Inderjit Experiences

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji Dhan dhan satpaarbrahm pita parmeshwar Dhan dhan gurpaarbrahm pita parmeshwar

Pitaji with aapji grace today amritwela was very blissful. There are no words to describe the kirpa that happened today on all of us. Pitaji you continued to clean us all and kept filling us up with amrit. The atmosphere was electric and keertan was happening in dargah. We were shown sitting at the steps and cleaning them. Thank you pitaji for teaching us humility as we are capable of nothing.

You took a big snake of maya out of our daughter’s body. We prayed to you to bring her more closer to God. You also did a lot of kirpa on other family members and all were lit up from inside with prakash.. Then you showed us that you were doing same kirpa on other sangat members who were dedicated to satnaam sewa. Paarbrahm ji was so happy today that he was showering everyone with beyant blessings. We were shown that although we forget him and keep falling in the pit of maya but God keeps blessings us all, taking away our negativity and pulling us back. His glory is beyant. He even blesses us when we are not even in his remembrance so we can keep moving on this path.

We were shown many past sangat members were blessed by aapji. Aapji kept blessing our extended families, friends and their families. We were shown how an enlightened person’ s prayer can change life of people around without them realising it. In true sense peace prevails where a saint sits and it is felt by many in large distances is what you made us witness today.
We were shown that God’s mahima is aprampaar and we saw Paarbrahm ji blessing your family too pitaji.
God was blessing all stuck souls. Our aunt and uncle who recently had passed away were also blessed. We were shown paarbrahm ji blessing all the vegetation, animals and creation he has made. We saw satnaam simran traveling everywhere. We saw the veil of negativity lifting from the planet slowly and getting thinner but still a thick layer was there covering the whole planet.
Awal allah noor upaya Kudrat ke sab bande Ek noor te sab jag upaya Kaun bhale ko mande

Pitaji aapji showed us how God is Nirvair. He doesnot take sides or has favourites. All are equal in his court. All he is looking for is love and surrender. He is blessing everyone equally. It is raining everywhere equally and each one of us is receiving same amount of blessings. It is upto us now on how much we want to get drenched in this rain. He is listening to his bhagats/ followers who are praying and searching for him. He is there for sarbhat da bhalla.

Pitaji aapji are doing such a great sewa for mankind by blessing us all with the pooran truth. You are drinking our pains and cleaning us so we can move forward. We are forever indebted to you and your kindness. Some days we find ourselves stuck in maya and then the moment we pray to aapji you take us out from this filth. You never leave our arm although we keep going back to comfort of maya and falling behind. Such is the greatness of the guru – Erasing the darkness from our lives.

Thank you for eternity for being with us in this life guiding us.
Sab teri kirpa Sab teri rehmat Sab teri wadiyae Sab teri maherbaniya
Satnaam bless all. Sarbhat da bhalla hove Ji
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