Anand Sahib - Gurparsadi Katha

BOOK TITLE: Explanation Of Anand Sahib
AUTHOR: Dassan Dass

By the grace of the eternal, infinite and boundless GurKirpa (the divine grace) and GurParsaad (the eternal bliss and eternal grace) of the blessed Sat PaarBraham Parmeshar (Truth, the Transcendent Lord and Creator of the Universe), SatGuru the true Patshah Ji (the Truth Guru and the true Sovereign), Dass (Dassan Dass – slave-to-His-slaves; here the narrator) is blessed by His Dargah (the divine court) with an edict to devote himself in Seva (humble and selfless service) of the Jigyasoo’s (the seekers of divine truth) – those who are immersed in Bandagi (submission before God) of Sat PaarBraham Parmeshar; are in the process of immersing themselves in His Bandagi; or are desirous of immersing themselves in His Bandagi – as well as to serve the entire humankind trapped in the disastrous web of Maya (the worldly temptations) and wasting away in these dire times of Kal Yuga (the age of darkness), by providing a glimpse of the heavenly source of Param Jyot Puran Parkash (the perfect radiance of divine light; His aura; God Himself), the Mansarovar (the eternal source of divine powers; the source of all life; God Himself), in their Hirda (literally meaning heart, Hirda actually denotes one of the seven Sat Sarovars, and is more a part of our spiritual being than of our physical body) through these supremely powerful and divine words of “Sri Anand Sahib”, the sacred and divine discourse delivered by the blessed SatGuru incarnate Amardas Ji (SatGuru the third Patshah Ji). This divine edict is bestowed upon the writer – by the grace of the eternal, infinite GurKirpa and GurParsaad of the blessed Sat PaarBraham Parmeshar –subsequent to his having penned the GurParsaadi Katha (the discourse graced by God and Guru) of Sri Sukhmani Sahib (the composition by SatGuru the Fifth Patshah Arjan Dev Ji, comprising of 24 Astpadis) and Sri Jap Ji Sahib (the composition by the blessed SatGuru incarnate Nanak Patshah Ji) under Puran Dargahi Hukam (His absolute and divine will).

Dass, the narrator, dares not claim to provide a glimpse of Mansarovar to Sat Sangat (congregation in the company of Sat, or of those who have transformed themselves into Sat by virtue of having attained salvation), or to describe this great and divine treasure of Gurbani (God’s words; Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji). It is entirely by the eternal, infinite GurParsaadi GurKirpa of Sat PaarBraham Pita Parmeshar and His trust, the divine and supreme power by the grace of which this Seva has been initiated. It is nothing but the supreme power of Sat PaarBraham that resides as the Nirgun Saroop (the divine power beyond the three attributes of Maya) in the human body (Sargun – the power sustaining each individual bit of Creation); and it is this divine supreme power that makes everything happen, and makes everything come to pass in accordance with its own divine Vidhaan (constitution; set of laws). The human body has no existence without this supreme power inherent in the Nirgun Saroop (which is beyond the reach of the five human sensory organs). The composition of this GurParsaadi Katha too is an act of the divine, supreme power of this Nirgun Saroop.

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