Dassan Dass Ji Poems

Highest Service


Sat Naam
Sat Naam Sat Naam

Sat Naam
Sat Naam Sat Naam

Sat Naam
Sat Naam Sat Naam

Sat Naam
Sat Naam Sat Naam

Sat Naam
Sada Sada Sat Naam

Sat is
the Naam
Sat is the Guru
Sat is the origin of the entire creation
Sat is Nirgun Saroop, “Trihu Gun Tey Parey” –
beyond three attributes of Maya
Sat is the Param Jyot Puran Parkash
Sat is the Mansarovar
Sat is the Gur Sagar
Sat is the source of all divine qualities – Guni Nidhaan
Sat contains all the divine qualities
Sat is the Jivan Mukti – salvation
Sat is the Tat Gyan – Braham Gyan
Sat is the Amrit
Sat is the Amrit Drisht
Sat is complete silence
Sat is the real internal compliance – Anderli Rehat
Sat is Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar
Sat is the killer of Panj Doots and Asa, Trishna, Mansha
Sat is Mukti Ka Data
Sat is the highest and purest eternal treasure
Sat is the doer
Sat is fearless
Sat is without anmosity

Sat is
unconditional love

Sat is Ek
Drisht – single vision
Sat is beyond the cycle of birth and death
Sat is beyond time and space
Sat is self-created and self-supported
Sat is the GurParsaad
Ik Oankaar is Sat and Sat is the Naam
Sat serves the Sat and only Sat

The soul
which becomes Sat

with Sat

becomes Sat – a Sada Suhagan.

Sat Naam
Simran is the

service of the Almighty.

Love is Supreme.
Love is Infinite.
Love has no dimensions.
Love has no boundaries.
Love is the sacrifice.
Love is selfless living.
Love is to give.
Love is to surrender everything to Akal Purakh.
Love is to serve others.
Love is to diminish the suffering and pain of others.
Love is to give Amrit and take out the poison from the heart of a
Love is to give our heart to the Gur, Guru and GurSangat.
Humbleness and humility remove ego, anger, revenge,
hatred, animosityand adverse feelings,
and bring in love,
 bring God inside us.

GurBani says, “Jin
prem keeo tin hi prabh paayeo.” 

only love can make us realize
God.  Our love for God is not complete if we have not loved
all of His creations as much as we love Him.  Only love can
take us out of the shackles of Maya and unite us with Almighty and that
is the purpose of the life of a Sikh.


Apr 10

Live at
the Lotus feet
of the Perfect Guru.
Live under the aura
of the Perfect Guru –
Live at the Sat Charans
of  the Satgur Poora.
Live under the Chattar
of the Satgur Poora.
Live in Eternal Blessings,
Eternal blessings –
the GurParsaad.
Live in Amrit,
the cosmic energy,
Live in Naam,
Naam, Naam, Naam.
The name of  my beloved –
Sat Naam.
Always and forever
Sat Naam,
Sada Sada
Sat Naam.
Live in Sat,
Sat, Sat, Sat –
Eternal Truth,
Eternal Truth.
Live in Sunn,
Sunn, Sunn, Sunn –
Nothing, but Peace.
Live in Sat,
Sat Chit Anand –
Live in Perfect Wisdom Divine –
Puran Brahm Gyan.
Realise the Essence Divine –
Puran Tat Gyan.
Live in Supreme Light,
Perfect and Bright –
Param Jyot, Puran Parkash.
Live in Perfect Eternal Truth –
Puran Sat, Puran Sat.
Live in Eternal Bliss
Eternal Bliss, Eternal Bliss.
Live in His Body Of Light –
Nirgun Saroop, Nirgun Saroop.
Live as a liberated soul –
Jivan Mukt, Jivan Mukt.
Live in His acceptance –
Sada Suhaag,  Sada Suhaag.
Live in Him completely –
Sehaj Smadhi, Sehaj Smadhi.
Live in His divine music –
Anhad Vaajey, Anhad Vaajey.
Live in the Ocean of Light –
Mansarovar, Mansarovar.
Live in The Ocean of God –
Gursagar, Gursagar.
Live in Selfless service –
Nishkam Seva, Nishkam Seva.
Live in Philanthropy –
Parupkaar, Parupkaar.
Live by saving souls –
Maha Parupkaar, Maha Parupkaar.
Live with every bit of your body
Reciting His name –
Rom Rom Simran, Rom Rom Simran.
Live your life in giving,
Giving your body,
Mind and wealth.
Live your life in Kindness,
Humbleness, love and humilty.
Live in deep divine devotion,
Live in deep divine trust.
See all with an equal eye –
Ik Drisht, Ik Drisht.
Live your life fearlessly –
Nirbhao, Nirbhao.
Live in love, without hate –
Nirvair, Nirvair.
Nirbhao Sat Naam.
Nirvair SatNaam.
Nirbhao Sat Naam.
Nirvair SatNaam.
Live in Naam,
Naam, Naam, Naam.
The name of  my beloved –
Sat Naam.
Always and forever
Sat Naam,
Sada Sada
Sat Naam.