Divine Power.  Not just Ridhis and Sidhis – the Supernatural powers, but also the super divine powers infinitely beyond the Ridhis and Sidhis.   A Brahamgiani is blessed with all of the divine super powers such as kindness, forgiveness, humbleness, devotion, trust, unconditional love, fearlessness, and so on.  There is no end to these divine qualities.  These super divine infinite powers.  We will find that we have all of these powers blessed in us as well.  Are we not capable of being kind to others?  Are we not blessed with the capacity to be in unconditional love with others?  Without any wishes is the unconditional love.  Are we not capable of trusting God, trusting the presence of God in its Sargun Saroop everywhere?  Are we not capable of being humble?  Humbleness is the most powerful weapon that we have been blessed with which will kill our Haumai.