Kundalini / Kundalini Shakti

Divine Energy stored at the base of the spine, but rises up the channels of Ida, Pingala and Sushmana and expands throughtout the body with GurParsaad.  The Kundalini Shakti (energy) works throughout our body and conducts the correction of our body.  This divine Shakti removes all of the pockets filled with negative energy and fills them with the divine energy, the cosmic power, the Amrit.  This Shakti purifies our mind, Hirda, soul and body completely and makes it fit for the infinite divine power to stay in there forever.  All of the eternal treasures, Amrit and the Puran Brahamgian are hidden inside our soul.  So with the correction and purification of the mind, soul and body these divine treasures are uncovered and surface physically through our body.

The third eye will open by guru’s kirpa only (not through position (asans) and breathing technques), and Sat Naam will help you, you should not even think about it, and same is true with kundilini rising. Once you are blessed with Gurparsaadi Naam by Baba ji. Your progress should be much faster, we even didn’t know when our dassam duaar opened, so please don’t think about these things and just concentrate on simran.