Pure Soul.  A Puran Khalsa is a Puran Brahamgiani and nothing less than that, those who think and call of themselves a Khalsa without reaching Puran Brahamgian Stage are mistaken and are fooling themselves and the masses.  A Puran Khalsa is the one who has achieved the Param Padvi, who has a Puran Jyot Parkash and is a Pargatyeo Jyot Purn Brahamgiani.  Only such a soul is Amrit Ka Daata, “Har Key Naam Key Beopaari,” meaning whose business is to trade Naam.  Those who call of themselves a Khalsa without achieving the Param Padvi are Dargahi Criminals and we repeat are Dargahi Criminals and are misleading the masses.  A Puran Khalsa has the infinite divine power and is capable and authorized to give the GurParsaad to the Sangat.  So please be aware of these fake Khalsas who without knowing what is the meaning of Khalsa involve themselves in Naam giving practices.  This is by no means Gur Mat, it is a Sansarik Mat – worldly wisdom or self wisdom.