Ik Oankaar

One Universal Creator.  The super Infinite Divine Power (God) lives in every creation, but appears only in the one who becomes Sat or in other words the Hirda who becomes Sat Saroop.  This Hirda lives in one Khand and that is Sach Khand.  This is the Hirda which comes under Puran Sachyari Rehat – complete internal compliance.  Anything below that is multi-Khand and multi-Khand is Pakhand.  Only one Khand is Sach Khand and ONE here means God – Ik as in Ik Oankaar.  So, God appears in Ik Khand and not the multi Khand Hirda which is also called Pakhand.  Bringing our Hirda in Ik Khand is the key to success.  And the entire creation’s existence is due to this Ik Khand.