Experiences: Ardaas is a must!

To Dassan Dass Ji,


It has been nearly 2 months since I have spoken to you my teacher, I hope you are well.


I continue the naam jaap, Amrit fills inside the body and falls as tears. I have had one vision in that time, I think it was Baba Nand Singh? Old Khalsa dressed in white telling his sangat of Naam Dhaari’s to do Ardaas. "You Must DO ARDAAASSS, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT", and from that point on I have been doing ardaas continually with my naam jaap. I have been reading your site looking for new things to learn. 


We agreed together teacher and student that I have taken a new understanding, which is great news.


I talk to God more through ardaas, but I yet await an answer.




Mr Singh