Kirandeep – very powerful spiritual leaders

Dandaut at aap ji’s sat charans Dhan Dhan Pyare Pita ji

Today we had following experiences + wisdom

we were taken to a place where there were 2 big halls where kirtan was going on. In first hall people who did misdeeds only were there. I was taken in that room and showed what happens to them. First their karma was shown how they do not even remember god and are bot god fearing at all. They were all then taken to burn. And likewise punishments.

Then in the second hall, mixed karma people were there. The people who do both good and bad deeds. Especially, the people who do sangat and misdeeds too parallely. They people were crying and screaming for not following absolute truth. They were also punished. Explaining these mixed karma people in layman’s language, it was like in day time they were taken for the punishments and in the night they were taken in the room where sangat/kirtan is going on.

Then we were taken in another room where all the people who we used to hate/vice versa were there. My father was also there and many other people who we had karmic bondages in the past. When we entered the room, they spitted on us and started cursing. They threw stones on us. But we silently sit in the room in the middle and started doing simran in happiness. Like we had no effect of what they are doing. Then aap ji appeared and said it was your test of patience and you passed.

Then aap ji took us in dargah like place where kirtan was going on of just one line of gurbani. When we woke up, we thought the line is in guru granth sahib ji but it was not there when we checked.

The exact sentence was – “Se mukte je sant tare”. The meaning what we understood is the people whom a sant wants to free, are free from all bondages and karma.

Please correct us if we got it wrong. During today’s amrit vela, the kirtan of this one line was going on.

Kotaan kot shukrana for everything Satguru Pita ji. Aap ji doer of everything. Please keep us absorbed in swas swas bandagi.