Inderjit blessed powerful spiritual experiences

Shukhrana pitaji for everything you do for us Today’s amritwela keertan was beyond blissful and beautiful.
Appji continued to clean the whole family. We were seen you removing so much filth from our heads. It was rotting like a swamp water. Then aapji cleaned the whole inside of head for all family members. We were shown that there were big white marble steps leading downwards just like how we see them in the man made sarovar in the gurdwara. All the four walls and steps were in middle of the head after you made them spotless. Then it was filled with amrit by aapji and all the amrit kept collecting in it like a reservoir. Just like how a sarovar is filled with water.

Today’s kirpa and amrit level was beyond any words. We were all in garden of love and there was love and peace around. We were all seen as brides dressed in crimson colored clothes and sitting together signing. Suhab suhab suhabi was being heard in the background.

Bodies of all our family members were covered with maroon roses and the atmosphere was full of love and only love. Diamonds kept falling from the sky along with flowers.

Pita ji you made us pray to paarbrahm ji to keep us away from shackles of maya and its trap. To always keep us under your feet and keep collecting and bathing your foot dust. We also prayed to aapji to calm our minds, kal kalesh, man di chintawan nu hathao and make us focus on naam simran and reduce wasteful activities from all our minds. All these prayers were happening by themselves.

We also prayed that we donot want this birth for our family members to go wasted ( birtha) like countless previous births. We prayed that our gagar( utensils) be overflowing so we can walk and serve on this path.

Pita ji you are the doer, we are just a mere witness of this divine play. Pls. Keep us walking forward on this path and always guiding us. We are capable of nothing and all is your doing. Even the prayers are your doing as we are not capable of being humble.

We are forever indebted to your kindness and love. Thank you is just a small word in front of many treasures and blessing you keep showering on us.

Blessed blessed are those who are in the shelter of a true guru

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji Sab teri wadiyae Sab teri kirpa Sab teri rehmat