Karam (2)

GurParsaad.  As in Karam Khand meaning the stage the ones who have the GurParsaad are in.  The one who surrenders to the Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhann and with full trust, unconditional love and devotion goes into Samadhi.  Some people who are blessed with the full trust, devotion and love for the Guru are very fortunate and they go instantaneously into Samadhi.  Samadhi begins to happen to a soul in Karam Khand.  Karam means GurParsaad and this GurParsaad takes such people into Samadhi right away.  All previous Khands (Dharam, Gyan and Saram) are skipped for such souls who are so blessed with the GurParsaad.