Inderjit’s blessed experiences….

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan satnaam di mahima Dhan dhan satnaam parivaar Dhan dhan dassan dassji

Pitaji with aapji grace while doing keertan today aapji showered us with so much amrit. Amrit level was so high and cannot be described. There was immense light everywhere.

We had darshans of jesus when he was born. We saw soneone holding baby jesus and few men surrounding him wearing long robes. We only saw their backs as they were all standing in a circle. We also saw mohammed ji.

Then we had darshans of guru gobind singh ji and guru nanak devji. There was so much love and amrit but no words to write it .

We then had darshans of baba nand singh ji and we asked him to teach us even am iota of prema bhagti which he did in search of god. There was a different type of bairag again cannot be explained.

Dhan dhan mahima of all sants bhagats avatars brahmgyanis gurus gurmukhs khalsa gursikhs

Pitaji today you took us deep into the Shabad

Prabh ji tu mere praan adhare

After having darshans of the dargah and doing dandout to all holy beings aapji showed us how the hapiness and sorrow are just a mind play. Unless the mind reaches the state of full surrender it will make us wander in maya. One minute we will be happy and next moment sad. To reach the level of stability where everything belongs to god one needs to be in total surrender. This can be only acheived by simran and sewa.

A white light came out of our hand which cleaned everyone in the family. Thank you pitaji you for continuing to clean us.

You also made us pray for forgiveness for all previous and any current deeds done under the kaam dhoot. We also asked for forgiveness for kaam from you for all other family members. Pls.forgive us all as we continue to sin with every breath knowingly and unknowingly.

Pitaji a thought came and aapji did kirpa on isha by giving her a protection from corona as she has started going to school and cannot do much care on her own.

Sada sada shukrana pitaji for all you do for us. So blessed to have you in out lifes. Satnaam bless all.