Section 4 – Maya

Before we begin, there are some very important spiritual points to understand.  We do Bandgi (devotional worship) to :-  get out of the cycle of birth and death, clean us up from inside, cure us of all the mental sicknesses, … Read More

Section 3 – True religion is Naam

Guru Pancham Patshah Guru Arjun Dev Ji has very kindly continued to ellaborate the Mahima (praise) of Naam in this Ashtpadi as well.  However, the Mahima (praise) of the Naam is unlimited, it is Beant like Akal Purakh Himself.  Akal … Read More

Section 1 – Naam Simran

SatGuru Arjun Dev Ji has established in the first Ashtpadi of Sukhmani that Naam Simran is the highest level of service to Akal Purakh.   Through the divine piece of knowledge called Sukhmani, Akal Purakh has very kindly blessed us.  We … Read More