Experiences: Revelation of Logic

To Guru Ji  (Dassan Dass Ji),

I was asked to explain the emotions emitted from human to human through a debate. Using Worldly Knowledge I spoke of how mutual grounds emit affiliations and opinion. Furthermore of the irregularity of how ones flaws can be seen as another’s greatness. My Worldly Knowledge although true in its form, could not apprehend the full context of how a being can love. Thinking deeper, Man can love for no reason, man can love for reasons that can go against the text book conformity, Love has no bounds, Love can occur for no reason, Love has no logic. – At this point I thought of you, and have been thinking of you all day.

Love has no Logic… Love has no logic I kept repeating it in my mind. How can one explain love, of all the words I know I still don’t know where to start!

And then it hit me, nothing has logic, logic is only perceived in the eye of the beholder, and for the beholder to see logic he/she must be still heavily adapted to the Law of Maya.

I remembered your example: Hydrogen is the catalyst and Oxygen has to be present for a fire to burn, yet when chemically entwined they form Water the very Opposite. I couldn’t help but laugh, because then I saw thousands of similar clues in my mind, which our Creator has left for us, Where in the downright make no sense against Worldly Knowledge. So adapted to Maya I previously couldn’t see this.

No chemist can truly devise the logic of such a formation of chemical reaction because the belligerence is of purely a simple Thought/Notion/Creation- a figment of a super-beings imagination -of Satnaam – Sada Satnaam.

I have completely lost all belief in natural processes of evolution to see further that it is purely a hukam. Everything in existence is illusion, a great painting so real you can touch it, and become lost in its image.

I am so lost in awe (I am not confused) to the extent of what I have learnt on this day. The Illusion is everything, so foolish is the mind of the Learned being he seeks lesson from Man before he takes lessons from the Creator, only making him a greater fool.

I can only accept I was such a fool, this revelation of understanding came from within, an excess of weight feels to be lifted from my pain, I could not apprehend your words. I apologize, I truly am sorry. The painted mental flaws on my imagination couldn’t see the true art that conceives the Notion of Life.

I keep looking at the world as I travel home, as I work, as I eat as I sit here now, everything appears different. I am probably giving you a headache so I will stop now. But no matter what, I will never relent from the Path.  My love for God has no logic, it will always be through Sickness and Health.
No more Illusion- Maya is dead- No more Logic

A beautiful drama has been written, we are ever present in the Play and the Universe is our stage.

For the first time I have seen the Baba Nand Singh in my mind, he is sitting his clothes shine bright white. I see the foolery performed by my eyes, I see the very Super Being I have been looking for all my life. I beg for your apology.

Forgive me for I have Sinned.

Humble Regards

Mr Singh