Gur Ki Parteet

The deeply rooted divine feeling within us that my Guru is everything for me, and He is my savior..  It is essential to have trust, devotion, unconditional love, faith, commitment – Sachee Preet and Sachee Shardha for the Guru, the Puran Sant Puran Brahamgiani, we meet according to our preordained destiny.    We need to consider our Guru as a living God on this Earth and consisder His word as the word of God for us.  Giving our Tunn, Munn and Dhann to our Guru is a function of Gur Ki Parteet.  Bandgi is nothing but trust, devotion, unconditional love – love without any demands, faith and belief in the Guru.  Combined with these divine qualities we also need to completely surrender to the Guru.  This is what is meant by Gur Ki Parteet.  The one who is blessed with this kind of a Gur Ki Parteet is the most fortunate one and probably one in tens of millions, and such souls who reach that level of Gur Ki Parteet eventually become like their Guru.