Khande Batta Ki Pahul

Sikh Initiation of the sword and holy water, nowadays incorrectly called the Amrit Ceremony.  Only a SatGur is Amritdhari and by being so is Amrit Ka Daata.  Mostly the people who take Khande Batta Ki Pahul call themselves Amritdhari, which is another illusion that plagues them as soon as they take it.  They need to understand that this is their first step entering in the spiritual world, but they become so intoxicated that they think that they have become Amritdhari.  This is a totally false and untrue belief. 
We totally ignore this divine truth that the one who gave Amrit to the Panj Pyare was a Puran Sant SatGur Himself, and the ones who came forward with their heads at the Charans of their SatGur were blessed with the GurParsaad.  So please and we repeatedly request at all of your Charans, please keep in mind that the creator of these Panj Pyare was himself an Amrit Ka Daata, a Puran Brahamgiani, a Puran Sant SatGur.  So there were eligible candidates and there was a giver of the Amrit.  There were divinely blessed recipients and there was a divine giver of the Amrit and that is how they became Panj Pyare – Panj Puran Khalsas – Panj Puran Brahamgianis and that there is no other short cut to create  Panj Pyare.  Only the ones who are Puran Khalsas, Puran Brahamgianis are Amrit Ka Dataa and can give Amrit to the Sat Sangat, and nothing less than that.  Everything else is just a false and untrue practice that is why the people who take Khande Batta Ki Pahul from modern day Panj Pyare don’t make any progress or very little progress on the spiritual path. 

This Khande Batta Ki Pahul process unfortunately has been reduced just to a ritual only which has no divine value without the existence of Puran Khalsas, Puran Brahamgianis, Amrit Ka Daata, who are blessed with this divine authority to give Amrit to the Sangat.  For those who have been lost in a stream of outside rituals please come back with an open mind and look at these divine words of Dhan-Dhan Pancham Patshah Ji.  The divine laws never change they remain the same through all ages.  And it is the same divine law that was followed by all SatGurus including Dassam Patshah Ji.