Diary 2005 – Meeting Dassan Dass Ji

ik oankar satnaam gurprasad||

dhan dhan parbrahm parmesar ji, satgur parmesar ji, shabad guru ji, satnaam satroop satguru satsangat ji.

I was very very fortunately blessed by Satnaam in the heart of Satguru ji to be able to meet Dassan Das ji in India in Dec 05 a couple of times.   We were both on holiday.  The first week I was there in the village I really didnt have any sangat and i had many inner tests with dhoots (5 thieves) in my mind at night time.   But with guru’s kirpa was able to have enugh awareness to say satnaam satnaam in the dream to send the dhoots running.    In one dream I was overjoyed to see dassan dass ji and went running to him and did dandauth t his feet in public.  Next thing i knew it wasnt dassan das ji but a dhoot , but i was able to look into its eyes and soften them by saying "Satnaam Satnaam" as the amrit naam went into the dhoot the eyes went sharp blue to soft brown.   Dassan Dass ji has always told me to say SatNaam in the dream to test if the entity facing us is really TRUTH or not.  If its not it cant stay as nothing is greater than SatNaam.  But I have rarely had that much awareness in a dream before.   Then in the next scene Dassan Dass ji was really with us, and so was some of the local sangat.  He led us to a lake of amrit and said play and enjoy yourself.   We splashed about and were rejuvinated inthe pool of amrit.  Then on the banks appeared many dhoots ready to attack us.  But we did satnaam satnaam and they couldnt stay.  All week i was having dreams like that where I think the dhoots represented the final shreds of my fears.  It gave me great confidence to know that after 36 years on this planet that fears have been conquored at a very deep psychological level with dassan das ji and satnaam ji’s kirpa.   When we did finally get to speak to Dassan Das ji on the phone after a week I told him about these inner battles, he asked me to recite satnaam satnaam on the phone and like a dry desert i felt my whole boy rejuvinate with amrit.

A few days later my brother in law and I went ot meet dassan das ji at the train station and spent a few hours in a quiet restaurant talking and listening to the gian.  Dassan Das ji is something else, incredible spiritual entity that is walking this planet looking like a humble sikh, but is actually something else that only he knows ..brahmgiani kee ghat brahmgiani janay ..only a brahmgniani knows what he is.   Sitting at the restaurant Dassan Das ji was just talking and my brother in law went into deep meditataion without even being asked to,  he closed his eyes and focused ..and hes not very relgious.  His nani (grandmum) had passed away earlier that day so he was sad.  Afterwards he told me that sitting with Dassan Das ji all his sorrows left him, like clouds dispersing and light appearing in the centre of his forehead.   Then we got a phone call from a retired sikh whom i had met the day before who was very humble and knowledgeable and really interested in meeting Dassan Das ji.  His name was B Singh ji.   His phone came at te right time he spoke to dassan das ji and was told "recite Satnaam satnaaam …"  and was gvien naam in an instant, B ji was overjoyed and couldnt show his appreciation enough.  Dassan Das ji blessed him saying "everything spiritual will come to you now, but dont get selfish and keep it to yourself, share it with others too."   Then B ji spoke to me on the phone and thanked me for putting him in touch with dassan das ji.  He said "All my spiritual doorways have opened after all these years.  I am in Anand, I cant describe it, I cant thank you enough for what you have done for me today.  You are dhan dhan."

As Dassan Das ji was giving naam to B ji on the phone, i could feel tsunamis of amrit washing me from head to toe.   Then Dassan Das ji looked across at my brother in law with closed eyes, and was overcome with so much kindness and compassion and even though my brother in law probably wasnt ready for naam yet, Dassan Das ji flicked his fingers towrads his forehead and said"  here you go, you have naam too, without even reciting it, you have naam too.  Everything will come to you, you are dhan dhan, keep doing simran, keep giving daswand of time and money to good causes, whereever you want."

On the way home Dassan Das ji also told my brother in law that he needed ot stop drinking alcohol as it disturbs the mind, and to stop hunting as killing animals for fun is a bad deed, but eating meat was ok as often there isnt anything else to eat, but to get out of desire was important.

Dassan Das ji told us that he had met the sangat in another town whom he’d been in touch with over email for a few years.  They had brought there families and were dancing and going into smadhis and asans in the first sangat, just like baba ji sangat  used to be.   Even a few days later they kept calling him with love asking when he would return.  He asked "Has your amrit stopped?" They said "No it keeps on going the bliss keeps on increasing."

At Harmandir Sahib we met Dassan Das ji again and he blessed my relatives with his kind words and graceful look of amrit.   He touched my 4 year old daughters really sore exczma skin on arms and legs and face and said "you’ll be ok now"  and with guru’s kirpa and the right cream from india she has been at peace since coming back mentally and physically.   Dassan Das ji looked at my wife and saw she had big stumbling block of doubt about baba ji in her mind.  He told her to forget about thinking about Baba ji and just to remember that my connection is with Dassan Das ji and that she has met Dassan Das ji and seen he is just a humble soul – not any kind of monster.   Whilst the women were inside the Gurdwara, we went to a restaurant with the kids and were talking about my wife again.  Dassan Das ji went into asan, one palm up like the Guru Nanak Dev ji photos and one on his laps.  I could feel the tsunami of amrit being unleashed,  he went into himself and said to me "we’re giving your wife naam, without her even asking, we’re removing her inner obstacles and making her bhagati easier."  How kind, how kind is Dassan Das ji.   This gurpasadi satnaam that the whole world is looking for but doesnt even know exists or believe could be real, this naam that the gurus and saints of the past kept as a secret for themselves, or made you their slave for a lifetime before giving it to you, that same naam, Dassan Das ji gave to my wife out of the kindness of his heart.

Another young guy from the village, D came to see Dassan Das ji too.  He had been with me for the previous week doing simran and abbsorbing the brahmgian Baba ji & Dassan Das ji have given us  (all on www.satnaam..info )     He was a great soul doing sangat of Sant Ranjit Singh ji in India .   When he heard of Dassan Das ji his heart wanted to meet him right away.   As soon as we introduced him on the marble walkway around ramdas sarovar as kirtan wafted over us, Dassan Das ji put his hand on his forehead and seeing that he was a pure soul made him recite "satnaam satnaam…" and gave him the gurprasadi sat naam.  Then he blessed some water and made D drink that too.  D told me afterwards he felt light filling his whole body as he drank it.   And he felt tugging in his third eye (the ego dirt of lifetimes being dissolved by Satnaam.) and everytime he sat to meditate afterthat he said he felt "ants crawling all over his face and body" ..i.e. the tingling sensation when you feel amrit naam going around the body.   He was overjoyed and before was full of worldy desires o escaping from india, of not knowing whether to study or what to do in future.  I said to him once you have naam, you have won the lottery of all lotteries, you are the richest of the rich, you have everything so NEVER ASK FOR ANYTHING ELSE EVER AGAIN.  Always be thankful for being givien the greats gift of gurprasadi naam. It was a great trip, thankyou Dassan Das ji for sacrificing your own mind, body and wealth at baba ji’s feet all those years ago whilst other people turned their backs, and becoming another heart with satnaam manifested within it and walking humbly on this planet, igniting jyots wherever you go ,humbly totally selflessly, purely for the glory of God, the Satnaam, the Dhan Dhan Ik Oankar Satnaam.

Dassan Dass ji also made it clear to everyone that was blessed with naam, that they were not to worship him, only to worship Satnaam.   The SatGuru or the saint who gives you naam is the Satnaam boat the ferries you across the ocean of the mind.  Dont get attached to the boat, but get to the Sach khand realm of Truth on the other side.  Dassan Das ji said carry on doing seva of whichever Baba you are destined to be with, carry on going to Gurdwara or wherever you go and do good deeds,   Just take the Gurprasadi naam, get rid of your doubts and become 100% what gurbani is telling you to become on the inside.   Dassan Dass ji said "I want nothing for me, just to serve Satnaam in every heart, totally nishkaam (selfless) seva."

As Baba Ji said to me once, "This is not a fraud, this is Absolute Truth, this is a serious game that is beyond life and death."  If you wish to find out more about gurprasadi naam please email DassanDas@gmail.com  or visit the website www.satnaam.info   .

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Nov 2008 – Meeting Deepa again after 3 years

satnaam satguru satsangat ji – dandauth bandhana ji
With Guru ji’s kirpa we have returned safe and well from two weeks in India.  Three years ago we were blessed to meet Dassan Das Ji and Deepa from the village.  Deepa was only 16 , a thirsty soul and blessed by Dassan Das ji with Gurprasadi Naam on the marble walkway around the Golden Temple.  We did sangat together, with his mum and dad three years ago in the cold evenings.  IT was blessed time for all.
However, since then Deepa, without sangat, without email , without kirtan , Deepa felt he had not progressed at all.
Even though he had cut his hair and gone through the backlash of the family.  Some are amritdhari but still believe in the historical Baba Balak Nath.  His Aunt even channells for Baba Balak Nath to pass messages – just like her father-in-law did.  To them that is their path.  However, when he recently went with his aunt to the local temple, where the current Baba runs the group, his aunt bowed, but he did not have the feeling to do so.  He felt, since I no longer believe in this path, I cannot bow.  He just sat down and did his satnaam simran best he could.

Later at home, his parents came around his aunts and she started channelling.  Baba Balak Nath’s spirit came through. 
It told his parents that he did not bow at the temple.  It told him that he needed to stay on Baba Balak Nath path.  It told his family that he was going on the wrong path.    Faced with his family and the spirit of Baba Balak Nath reassuring him, he remained unaffected.  Such was his faith in Dassan Das ji’s blessing from 3 years earlier, they couldnot budge his resolve.  He moved out to train as a chef and faced bullying from his colleagues, but never lost his belief in Satnaam.   His family now accept him as he is and support his career and faith.  We were blessed to have his sangat for a whole week.  He booked a holiday and twice a day- morning and evening we did naam simran together.
All this year I have been praying for satsangat again, and he has been praying for it too.  God-Guru answered our prayers.
The first morning he came and sat next to me and with Guru’s kirpa I placed this hand on his forehead and did simran.  Felt lots of amrit in my navel chakra.  From past experience, I think this meant some of his spiritual blocks were being cleared. We walked and talked about satnaam , satguru and satsangat only.  We spent the whole first absorbed in this in the sunshine and green crops.    After a couple of days I was feeling a lot of love when doing simran for him, praying for him.  Just as Dassan Das ji has explained in Astpadi 15 of sukhmani , that by being kind we bring kindness in, the more we gave, the more Baba ji gave to us.  One morning I felt lots of amrit, and he did not.  So I stood up and prayed for intuition to clear his blocks using satnaam and reiki attunement.  We meditated and sent the symbols into his chakras.   Afterwards he said that, wereas before he would only feel amrit when i put this hand on him, now he felt is all over his body , from head to toe.  The following days he was able to close his eyes and feel amrit instantly all over his body when doing satnaam simran, without need of this hand.
Also explained to him that when we meditate so much, maya is far.  But when we finish, maya will come to test us.  And how do we recognise maya, baba nanak ji said that maya causes son and father to fight, breaks every relationship.  That is when someone would come into the room and by frustrated with me and try to have an argument, as she felt I was brainwashing Deepa or misleading him.  I smiled at maya in her and refused to take the bait, just said i will paint my face on the wall and she can carry on arguing with that for as long as she wanted to live with anger inside her.  Living with anger within her was her choice, but I have chosen not to live like that.  After that she did not mention it again.
I told Deepa Ji about Baba Ji and we phoned baba ji.  Baba ji was so kind, we accidently woke him up, I apologised, baba ji had no annoyance, he just said "When it was written for you to call, you called."  He blessed deepa ji with another boost of gurprasadi naam.   Deepa felt so much more amrit after that.  I encouraged him this time to build a relationship with baba ji.  To call baba ji say once a week without fail.  Satguru Sajjan Milia …SAtguru is our Best Friend, our True friend, the only one who stands with us in life and in death. So make friends with Baba ji.  So even after i went, he would have Gur-Sangat of Satguru Sajjan.   Deepa told me next day that he had called baba ji again and spent hours and hours crying afterwards.   I said same had happened to me before,  it was the tears of his soul, cleaning up the filth of countless births.
Deepa also told me that his Aunt had not been well, she had been channelling excessively for baba balak nath and it had made her sick, weak and frightened her family.   Since Dassan Das ji and my visit 3 years ago, they had got into the habit of doing satsangat and naam simran together, but when Deep would sit near her doing his naam simran, she would not be able to sit.  She became agitated and aggressive towards him, in the end they all stopped doing sat sangat together because of this adverse reaction  (it was the spirit in her that couldnt tolerate the naam – they didnt understand they needed to carry on till it left her).

When he told me I had a lot of compassion for her soul and asked Deepa to phone baba ji and for her to be blessed by his kind grace.  Deepa was resistant,almost like he felt she deserved it.  He said she goes arouind channelling on purpose, she doesnt want to stop, my family go wherever they can get the desires fulfilled, they follow anyone and everything.  I said, "No, she was sick, she is being tormented, and God has sent you Baba jii to help her.  All God is waiting for, is for you to show some compassion and to pray for the weak, the distrssed , the poor and the needy.  IT will also open your heart too."  These words must have struck him, because he agreed right away. Next day he told me that baba ji had blessed her and that Harjit should do simran with her.  Deepa then told me how she had been in previous sangats and thought she wouldnt come.  I explained to his mum what baba ji said and asked her to ask her.  After all I couldnt really go up to her and force her to come to simran if she didnt want to.  I prayed that if she was destined to come she would.
After that, Deepa asked me to come and do simran at his house, unknown to me he had invited his aunt, his cousins, his mama and mami too and his parents.  Such a big sangat all expecting so much from me – but i know i am unworthy, full of misdeeds, full of five thieves and all the filth of the world.

The reason his mama and mami ji had come was because they had been married 6 years and were having problems having a baby.   Deepa’s mum had invited them.  Reason being, a couple of days before we had done simran together and I could see she was unable to focus, eyes open, head moving as she looked around, and looking uncomfortable when she closed her eyes.  Even though she wears a kirpan and gives daswand to her sant , she couldnt concentrate.  I said to her afterwards reasaon the mind cant focus is because we dont give up our wants.  She said the major want that was on her mind was not for herself but for her brother and wife  (deepa’s mama and mami ji), for them to be blessed with a child – that was her constant want.  I said to her that baba ji also explained to me that its ok to pray for the benefit of others,  I said I would ask baba ji about it.    Anyway, they came to the sangat and we played the satnaam simran cd (Indi Kaur – satnaam chanting 30 min) .   I prayed for them all, called upon Baba Ji to use my mind, body and soul for their benefit.  That I am just an unlit lamp, so I request baba ji to bring his gur-jyot and light me up and shine into everyone’s heart.   Felt so much love, light and blessings, directed all the light and amrit to Deepa’s aunt who channelled,  to mama and mami too.  Deepa told me afterwards he felt light coming through him going from his palms to everyone.  He asked me if that ok, I said that was GREAT!  That was exactly how it happens, when we become nothing then God-Guru Satnaam-Satguru Baba Ji becomes everything and shine through us.
I could see them all shining like flowers with focused minds. At the end of the 30 minutes, his Aunt looked hot and uncomfortable, like some shifts were taking place within her.  She said next morning she enjoyed it (far from the days when she would have been agitated and aggressive).  Also his mami was like a flower in the sunshine,  next day his mama said it was hard to concentrate but he could see the benefits and did simran again and felt amrit swirling him around.  He said he would open his eyes as he thought he was toplling over, but he was sitting straight.  Close his eyes and feel again like he was swirling aorund.  I explained that was the amrit cleaning him up.   We spoke to baba ji after the simran and I said to baba ji "I dont know anything about birth and death baba ji, please bless Deepas mama and mami ji."   Baba ji spoke to the mama ji and explained to him that all of God’s gifts (daat) are received through naam, seva, and punn daan – (naam simran, selfless service and virtuous giving).  They said they would do so.  Next morning we were taling and they said punn daan (giving) should only be of clothes and food not money, explained to them what baba ji had said to us, that any beggar or homeless person who comes to us is not to be turned away empty handed.  See it as our karma we are repaying them what we owe them.   If they ask for a certain amount, give it to them.  If they ask without specifying an amount, give them waht you feel is the right amount.  Told them the story of when we went to india last time and I had resolved to carry out this teaching of baba ji to the letter.  Outside the Golden temple, I gave 10 rupees to a beggar who had asked.  Deepa and wife and other relatives said I shouldn’t have done that as "now other beggars would come."  I said, "that’s ok, I’ll give them all the same in the name of Baba ji."     Later on, the wife had 3000Rs stolen from her handbag as she queued to bow.  When she told me I laughed and said, "I was ready to give 300 beggars 10Rs each, wereas you were forced to give just one 3000Rs!  Plus I gave it with an open heart, wereas you had it snatched away!"
Deepa asked baba ji when he would see him in India, and baba ji replied "See me in Harjit" and when Deepa told me that I said to him, "And I see Baba ji in you".  HE did dandauth bandhana to baba ji in me, I did dandauth bandhana to baba ji in him.  This is how we started our simran, this is how compassion to help him have simran, filled me with love and led us both to Truth – Truth Love and Compassion as Baba ji says.
We were blessed, blessed, blessed – dhan dhan dhan jan aayaa jis prasad sabh jagat taraiyaa….blessed blessed blessed is the coming of that God’s Devotee, by whose grace the whole world is ferried across.  Thankyou baba ji for everything, what you have done for me I cannot every repay or even understand. Please keep me always and forever under your feet, please may i keep you always and forever in my heart.  Please may i always see you in every heart, in the sat sangat, in my "enemies" so called, in everyone – You, only You, only You.  May I always thank for what I have rather than resent for what I havent got.
Finally, the last test was passed, when we became a little bit more fearless and unafraid to lose our wife, our house, our kids and our comfort zone, when we finally overcomae the barrier that was stopping me coming to sangat.  Now will be able to go again.
dust of your feet