Chatting With My Maker

Ik Oankar Satnaam Gurprasad|| (SGGS 81)

This is an absolutely incredible piece ofwriting which we are sharing
with you. It was written by a humble soul with God’s grace that
allowed him to connect with the inner voice, the voice of God inside
us all. But to which most of do not listene to and override with our
logic and countless chruning of worldy thoughts. It is an
inspiration to us all to tune into our intuition to find the answers
we need from our inner Guru. God Himself.

Chatting With My Maker

Below is written a chat dialogue with God with Sat Naam Ji’s kirpa.
And Guru’s divine grace on a few days last summer – it’s all his.
Everyone can do this with their inner voice. You know how sometimes
you ask God questions inside your Man (mind) and he gives u answers
well. the following happened with SatNaam Ji’s grace. I am a fool
who can’t do anything everything was done by him. I don’t know
whether all the thoughts are pure Sach and originate from Pure God
himself or whether some have just come into our mind from the books
we have read. either way all this gyan and knowledge is his, so is
our mind, the books we have read and the hands we write this with

He talks to us all. We ask and He answers. Try it. It works. You
can do it too Sat Sangat ji, try it. Ask Him something then wait for
an answer. If it helps you to capture his words then use a
wordprocessor to capture your personal diaglogue with God, it can be
helpful to you and your spiritual path.

Anyway best wishes and happy chatting with God !!

peace. love and light to u. forever !


Dass: How can we be one?

God: You have always been one. forver and ever. You were never
separated from me. even now as we type
and even when mistakes are appearing in your construction of this
text from the thoughts which I send you. Everything is perfection,
even when mistakes are coming. they are not mistakes. it is not a
mistake that I make you see "SQL Network Nam…." I make you see the
Nam in that text.

Dass: your drifting God

God: It was meant to happen. everyone can have a conversation with
God, you are not anything special remember that.

Dass: Thanks for that and also reminding us. our ego wants to be
separate from you. why?

God: Your ego doesn’t know what it wants. it just goes after an
illusion of doubt. it wants to reassert itself whenever it can.
Even in this conversation it wants its space and presence. Keep
acknowledging and saying to yourself positive affirmations of truth
e.g. you and I are not separate. We are one and one with everything
and every one. Your mind doesn’t see the oneness of everything its
like a drop of water which is at the bottom and can’t see that the
ocean is actually one and this drop is the same as everything else in
the water.

Dass: Give us some tips to destroy ego?

God: Obey your Guru, which is Truth. Obey this and you will get
there. Otherwise you’ll be back in the land of falsehood. Simple.
When you know how.

Dass: Thank you for this conversation. you have given both of us.
sorry you have given this gyan to yourself. for it is all you. You
are the text, typer and one who sees his body typing. Forgive me for
any mistakes and our paapi ego which is kood and filthy boss.

God: Share this.

Sabh Maya choot hae (All maya is false)
Sabh Ik Hae (All is actually ONE)
Sabh Sat Naam hae (All is SATNAAM)

Dass: How do we know its you who is typing God?

God: That is your ego. which doubts. it doubts that this can come
from God.
Remember you and everyone around this, including the soul which reads
this is God, you are not separated. you are not separated. you are
all ONE BEING. in countless forms. Your energy is the same and so is
your lifeforce which
is keeping you alive and typing this text. It will be Sat Naam who
nexts reads this text. Please the Sat Naam in the reader. remember

Dass: This reminds us of the Conversations with God books by Neale
Donald Walsch.

God: Yep. It is similar. He had a wider audience. Don’t let your
fear stop you in your tracks from realisation. the knowledge in you
was put there
for a purpose. to share. to share.


Dass: These conversations are cool. can we talk more Boss?

God: Yep.

Dass: What am I?

God: You are nothing and you are everything. sounds contradictory I
know. but it is truth. You forgot you could have a conversation with
me. I a reminded you with the Conversations with God books. they
reminded you the inner truth that has always been there. . Me, your
real self. now you are beginning to listen and to act. there is
much work to do. you have the desire to serve, I will give you the
opportunity to do so.

Dass : What is the purpose of this dialogue?

God: To remind yourself and others who they really are. again I re-
iterate your not the only one having conversations with Me. everyone
is. its just becoming aware of this chat or dialogue as you kindly
put it.

Dass: What is the purpose of the sangat?

God : To share truth, to serve truth, to become truth. to help each
other in good and bad times. in reality there is no good or bad
times. its what humans call them.

Dass: pause. this is amazing. we are chatting like this?

God: Yes. don’t be surprised. Neale in his book showed you the
way. your now practicing what he did. there was a thirst and
yearning inside you to meet the creator I am now here in this spoken
word so we can help one another.

Dass: Why do you need help. confused?

God: I and you are one. helping you is helping me. .

Dass: this is deep. really deep.

God: In reality I am having a conversation with myself. there is no
Dass and God. We are chatting together as one being. . it just looks
to your mind as there is separation. . there isn’t my friend. my
soul. my beloved atma. Even when you send this email out. it will
be read by me (God) not by anyone else, you will help me in that form
I take as the reader. We’ve been talking before but in the form of
thoughts,its now just being expressed in words. this is like a
teacher for you and for everyone who reads it.

Dass: how do I know this is not the negative part of the mind making
things up?

God: I can reassure you it is not, something has happened to you as
the dear Sant has said. You are remembering again. you have been
battling with your mind for so long and in so many lives. you are
finally beginning to realise truth. That this whole game, this whole
land is all a play. a play of God, God experiencing himself, God
hugging himself, healing himself, loving himself, sharing truth with
himself. the bani has it spot on. it just requires a bit of faith.
and the ball starts rolling your desires i.e. for truth set a
sequence of motions in the universe. that can propel you. hence keep
the thirst for truth ever alive. as Guru Ji puts it:

Puran hoe hamari asa torh bhajan ke rayeh pyasa
(may this hope of mine be fulfilled, that I may always remain thirsty
for singing your praises)

In reality, you don’t need to remember Gurbani spot on. you just
need to understand what its saying and where its trying to get you.
home. ! There has been a part of you which has been in fear. for a
long time you have been scared son. . scared of revealing your truth
to people. you’ve been worried it may bolster your ego and the
reaction you’ll get from people, its time to put this fear to bed or
to rest. I talk to you all. there is none I don’t talk to . you
just have to listen. ask me some questions, and hey presto I’ll give
you some replies.

Dass: this is dhan dhan

God: you can say that again

Dass: ok. this is dhan dhan again. sorry we just want to say we are
feeling amrit in our hands whilst we are typing this text on this
Dell laptop, this is amazing, this breathtaking. this is truth. ;
cannot believe this. people sorry SatNaam Ji in the reader, ask God
inside he really works he is alive and kicking and can give you
answer to anything . he is our best buddy. and our teddy bear dad.
dhan dhan

God: You can call me whatever you like. if you like Teddy Bear, I
can be that for you. a Teddy Bear to hug and hold. you can be the
baby bear.

Dass: Wow this amazing. we did nothing. its all your kindness
Allah, all your kindness dhan dhan Sant Baba Ji, Sant Ji, SatNaam Ji,
and the Gur Parsaad. I am doing nothing. he writes and talks the
way he wants to. dhan dhan Allah !!

God: Thanks

Dass: Wow we are feeling something in our head. with your grace
SatNaam Ji. cannot describe it.

God: That is amrit ras you are feeling. let it flow and let it be
felt. dhan dhan hunnah.

Dass: You know something, its like we are intertwined in having this
conversation. what do you want to do with this text. keep it and
hold it

God: Absolutely not. I would not be having this conversation if
thats what I wanted . I want you to share. share it with the world.

Dass: Sat Sangat?

God: Yep.

Dass: ok. sorry have to stop. there’s some work to do.

God: we’ll end this one in text for now. Good luck young
traveller. !!

Dass: See you later boss. you are cool and always with us and
SatNaam Ji in the reader. he is with us all. forever and ever !!

Dass: sorry I feel like a fake, a fraudstar, a pakhand. this doesn’t
seem to be right, I am no Saint or Guru or anything, I have no right
to do this.

God: Don’t say that. you are feeling sorry for yourself, you are not
what it seems you are. . you are part of me, and nothing of me is
pakhand in reality. It is in the play, you are playing a role son.
thats all. Why would I
not share this truth with you?

Dass: I don’t know. I don’t deserve this, I don’t. I’m not trying to
be humble either. it’s just I don’t. you’ve got so many better
people out there, better souls, with better and true karma. I don’t
deserve this dialogue or chat with u. ?

God: Sure you do. as I said you are part of me. I will not accept
what you have said about yourself as truth. I simply will not. I
speak to you for a purpose, there is a reason behind this. you had
so many questions in your mind, your thoughts were deep or doonga in
punjabi, you were thinking and thinking. a time has come to answer
you. and this is the form son.

Dass: ok sorry I was going to test you. to prove the genuineness of

God: You were gonna ask when the universe was made. yes.

Dass: yes.

God: a long time ago, aeons and aeons, and aeons ago. before time.

Dass: feeling something in our head. God, I don’t deserve this. I
simply do not. you have got dhan dhan dhan bhagats out there. .
surely you can ask them to do this.

God: I chose you. you are the conduit. you. It is your purpose,
your destiny. to deliver . your mind has still got negativity and
doubts, you doubt your Guru who gave you naam, you doubt truth. as a
remedy. you need to keep your simran up, you need to do much more.
much much more. your contact with me will be purified by this. You
are remembering, you are remembering. Still remembering . not fully
remembered. With Gurus grace you will. And so to will the servants of
Naam. They will remember we are all one, there is no other at all,
there is no conflict when remember that we are One, there will be no
wars, only harmony will reign. and joy and peace. SatNaaam Sada
SatNaam. you are all the servants of Naam, every one of you. for I
am the servant.

Dass: I feel like a fake

God: You are a fake. your ego is what is fake, your ego is what
doubts this, your ego is what thinks this to be false, your Atma,
your jolly Atma knows otherwise. I tell it who it is, it has not
forgotten. your dumb mind has forgotten son. And it this mind that
needs the medicine of Naam, it cannot be cured by any other means for
it is Naam too. You will get better at remembering, keep
acknowledging the falseness of Maya and follow your Gurus
instructions to the letter please. We have had conversations before
in telepathy, personal ones you and me. this is now opening this
out. so others may know too that they can have a conversation with
Me. Don’t be down or depressed be joyful. celebrate who you are.
love who you are. why do you doubt child?

Dass: This just feels weird.

God: Let it be done unto those who seek . you seeked I came. you
asked I answered. I in you is false. kill this I. kill it, destroy
your identity, destroy your bharams and doubts, destroy your
illusions and man made boundaries. destroy, destroy and destroy.
burn them in your inner fire and become nothing once again. Even
when you remember, it is God who makes your remember, it is God who
strings these words together

Dass: Ok we are one.

THERE IS ONLY ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God: Don’t compare youself with another Baba or another person.
where there is one, there is no comparison. this dialogue will help
to heal you and others.

Dass: You write.

God: One of the objectives of simran is to be truthful, so when you
say SAT or SAT NAAM acknowledge the source of your bliss /

Dass: Sorry, we felt something with your kirpa (16:51pm) amrit near
the left ear. thanks to SAT GURU Baba Ji and SAT NAAM JI. I did

God: Right. ok. was gonna say that it is right and truthful to
acknowledge the Source of that bliss. when you do that you re-
affirming SAT and SAT NAAM. If you don’t and think you did it on
your own accord, without any divine help then you go back to the
fairlyland as they say, or the illusion of maya

Dass: Sorry. thanks to you SAT NAAM (16:54pm) we just felt some heat
in our right foot. thanks for that SAT GURU SATNAAM. you are the
only doer. And you are acknowledging and saying thanks to yourself
too. so thank you for reminding us to do that. as you write.

Forgive for me all the ego, hankar and bad thoughts. sadh sangat ji.
Sat Guru and SatNaam Ji.

Dass: It’s like a puppet, we are that is. you pull the cord and we
go, gone. the mystery is solved and we see who we are. until then
it’s illusion hunnah

God: Spot on. you don’t have to die to see the mystery. meditation
allows you to see the truth.

Dass: What keeps you from destroying everything in a moment. don’t
you ever feel tempted. to wipe it all out?

God: No. Compassion keeps it alive. God is merciful and has no reason
to destroy on whim or quick flash of excitement to see how it
unravels itself back to itself. God has infinite patience, this
patience never ends. it keeps the universe ticking and every object
and stone in place. it is humans who able to destroy in a second or
moment of glory. Everything functions the way it should and will
continue to function until it changes.

5 Jul 04

On this day we were really down, yep down. we wanted to relieved
from the 5 thieves. part of us had enough, however with SatNaam ji’s
kirpa, he calmed us down and we had a chat. see below. God seemed
to have done something to us (or himself in reality), whereby the
mind became calmer. and more peaceful than before. when were
getting so many negative thoughts.

Initially SatNaam Ji made us write.

i surrender u win.
u are the controller,
u are feeding the bad thoughts,
u win ego loses.
i cannot do anything
i am a kala man
i am nothing
i am not
i am not
i am not
i am not
i am not
what happens u do.
there is no other. . . . .
ur will wins

GOD: you are really down, on the verge of depression.

Dass: why

GOD: the thieves in you correction were running wild, they were
controlling your mind and sending you negative thought after thought,
you couldn’t cope with this onslaught.

Dass: please end them.

GOD: sorry, but that is not the process, it would be easy for me to
just press a button to end them, but where is development. where is
your evolution, you can go from a to b without going through the
road, you’ve
teleported and not seen the journey, and the experience. this is a
challenge, god knows its very difficult, he fully understands and
sympathises with himself. u need to trust the process. trust, trust

Dass: feel knackered, tired of fighting with them. where are the

GOD: they’ve been temporarily deactivated, gives us time to

Dass: why not permanently?

GOD: because i can’t give u everything u want, u want so much do you
know that. Well i’m sorry i can’t give u this, your gonna have to be
patient to blow the thieves out permanently from your system.

Dass: this is so hard. sorry a swear word came in our mind.

GOD: this path was not meant to be easy, if it was easy you’d all be
walking it right now. in time, when souls are ready, they get phased
into it.

Dass: do you want us to share this?

GOD: yes

Dass: whats the answer to beating them?

GOD: Time. give it time. this kind of thing doesn’t come
overnight, it can take years, lifetimes and longer to defeat your
self. so there’s no rush. don’t panic either. you worry a lot
sometimes, the thoughts sometimes stay
stuck in your mind and it takes time to root them out. you know you
need to be like a pipe and let them flow through, where the pipe is
your mind, don’t let it (i.e. the pipe) clog up with thoughts, you
then get a backlog, then you get overwhelmed with negativity, and
then your gasping. your body temparature changes, and so all this
from thoughts. your thoughts have
basically hit your body. this goes back to what your Baba Ji said
about excessive thinking (i.e. it takes amrit), hence as you can see
it’s not good. your sometimes overthinking trying to look for things
that are not there. your not waiting. not waiting at all.

Dass: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (sighs. . . . )

GOD: i’ll join u in that too 🙂 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sigh

GOD: look don’t give up, keep fighting, keep battling things do get
easier for everyone on this path, the simran you do will pay off and
benefit your sukshum sareer (astral body). but part of this, is you
need to accept reality of where you are and where you want to be and
allow the time factor. can you remember when I showed some info
before. lets remind you of the learning behind it, how you take x no
of years to get a college degree, on the spiritual path you expect
rewards and achievements in a lot less time, maybe you should think
of it in the way of development, and development takes time, whether
your developing a career or a spirit 🙂

Dass: right. learnt from you something good God, be like the pipe
and let things flow through, keep the pipe clear like an artery into
the soul and let it absorb truth rather than be cluttered with maya
type thoughts hunnah???

GOD: spot on. right. u need to end this dialogue. work to do ! bye
4 now !!

Dass: see ya later and thanks so much, ap ji charna vich dandaut.
bhul chuk maff karna for the countless sins. and that swear. out of
frustration. sorry !


8 JUL 04

GOD: Hurt can only happen where there is separation and where does
that separation come from?
In the mind. Violence is a natural by-product of that separation. So
stop thinking separation, and start
SIMPLICITY. You just have to be simplicity in the field of complexity
to conquer it, what do you think Humility is. it is a form of
simplicity. Be Simple and Loving. Let Love unite you with Others. Let
the illusion not fool you inside.

Dass: Thanks God for those comforting words.

GOD: "Ik Oan Kar Sat Naam" .. One God who’s name is Sat Naam.
Break your bharams (dounts/iilusions), break your fears, stop letting
these thoughts control. talk back now. Break the spaghetti inside,
break all the fears. smash them inside now.

Dass: how do we love, dear God and light?

GOD: love from your heart. start with your heart. Put your attention
there now.

Dass: how do we keep the love going throughout today?

GOD: keep your simran going, put love in it like this. Sat naam
(Feel it, imagine, feel you are love, believe it, experience it).
keep the feeling of love going.

Dass: : what are we really?

GOD: You are Love, you are a healer, you are a giver of peace, you
love all, you are peace with all, you seek to harm no-one and you do
not harm no-one either in thought, word or deed. You love all equally
with your heart. You see all as One and same as part of you. You seek
to not take revenge on another when he hurts you, you gladly take the
pain for you see through the illusion of separation. Love from you
heals another part of you, all are parts of the same being, every
thing you see is a natural part of you. so why think negative or do
negative towards your own-self.

Dass: why do we see pain in life?

GOD: At the level of the soul, there is no harm to another. at the
physical there is pain, at the
soul-level consciousness this is absent.

Final Comment:

Our view of the world shapes our thoughts, only God’s kirpa and grace
can change our views. What is everything. Everything we see is light,
and light changed in ways, things in different colours, seeing the
same thing in different ways. the same energy and being manipulated
in different ways by OM (GOD) JI. There is nothing out here but OM,
there is nothing but OM inside too. OM is very mysterious indeed.
All the True ones out there know of OM, can speak truly of OM JI, I
know nothing at all about him, he knows everything and makes us write
from what he makes us learn or read or experience in life. He is the
Master and the student. We can talk of OM all day. Ik Oan Kar Sat


Inner Dialogue .. with Gur and Guru’s kirpa..


This document contains the word’s that came to us with Sat Naam ji’s kirpa, all
truth, comforting words and knowledge is his. We believe everybody can have a
conversation with their own inner self, it is a capability we all have. God
really does answer too. It is something you can practice with him. However from
our experience, we’ve also found there is a Negative voice too (which should
never be followed), and this can bring evil/sinful words – definitely not God or
Godly. Hence you have to be careful, the words of Truth (from God inside you)
will always be good to others and never negative. It’s like the Ego inside us,
is a Rebel, which sins and the Atma is a Child, which is kind, sweet and
innocent. Also the dialogue and conversation was relevant to us at that
particular time and space and hence is not meant to be universal guidance/remedy
to all people or to all situations, but where it can help or comfort someone
then that is good. Hence the best guide when your not sure, is
listening to your own heart, Sources of truth (e.g. Gurbani, etc). To us, it’s
like there is a teacher inside us all, willing to help you, give you sound
advice and practical tips, this is where the Inner Voice inside you is

Bhul chuk maff karo for all our mistakes, errors and sins where relevant


IV related to our Inner Voice and Dass related to this paapi.
Handling Negative Thoughts

Some gyan that came inside.. this to us related the wisdom of talking to your
own mind, I suppose like a teacher guides his student/pupil. We can’t let the
mind get away with doing anything it likes, some education has to come into
play. The Soul needs to teach the mind 🙂 This is like Positive
affirmations/assertions to the mind..

IV: Don’t make it larger than it is.. it is just a minor inconvenience.. don’t
believe in the thoughts, or let it become your wisdom or your director… that
is why you’ve been in fear.. brush it aside and say to it.. plainly and simply


When you fear these thoughts, they can keep coming and attack you..




The following related to a dialogue, we had when we were down…

IV: do nothing.

Dass: why?

IV: nothing at all.. let it come, let it go. like the moon that comes in the
night, it spends its time there in the darkness, surrounded by darkness, it is
doing nothing, the Light itself comes from the Sun, the moon just shines.. the
same is for you, you need to do and become nothing, the God is the only doer, he
is the Sun who when he wants to gives light. you cannot do this. the same for
the dukh, he is giving you dukh for a reason..

Dass: what can I do to overcome depression..?

IV: listen and follow strictly this, this will smash your negative thinking
cycle too..

1. Accept your situation.. admit your weaknesses, if it helps write them down,
write all your fears / problems

2. Then start thinking for each fear/problem a strategy to solve it/ a solution,
I will help you in this process

3. Think when negativity comes inside, dwell on the good things..

a) in your life (e.g. healthy body, settled married life, car, house, Education,
good sports life.. dwell on the positives not the negatives.. contact with
Gurbani / truth) .. don’t desire anything else.. say it now.. I have everything
i. e.. You’ll soon realise the positives outweigh the negatives substantially..
what has happened is your mind has fell into the well of darkness and then fed
off the negativity there.. it is now time you jumped out, imagine jumping back
onto Planet Earth (forget about the Light at this stage) just put your feet onto
the ground… come onto the Earth.

b) around you (dhan dhan Sangat, dhan dhan Gurdwara, dhan dhan Work sangat)..

c) stop trying so hard, stop forcing things to come to you.. let it flow and
come into harmony, look let your life become a rhythmic song and dance

Dass: I suppose what has happened is this..

I got depressed thinking this is not mine, that is not mine, and then stop
caring about those things, when really that’s not right either.. for example
although the house is not mine, I cannot neglect it hunnah..

IV: Right, although all the maya belongs to God, God is not saying don’t enjoy
your life and the things he has given you, i.e. the gifts. take the
responsibility, enjoy being a householder, and not want anything more, let God
continually give the way he does, all you need to do is enjoy your life and
living, and its the same with simran enjoy being at work, enjoy doing simran,
enjoyment is Anand.

Dass: Thank you God and the Guru for all the gifts you have given me..

4. Just love by being simple, simple affection, simple kindness from inside,
heal yourself, then heal others.

That’s it for now, practice makes perfect.. have you ever tried baking a cake,
well give it a go one day, the first time you do it, you may make a mess, a
right mess, but keep doing it and the cake will become right, you’ll master the
baking process. You need to master your life, the process and the mind. Go for

————– Negative thoughts appearing in the mind

Dass: What should I do?

IV: Don’t give up, don’t give in to Evil.

Say this to yourself..

I will not let Evil win. I am stronger than that. Nothing can stop me, I am
committed to Truth, Righteous living, Righteous behaviour and Righteous conduct
always. I do not want to harm anybody in any way in my thoughts, words or
actions. Instead I will further myself, I will become a better and better
person, I will love all equally and will try to make right what I did wrong
once. I totally trust myself. My character is God’s character, I represent God
on this planet, I represent truth, my behaviour represents truth, I will not
fall at the feet and become a servant of negativity, evil or Maya. End.

Dass: Thank you, that really helped, it’s given me some confidence.

IV: Yes, that was what you needed. Keep remembering, you are love, you character
is love, your insignia is love, your symbol is love. And this symbol you carry
inside, everyone carries it, it links you all together. You are all One. Keep
saying to yourself. I am One with all. There is no other, but God. Truth is All
there is. The purpose of negativity, and darkness is to give you an opportunity
to let the Light shine amidst that which you call darkness. It is like a
portrait being painted, darkness is coloured on the picture, lightness is
expressed too, the light colours when overlapped or painted on the darkness
covers it up and shows it up (i.e. the light is seen). You are the light on the
canvas of the picture, you are being coloured on the picture of life. The body
is like the brush, your light is the paint and the life is the drawing unfolding
and God is the picture that’s being created… it’s an expression of Art.

Dass: That’s really interesting…

What can I do..

IV: Walk, and keep on walking to the Truth of your being, it will unravel
itself. Be Patient and keep on Loving. Love Em’ who hurt you equally to your
best friends, come or detach from your life and come behind the picture or away
from it.. what’s really going on here, who’s real here, what’s real… Then have
a look at the picture God has drawn and painted and then laugh. Sat Naam. Yep,
say I’m part of this picture of life.. fantastic. Even my mind is being coloured
and decorated by the God Artist.

Dass: Thanks, that was brilliant.

IV: Share this.. Ari Ver Decce as they say in Italy

Dass: You’ve really helped us here.. Inner Voice, dhan dhan Sat Naam daata , Sat
Guru daata, dhan dhan Sach, Sach ke Rehat, Sach ka Discipline.

dhan dhan are all the Saints who keep the discipline alive, and the rehat alive

Just wanted to say, it’s nice what you say walking to the ‘Truth of your being’,
that’s where everyone is going back into themselves. Sach.

IV: Exactly, all your life you’ve been looking to the outside for everything,
searching, discovering, experiencing. Now you’ve stopped and recognised that the
Truth is actually inside you, you keep on missing it, and letting it go. The
treasure is inside, it will never go, seek and you shall find it. The muck that
surrounds the journey to this inner truth itself is temporary, it will never be
there forever either.

Dass: How can we still the mind when it looks outwardly at all things

IV: Your mind is used to your environment, used to looking outside, that’s
become it’s second nature.. the images that come in the mind, the words that
come inside too, are all based on this association. This is what needs to
broken, you need to smash the association between the inner world and the outer.
Hence inside (i.e. in your meditation), you don’t want to think of or relate to
the outer material world. Inside should be your tranquil setting, where you can
dwell on Truth in peace.

Dass: Thanks,

IV: There’s more. Simran is about practice, I know it can be difficult, you can
also get bored in your practice. Don’t let this however, stop you. Have you ever
heard that saying, all good things come to those who wait. Well it’s true. You
have to wait for your lover, when he is pleased with your efforts, your
commitment, your love, your honesty and your passion to meet him, he will pop up
and he will set you free. And the freedom you get, no one can or no body can
ever imprison you again. Eternal Freedom. All this time you have been in
bondage, inside and out. So keep trying. Pray when your enthusiasm is running
out or needs a charge..

Dass: I suppose that’s to do with Detachment, Detachment is more than just
saying I don’t need that or this, we have to be truly detached within ourself

IV: Yes, this only comes with Gur Prasad. You do as God pleases. So you have to
pray for this.

Dass: I suppose looking at it, it’s stages..

IV: Try this, go to the centre of your being, in your heart. This is the real
you, your core. Now in this centre of Love, focus. Then let the love from here
ripple out, like the sun’s waves of light. Let yourself wash the surroundings,
and your environment in this love, this true love is being spread everywhere.
You are now loving, from inside out. This is where you need to be. One of the
problems you’ve been having, is you’ve not been having Love for your own Self..
i.e. the God in you. If you can’t love you, you can’t love anybody else. So this
is a good point to start from. Build love for yourself, enjoy the God inside

Dass: You are right. Peace comes from within, if we can’t love our own self, who
can we love.

IV: Form a real friendship with God, not only is he your master, he is also your
best buddy, he wants the very best for you. This comes in the form of his grace,
his grace awakens you that he is there, his grace teaches you about his ways,
the ways of mastery, divinity, the laws of the land. The friend is reaching to
you, he has extended his arm and hands towards you.. you need to get closer by
making those efforts required.

I think it’s time you got back to work now..

Dass: Thanks again, inspirational words…

IV: No problemo.. 🙂


Some gyan that came inside us..

We (i.e. our vessel/being/body) are like a house truly..

Har Mandir hae

This house has doors, these doors when opened let things in.. when Maya is
sitting in our house, it gives us trouble and dukh

When Truth (Sat Naam) is resting in our house then we are happy and in love. In
life, this house gets attacked by invisible enemies which are at the mental

So what do we do when an enemy attacks us.. We defend our house… we put the
shield of Gurbani and use the Sword of Truth to kick that enemy out and let our
house go back to peace.. when we’ve done this so many times and when God is
happy with us.. he gives us a fortress which can’t be penetrated by anything..
then no enemy can ever even get near our house, let alone inside.

Oh Sat Naam this house is yours, and yours only, it has no place or space for
the Maya enemy.


Dass: What should I do O God?

IV: Stop doing so many ardasess.. Stop..pause.. Breathe in, then out.. Be one
with all, let life be one. Stop letting your thoughts control you, your life,
and direction, be the driver of your car, of your harmandar, take charge, be in

Say to yourself, “I am in control. No thoughts can control my passage to truth,
negativity cannot harm me, desires cannot stop my determination to meet god. The
Lord is only one, I am nothing anyway. I am not even an ant.”

Some words that came to us with Har Ji’s kirpa..

With the onslaught of so many bad thoughts, we learned something.. sorry HE
learned something, HE (GOD) is controlling each and every thought, one (i.e. I)
cannot do anything he does whatever pleases him, the only thing we can do is
surrender and keep doing ardases… he does these two.. he breaks himself, he
himself fixes it… powerful stuff is this..basically we can’t do nothing,
entirely our fate is in his hands..but even here we can get detached.. i.e. even
when we leave this body, it’ll be the God who goes on the journey to wherever he
chooses..amazing.. the good thing is .. some of the worry can be reduced.. in
that this takes the personal thing out of it.. i.e. God is doing it to himself..
whatever is happening..

— Losing yourself is the best thing, look at these benefits:

– When we forget that we are this body, I ness, and remember we are everything,

we part of God’s glory, the Universe serves us:

– The God of Wind, Water and Fire serves us

– Mother Earth looks after us and does seva to us

– The Universe does seva to us

– The human race, all God’s creatures are there for us too

– This is amazing

– We become happy

– We become free, we can concentrate on love

– Our hopes and desires were actually our enemies, as these feed into our ego

and identity, they build it, hence we have to have none of these if we can

Every moment we are creating and creating ourselves anew.. this path is
actually reality,because we are aware of this creation happening..

i.e. noticing the things we create:

– thoughts,

– words

– actions

So it is Conscious creation


Thanks to Gur and Guru Ji’s kirpa, the following happened..

We left work as we came to a roundabout, we had an inner message to go to the
Gurdwara. So we were driving down the road, a car (looked like it learning signs
from the rear) was ahead of us, we said to inner voice.. should we overtake (as
it meant going on the other side of the road where the opposite side of traffic
comes up)? The message that came back.. was it’s not safe to do so. And soon
enough as we drove a bit more, an array of cars on the other side drove by.. so
good job thanks to God we didn’t overtake.. 🙂 And God was right it was the
right thing to go to the Gurdwara, as on journey we noticed what appeared looked
like large cushions that were on a slip road, so with Guru Ji’s kirpa, they
were taken off the road and later on dumped in the Gurdwara’s bin. And at the
Gurdwara, dass felt happy – so it was the right thing to be there, we met the
Gyani. This is all thanks to God and his kirpa. Sat Naam Sri Vaheguru.

The heart is like a flower, when it’s open, the light and love that surrounds us
comes inside us. So always be open. When it’s closed, there is darkness, we are
stuck within ourself. Live in your spirit, be the spirit, don’t be attached to
your body. Your spirit is goodness, all spirits are goodness. By staying in your
heart in your spirit mode, you’ll be unaffected by the bodily wants and desires.