Guru Avatar

The Guru Sahibans were Guru Avtars and only calling them Guru is undermining them, as they were Avtars of Akal Purakh. They were themselves Nirankaar on this Earth and we all are very fortunate to be a part of their following.  But, this does not mean that there is no SatGur after them.  The SatGurus have been here forever, but not the Guru Avtars.  So how come this piece of divine wisdom (Astpadi 18, Pauri 3), a rare and priceless jewel, is not accepted by the Sangat?  The reason is the wrong preaching practices by those who themselves don’t know about this divine piece of wisdom.  These people need to look at these divine words more closely and pray for understanding their real divine meaning and restrain themselves from wrongful preaching practices.