Kiran Chugh – Blessed Visions

Kottan Kottan Dandaut Bandana Aapji de Satcharana Vich Pita Ji.
Pitaji during today’s Zoom Sangat and with app ji grace we feel some experiences. That experiences can not be exactly expressed in words yet with app ji blessing we are trying to put them in words.

During today’s Zoom Sangat, we feel we had gone into Samadhi. Our eyes get closed and we reached a place where Aap ji has shown us that Buddha Ji is sitting beneath a tree. Every thing was whitish there. a deep shanti was every where. We kept on watching budda ji and feeling that shanti. Then after some time buddha ji disappeared and a big foot appeared from sky. There were many Chakras on bottom side of that big foot.

Then aap ji shown us Guru Nanak ji. Guru Nanak ji view was shown from one side with long beard. Then Guru Nanak ji disappeared and app ji gave us darshan in place of Gurn Nanak ji and again it was side view of app ji like guru nanak ji.

Guru Nanak ji made us realized that aap ji and guru nanak ji both are same. We did dandaut to app ji. Then aap ji brought back us to our room where zoom sangat was going on. We feel that our foot’s thumb is pulling toward me.

Then app ji shown us there is parkash hi parkash every where in the room. There was abundance of white light and Prakash in the room. It was overflown. This was felt two to three times.

Then we felt some movement at middle of our chest area, like something is moving in circle near chest area. where we were sitting and experiencing the above we could still feel every word of yours.

Pita ji, yesterday, while I was sleeping in the afternoon these words “ Satnaam bina koi bah na fareh” were continue to be uttering in our ears.

Kotton kot shukrana pita ji for these beautiful and live experience. We always feel app ji with us.
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