If we say  “I” meaning  “me, the physical body” then that is ego – Haumai.  Thinking or saying, “I am doing it” meaning that MY physical body is doing it, is ego.  The Shabad Haumai consists of two Shabads – Hau and Mai.   The Shabad Hau means in the physical presence, the existence, and the Shabad Mai means “I, me, my and mine.”   Haumai makes us believe that I, the physical body:-

• am in existence,
• am present,
• am responsible for all of the actions and reactions,
• am doing everything that happens in and around me. 

So within us, the “I, me, my and mine” attitude takes over from the super infinite divine power which is the Creator and Operator of the creation.  Abhimaan and Ahankaar are also two more names of the same thing – Ego.  Their are different types of ego.  The ones who get absorbed in Raj Abhimaan will be reincarnated as a dog living in hell.  The life of a stray dog is called hell by Dhan-Dhan Guru Sahib Ji and that is what we will end up in by misusing our executive powers.   The ones who are proud of their looks, their youth, Jawani will go into the Junie of a Bishta Ka Kira.  These are the insects that live in human waste.  The one who are proud of worldly possessions have been called fools, blind and ignorant.