1) The will of God.  Everything runs under His Hukam.  His will prevails and His will is the Truthfulness – Sat Naam, the Sumat which will transform us to a Junn.  Only His divine laws govern His Kingdom of the entire universe.  Pains and sorrows, happiness and difficulties, good and bad events – absolutely everything follows His divine laws.  His divine laws are called Hukam in GurBani.  There is only one way we can understand and recognize the Hukam and that is by His own will or His grace, which can happen only by focusing on truthfulness – Sat, and Sat Naam is the Sumat.  

2) Basically, the Gur Shabad is the Hukam, the will of God, that prevails.  The ones who follow the Hukam and don’t fight with the Hukam, prevail.  The ones who don’t follow the Hukam and fight with the Hukam, lose.  The one who follows the Hukam and remains calm under all circumstances is a spiritual gainer.  The one who fights with the Hukam is a loser and remains a loser until He starts to follow the Hukam.  Following the Hukam is a GurParsaad.  It only happens with GurParsaad.  Recognition of this fact that following the Hukam comes only with GurParsaad, builds the foundation of the divine wisdom that there is only one Doer – Karta Purakh and that everything happens according to the will of God and not anything else. 

The key to the spiritual success is the recognition of the Hukam and following the Hukam.  By doing so we will eliminate our Haumai and reach the Param Padvi and become a Puran Braham Gyani.  But, at the same time this power of recognizing the Hukam is a GurParsaadi super power, so until the divine gift, GurParsaadi power of recognition, is blessed on us by Dhan-Dhan Gur and Guru, we should keep on praying continuously to Dhan-Dhan Gur and Guru.  The best and the highest way of praying is by doing Naam Simran, “Sat Naam” Simran.  In fact, we need to keep on praying to Dhan-Dhan Gur and Guru for a the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  The ones who are blessed with this GurParsaad become Dhan-Dhan and reach the Param Padvi. 

3) By His Grace, we begin to recognise the Hukam within us.  That is our inner Hukam.  It is the Hukam which our inner Jyot is telling us to do.  We recognise that as our inner feeling, our intuition and we must not hesitate to obey the inner Hukam.  This is the real direct comand of God to us from within, rather than the artificial ritual reading done at the Gurdwaras after ardas and called "Hukam Nama".  Without God’s grace most people cannot recognise the inner Hukam because of all the other thoughts and desires that are overriding the mind.  So that is why we need GurParsaad of Naam to get in tune with the inner Hukam.  And by having a Guru we can always ask Him for clarification if we are ever confused.  The Jyot is our inner Eternal Guru and that is the Hukam we need to follow.