’ in the universe has been surrounded by many black rocks. The Earth was requesting, ‘Oh true lord, please save me.’

Two swords: – On 28 June, 2014 Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji maharaaj gave us two swords, one sided sharp in our left hand and two sided sharp in our right hand then we put both swords in our hirda. We did not even know the use of these swords. When we shared it with Dassan Dass Ji he advised us to use them to beat the kood around us.

Absorption of kood: – On 29 June, 2014 in evening session we saw Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji maharraj was feeding us with the morsels of roti and Shri Krishan ji with yellow butter. After 7 o’clock we realized that our body started to absorb kood around us. Dassan Dass baba ji told us that it happens and you have to burn it with your simran. And while doing simran in night we saw Shri Krishan again he was licking white butter which turned into black later, he was telling us through this vision that people usually call him ‘Maakhan chor’ but nobody knows that he used to steal their kood. After that Shri Krishan gave us a ‘Gadda’ to fight with kood.

This is our spiritual story so far and we are so grateful to the entire creation for their help and to give us a chance to know about the truth.

Kotton kot dandout bandhna and shukrana to Sat Paar Braham Pita Parmeswar Ji Maharaaj, Sat Paar Braham Satnaam Baba Ji Maharaaj and Sat Paar Braham Mata Ji, Sat Paar Braham Dassan Dass Pita Ji Maharaaj, Dhan Dhan Sat Pritam Anand Ji Maharaaj, Dhan Dhan Sat Gur Preeto Ji, Dhan Dhan Sant Om Ji, Dhan Dhan Sant Taranjeet Ji, Dhan Dhan Sat sister Aman Ji, Dhan Dhan Sat Jasdeep Ji and all Satnaam Parivaar and entire creation.

This spiritual story is written by the grace of Satguru Dassan Dass Sahib Ji Maharaaj.