Lifestory so far …

Dassan Das Ji was blessed with the company of Baba Ji in 2000. After some of the Sangat told him about Baba ji he was really thirsty to meet Baba Ji.  Soon after he went to see Baba and has been blessed ever since.  He has full faith in Baba ji  and never had any doubts whatsoever.  He is very humble and kind and innocent and with the blessings of Gurprasadi Naam he progressed very fast spiritually.  He has earned every word of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in his heart and in his actions.   Baba ji has blessed him to be able to ignite others with the ‘GurParsaadi-Naam’.    The following is written by Dassan Dass Ji as per the request of Baba ji for him to share his experiences in order to inspire the Sangat.

1947-1985 : A False Life

With the Agam, Anant, Apaar and Beant GurParsaadi GurKirpa of Dhan Dhan Pargateyo Jyot Puran Sant Puran Braham Gyani Baba Ji and Dhan Dhan Shri Paar Braham Parmeshwar, this Chakkar (servant) of the Guru, Akal Purakh and the Sangat has been able to write a few words in the following text, which describe some incredible spiritual experiences within a short period of time that this Sevak (servant) has been through.

This life story might not sound more interesting than a common person who spent over 53 years of his precious human life in vain, totally unaware of the purpose of this human life.  Especially now when we look back we firmly believe that the kind of a life we were leading was as if we were buried in a 40 foot deep dump of garbage – the Kood (falseness).  It was fully and completely controlled by the Panj Doots, Asa, Trishna and Mansha, Nindya, Chugli and Bakhili. This was a life totally and purely run under the influence of Maya.  The sole objective was to earn and survive.  Rarely did we participate in religious acts – Dharam Karams, but fully participated in the worst possible deeds that one can imagine.  We committed all kinds of crimes under the influence of Panj Doots – Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar.  In fact,  now we call these mental sicknesses because our entire life was governed and controlled by these enemies of our soul and mind.

Like everyone else we knew, we also lived a so called comfortable and respectable life style which now we realize was a complete illusion.  It was nothing more than a bunch of pretensions, such as “I am leading a neat and clean life,”  “I don’t lie,” “I don’t do anything bad to anyone,”  “I don’t harm anyone,” “I try to love everyone,” “I don’t hate anybody,” “I am taking care of my family,” and “I am earning good so living good!”

I always wanted to get more and more money and worldly comforts.  I always longed for a better and better position in society.  A better position at work.  I wanted to get the best education for myself and my family and so on, the list is pretty long.

In a nutshell whatever Guru Nanak Patshah has very kindly communicated to us through the following Salok of Dhur Ki Bani of Asa Di Vaar describes the kind of life we were living in and these divine words now has been acknowledged as an Absolute Truth.

Salok Mehala 1.

Koorr raajaa koorr parajaa koorr sabh sansaar.
Koorr manddap koorr maarree koorr baisanehaar.
Koorr sueinaa koorr rupaa koorr painhanehaar.
Koorr kaaeiaa koorr kaparr koorr roop apaar.
Koorr meeaa koorr beebee khap hoeae khaar.
Koorr koorrai naehu lagaa visariaa karathaar.
Kis naal keechai dhosathee sabh jag chalanehaar.
Koorr mithaa koorr maakhio koorr ddobae poor.
Nanak vakhaanai baenathee thudhh baajh koorro koorr.1.

SGGS 468

This Salok means that the entire surroundings and things are Kood – means they are untrue, unreal perceptions, illusions, all these things are created under the influence of Maya, and they seem real but they are not, they look dear and attractive, but they are not in the real sense, they are all perishable, nothing prevails, the relations don’t prevail, everything will vanish, so why still we are in deep attachment to all these worldly things, only Almighty is the Truth.
These words are the Absolute Truth, there is no doubt about that and as long as  you are in doubt and don’t understand and follow these words, these illusions will be the major road blocks in the way of your path to discover the truth and be absorbed in the truth.  The bottom line is that we were also no exception like anybody else and were completely absorbed in these worldly things until we started to learn about spirituality.

The Spiritual Journey Began With Sukhmani

This Sevak would now like to share our personal experience with the Sat Sangat Ji.  We  remember our father getting up every morning at 2:00 am, taking a shower and doing Panj Bani Paath and Sukhmani. He used to recite GurBani with a loud voice.  We could hear these divine words sometimes and it used to give us a very soothing feeling.  We still remember very distinctly when our father used to recite words from Sukhmani like, “ Braham Gyani, ” “Sant Ka Dokhi,” “Sabh Te Oonch Taaki Sobha Bani, Nanak Eh Gun Naam Sukhmani.”

Our mother was illiterate so she could not read GurBani, but sometimes she used to recite Jap Ji from her memory. But our grandfather from our mother’s side used to do a lot of Naam Japna using a Mala.  We also used to go to the Gurdwara with the family on Sundays.  We grew up to become an engineer and were married to a homely girl.  We were blessed with a son and a daughter.  We lived a normal life, nothing very exciting or negative happened in life.  Our wife has been a religious minded person since we have known her –  always involved in reading and listening to GurBani.  We occasionally visited religious places, but we never became involved with any religious activities.  We rarely made any donations to religious places or to any needy people.

This following incident was the turning point towards spirituality.  This happened in 1982 at the age of 35 and involved an almost fatal road accident.  Early that morning this Sevak had a strange dream.  Some people with black robes came and told us that they had come to take us with them.  We walked out of the house with them.  However, just still outside the house a group of people with white robes stopped the people with black robes and told them, “You cannot take Him away.  Let Him stay here.”  Then they brought us back to the house.  Later that day, around mid-morning we met with an almost fatal road accident, but everybody thanked Almighty for forgiving us and saving our life.
Whilst in hospital our Bhooa Ji (Aunt) came to see us and told us that God has saved our life. Her exact words in Punjabi were, “Rub ney tenu haath dey key rakh leya hai.” (God has protected you with His hand).  From that moment onwards we have always remembered her words.  Later on when we started reciting Sukhmani we read these divine words and always have remembered them too, “Jis Kaa Saas Naa Kadhat Aap.  Tis Ko Rakhat Dey Kar Haath.”
That is what happened with us and from that moment onward we have very sincerely remembered these words.  As a result of this accident we had to stay home for almost three months to recover from the physical injuries.  That was the time when we started reading Jap Ji for the first time.  It became a daily practice and we enjoyed reading Jap Ji.  It gave me a lot of mental and physical strength.  After some weeks, we started reading Sukhmani Sahib as well and it became a daily routine during that time.  The good thing was that with Akal Purakh’s Kirpa, the trust and belief in GurBani became stronger and better.  It was a blessing in disguise.  The suffering became a prescription for the soul, as described by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, “Dukh Daru Sukh Rog Bhayea,” meaning “Pain is the remedy, pleasure had become the disease.” This verse came true for us and the spiritual journey began.

Then in 1986 we migrated to USA, and until the year 2000 lead a normal family life.  Then we were hit by big financial blows, one after the other, and also some serious family issues.  At this point we took some strength from our wife, who was fairly regular in reading Panj Banis, Asa Di Vaar, and so on, and leaned a little bit more towards GurBani, started reading some more GurBani and reciting Vahiguru – this was the second beginning, “Dukh Daru Sukh Rog Bhayea.”

Receiving The GurParsaadi Naam in Baba Ji’s Sangat

Then in June of 1998, we had some friends who were very impressed by Baba Ji’s Sangat and started to follow Him.  During this time period, our friends told us about Baba Ji’s achievements and their experiences and learning from His Sangat.  This was the beginning of the transition for us.  As soon as we heard the Bismad (wondrous) stories about Baba Ji, our life started to change.  That very night we started (both myself and my wife) the Amrit Vela as early as 1:00 am.  While we were listening to these spiritual stories of Baba Ji, our belief in Him as a Braham Gyani became stronger by the minute.

Our friend told us that Baba Ji is a Braham Gyani remember Him quoting these words of Sukhmani to us, “Braham Gyani Mukt Jugt Jee Kaa Daata.  Braham Gyani Puran Purakh Vidhata” and  “Braham Gyani Ko Khojey Maheysur.  Nanak Braham Gyani Aap Parmeshwar.”

By listening to our friend’s words we derived a lot of strength to fight back our family and financial situation.  Our desire to have Darshan of Baba Ji became stronger and stronger by the minute, “Aisa Sant Milaao Mo Ko Kant Jina Ke Paas,” and  “Bhaag Huaa Gur Sant Milayea Prabh Abinaasi Ghar Meh Paayea.”

It was the third week of August, 2000 and my wife was scheduled to fly to India on September 4rth.  We both became desperate to see Baba Ji as soon as we could before our wife went to India. Now this was the beginning of  the GurParsaadi Game in our life.  We now realize that was the Hukam of Akal Purakh Paar Braham Parmeshwar – to start our involvement in the GurParsaadi Game.  We had just heard the story of the Sant and became desperate for His Darshan.  Our hearts started to feel the calmness from the fire we were burning in.

It was the fortunate day of August 25, 2000 when our friends very kindly took us for Baba Ji’s Darshan at his residence.  As soon as we saw Baba Ji, He came running to the door and hugged us.  As soon as He hugged us we felt the calmness inside.  It was a marvelous experience.  We felt that we have met God Himself and now all our problems will be taken care by the God Himself.

Baba Ji advised us to do Naam Simran and read and understand Sukhmani Sahib.  Very specifically He told us to start our Naam Simran by reciting “Ik Oankaar Shri Sat Naam Vahiguru.”  He was also able to read our minds and answer all of our thoughts without us asking any questions of Him.  The advice He gave us cleared our wavering thoughts.  After meeting and having His Darshan our belief in Him became more real and our commitment to honor His words became firmer.  This was the beginning of our Spiritual Journey to Sach Khand, the fifth and highest spiritual stage – the Realm of Truth..  We didn’t know at the time, but this was the now first stage of our spiritual journey where we were entering into Dharam – the path to divine union,  this is called Dharam Khand.

Baba Ji had assured us that He would carry us very quickly through the first three Khands (Dharam Khand, Gyan Khand and Saram Khand) and institute us in the fourth stage of Karam Khand if we followed His Dikhya.  However, at that time we were not even aware of what these Khands were.  They were explained to us by our friends the next day.
Baba Ji blessed us deep inside ourselves and pronounced that we would now at least get a human life in the next birth.  But, if we did follow His advice seriously, then we would achieve Jivan Mukti within this life.  This was a great motivating factor for us.

The second Sangat we had with Baba Ji was at the end of September, 2000 when he came to the USA for the weekend.  Then going to His Sangat in Canada became a fortnightly event.   Either we were going to His residence or He was coming to the USA.  We were extremely lucky and fortunate to see Him at  such short intervals,  “Braham Gyani Ka Daras Wadbhagee Paaiey.  Braham Gyani Ko Bal Bal Jaaiey.”  The highlight of His Sangat was His delivering of the Puran Gyan, this:-

·         Encouraged us all in Puran Bhagti, “Tunn Munn Dhann Sabh Saup Gur Ko, Hukam Maney Paaaiey.”
·         Increased our belief and commitment to Naam Simran, “Prabh Ka Simran Sabh Te Ooncha.”   “Jiskey Ridhey Vishvaas Prabh Ayea.  Tat Gyan Tis Munn Pargatayea.”  “Sukhmani Sukh Amrit Prabh Naam.  Bhagat Jana Ke Munn Vishraam.”
·         Inspired us to do our Amritvela every day without fail.
·         Taught us to listen to GurBani with our eyes closed eyes whilst and doing Simran.
·         Stressed that we put the teachings of GurBani into practice.
·         Allowed us to show complete surrender to the Guru, “Poora Prabh Aradhya Poora Ja Ka Nao.   Nanak Poora Payea Pooray Ke Gurn Gao.”  “Tan Santan Kaa, Munn Santan Kaa, Dhann Santan Ka Keeaa.”  “Hum Santan Kee Ren Pyare Hum Santan Ki Sarnaa.   Santa Paas Poonjee Hamari Sant Hamara Gehna.”
·         Emphased that we watch our daily actions and reactions.
·         Told us to do continuous prayers for forgiveness of misdeeds.
·         Taught us to serve our families not as a family but as Sangat.
·         Showed us that humbleness comes by cleaning household utensils and dusting the shoes of the Sangat.
·         Taught us to treat everybody as our brother and sister, mother and father, except our own spouse.  To consider everybody as Sangat and serve them how you would liked to be served.
·         Encouraged us to be truthful to our self and to everyone that we came across at home and elsewhere.
·         Emphasized to us that it was essential to be kind to others, to help the needy and the poor, to give Dasvandh of time and earnings to the Guru,
·         Taught us that the key to the Dargah of Akal Purakh was in the Charans of the Guru.

The thrust of His Gyan was, is and always has been to become a Puran Sachyara – a completely truthful person from inside and out and to deliver and serve the Truth.  The basis of His Puran Bhagti was and has always been the GurParsaadi Naam – “Sat Naam,” which He was authorized by Akal Purakh to give to the Sangat when He achieved the divine status of  Param Padvi in the Dargah of Paar Braham Parmeshwar.  Receiving Baba Ji’s Puran Gyan was the second stage of our journey, the stage of Gyan Khand.

Putting The Teachings Into Practise – Puran Bandgi

The spiritual journey in Dharam Khand had already started with the first Sangat of Baba Ji, with His words telling us that we will be able to achieve Jivan Mukti within this life if we followed the Dikhya of the Guru.   Receiving the Puran Gyan was the second stage of Gyan Khand and now putting that into practise was the third stage of Saram Khand.   The full thrust of our life was put into doing Naam Simran for long hours in the early morning hours starting as early as 12:30 am and continuing until 6:00 am and even for longer hours on the weekends.  This couldn’t happen without the GurParsaadi blessings of Baba Ji.

The results were phenomenal.  Within a few weeks, before the third Sangat of Baba Ji, Dass went into Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi and was instituted in Karam Khand.   Just has Baba Ji had said, he had whisked us through the first three stages in a matter of weeks and put us into the fourth stage of our journey.  Karam Khand is the stage of God’s grace.  This is when our Bhagti account is opened in the Dargah of Akal Purakh.  According to Baba Ji’s words, the first two hours of Simran are still at a lower level and counted on Earth, but in the third and subsequent hours Simran are counted in the Dargah of Paar Braham.

There is another important piece of divine knowledge Baba Ji gave us concerning Amrit Vela.  The Simran from 1:00 am to 2:00 am gets us as much divine reward as donating 40 kg of diamonds.  From 2:00 am to 3:00 am it becomes gold.  Then silver and copper and so on.  The point is that these early hours are the best for going into Samadhi.  The rewards are fabulous.  They are priceless.  They are just unbelievable.  All spiritual experiences are had in long Sunn Samadhis and that is what happened with us on a very regular basis.

Baba Ji had advised us to sacrifice sleep and that is what we tried to do and did successfully with Baba Ji’s blessing.  It was all with His GurKirpa that we were able to stick to this schedule of Naam Simran. As we were progressing, our spiritual energy level increased at an incredible rate.  Our Amrit intensified at rapid pace and allowed us to keep up with our full time job schedule as well.  We never felt tired at work and  everything in life was going pretty smoothly.

Darshan Of The Gurus and Sants To Encourage Us

As soon as we were blessed by Baba Ji, we started to see a lot of things whilst doing Naam Simran, mostly these were Sangat, Sants and Bhagats whose souls are already residing in Sach Khand – Sach Khand Dee’an Faujan (Army of Truth) – that is how they are described by Baba Ji and we were advised to Namaskaar them (greet them by doing Dandauth Bandhna) whenever we were blessed by them to see them internally.

We used to feel the presence of all ten Gurus above the our head in an arc.  Guru Nanak Patshah Ji on the right side to Guru Gobind Singh Patshah Ji on the left side. We saw Guru Nanak Patshah Ji several times as well as Guru Gobind Singh Patshah Ji also. The first time when we had Darshan of Guru Nanak Patshah Ji’s Charans were in a Kirtan Sabha where Asa Di Vaar was being sung.  It was an incredible experience to see the Charans of Guru Nanak Patshah Ji.  We have always prayed to remain at the Charans of everybody, all His creations, at the Charans of Kot Brahmand, and this time having Darshan of Guru Nanak Patshah Ji’s Charans was a tremendous experience.  It was not in Sunn Samadhi or an out of body type experience, it was a live experience in full consciousness.  Similarly all the Darshans we had of Guru Nanak Patshah Ji were in a live situation.

Once we prayed to have Darshans of the Charans of all the Gurus, and when we finished the early morning meditation session and laid down on our bed to take some rest, while doing Naam Simran, we saw the Charans of all the Guru Sahibs on our chest.  It was a tremendous experience. It is believed that the Guru Sahibs and other Sants come to bless you in Bandgi.  With these blessings you faith and trust becomes more and more firm, but beyond these Darshans, eventually only Divine Light remains, Puran Parkash remains.

There is another very interesting incident referring to the Darshans of the Sants and Bhagats.  In one vision we went to see Sant Kabir Ji but were unable to find Him.  Next time we tried again with success. We were sitting in front of Him and there was a boy of 10 standing by His side.  Then what we saw was absolutely incredible.  We saw a copy of the boy leaving the original body of the boy.  At this point Sant Kabir Ji said to us, “this is the Haumai of the boy leaving his body.”  In the Sangat of a Puran Sant Haumai leaves you making you totally humble and peaceful.

There are numerous spiritual experiences encountered by us almost on a regular basis every morning when we sat in long Samadhis, most of which are hard to remember and explain, as Sant Kabir Ji says in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji on page 1370,

Kabir charan kamal kee mouj ko kehi kaisae ounamaan.
kehibae ko sobhaa nehee dhaekhaa hee paravaan.121.
Kabir dhaekh kai kih keho kehae n ko patheeaae.
har jaisaa thaisaa ouhee reho harakh gun gaae.122.

Kabir: how can I even describe the extent of the joy of the Lord’s Lotus Feet?
I cannot describe its sublime glory; it has to be seen to be appreciated..121.
Kabir: how can I describe what I have seen? No one will believe my words.
The Lord is just as He is.  I dwell in delight, singing His Glorious Praises..122.

Thanks a zillion times to Dhan Dhan Baba Ji, Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar and Dhan Dhan GurParsaadi Sangat of Baba Ji, and Dhan Dhan GurParsaadi Naam – Sat Naam.

Many a time there are no visions at all and the conscious remains in completely silence; no thoughts; a completely peaceful state; a state of total trance; total blankness.  This is called the Sunn Samadhi State. This is the best state of Samadhi.

Attaining Supernatural Powers – Ridhi Sidhis

Once, in a vision, we were standing on top of the sea, actually standing on the surface of the water and moving around without drowning. It has been a known fact that some of the Yogis and Sants have physically walked on the surface of the water, Christ is one of them.  It is some kind of supernatural power that makes you weightless and allows you to walk on the surface of water. But, we have always prayed to the Almighty to keep us away from the use of these powers, as these supernatural powers (Ridhi Sidhis) are used by Paar Braham Parmeshwar for running His Kingdom of Chauda Lok Parlok, and the use of these supernatural powers by individuals like us will put a stop to the spiritual progress.  By using these powers we will not be able to reach the salvation stage and also the Atal Awastha, the Param Padvi.

Dwelling a little bit more on these supernatural powers, there are 18 such powers that are described, and out of these nine are described as more powerful, these are:-

·         becoming weightless,
·         becoming very small,
·         becoming very large,
·         reading the minds of others,
·         overpowering the minds of others,
·         controlling Kaam – lust,
·         acquiring whatever material products you want,
·         becoming invincible,
·         travelling or flying from one place to another and so on.

Some people get stuck with these supernatural powers by using them and gaining public popularity.   This puts a stop or decline on their Bandgi.  The ones who don’t touch these powers go higher and higher and for them whenever required the miracles are performed by the Almighty Himself.

These powers should be left to themselves or to the Almighty to perform such miracles.  Once these miracles are performed by the Almighty Himself, they are under Hukam, but the one’s performed by any individual will be violation of Hukam, which is contrary to the divine laws of doing Bandgi, that is why such a person’s spiritual progress stops or declines.  And such a person has to get a rebirth to go through again the same Bandgi and until such time in future when he gets salvation.

There are a few visions related to the supernatural powers we have had so far, these visions were as if Akal Purakh was testing us to see if we wanted them more than we wanted Him. If at all used, these powers should be used only for the spiritual benefit of the Sangat, if used otherwise will be very detrimental to the spirituality of the person using them.

Early on in Bandgi, all of the spiritual powers will come to you, to test you.  One day we had a vision of all the Ridhis and Sidhis sitting on our left hand.  We saw all the icons of these supernatural powers sitting on our left hand.  At this point we became curious to experiment with them, not with a view point of harming anybody or any negative thinking but just to see what happens.

A little later when these icons of the supernatural powers disappeared from our hand – they had become part of us.  Then, looking at the palm of our left hand we clinched our hand and said: “Kidey Ban Jao – become ants.”  When we opened the palm of our hand the ants start to appear on our hand.  Then we threw the ants on the ground and they started to multiply at a very fast rate.  At this point we told the ants to disappear and they disappeared. Later on we came out of the Samadhi and realized that we should not have done this and then we prayed to the Akal Purakh for forgiveness.

After this incident again we had a similar vision where we wanted to show our wife that we had supernatural power and we can do anything with them.  But, again later on we realized that it was not the right thing to exhibit it to anybody, so we apologized and asked for forgiveness from Akal Purakh.

There is another very interesting vision we had around the same time when we saw the icons of the supernatural powers sitting on our left hand. What we saw was that we have both the hands open and we are looking on them and when we looked at them we saw the left hand had the moon and right hand had the sun on it.

When you become a part of  Infinite God, “Ooch Apaar Beant Swamee,” when you merge in the unlimited then you also become Beant (Infinite) like Him.  There remains no boundaries, everything seems to be emanating from the unlimited.  And later on when we looked inside our eyes we could see the entire universe rotating in our eyes, all the planets and stars etc were in our eyes.

God is basically capable of doing anything, “Sarabh Kala Bharpoor.”  He contains all the super natural and spiritual powers within Himself.  His capabilities cannot be described in words, nor can they be fully felt or experienced.  Even a glimpse of His supreme capabilities cannot be described. So what can we say? All the powers, which are unlimited are His.  That is why GurBani says God is “Akath Katha – beyond description.”  It can only be experienced and felt.  Again the key is the GurParsaad, nothing is possible without His own will and due to GurParsaad.

Experiencing GurBani

This is how we sit down for Samadhi.  We sit down and perform our Ardas.  Either Kirtan or GurBani is playing on a CD in the background.  We start listening to it and then take our attention to the Naam Simran that is going within us continually and then focus on the Anhad Shabad Dhunis that are also being heard and enjoyed within us on a continuous basis.

For the first 15 to 30 minutes we remain in this listening and conscious state.  Then the soul and mind goes in to a totally trance state, a blank state, where we don’t hear anything.  There are no thoughts or visions at all.  After sometime we are blessed with visions.

However, in the beginning of our Bandgi, when we started to go for longer meditation sessions in the early morning hours, we used to sit quietly without any background Kirtan or GurBani.  After some months, Naam Simran went into automatic mode – Ajapa Jaap and then into every bit of our body – Rom Rom.  At this point having GurBani or Kirtan playing in the background on a CD became very enjoyable, and understandable.

For people sitting in Dharam Khand and below, to understand GurBani is like a rocket science problem for a fourth grader.  The language and essence of Sach Khand can only be realized and experienced after reaching that level in Bandgi.  GurBani becomes understandable only after you reach a certain level of spirituality.  GurBani has come from Sach Khand and starts to come inside us more and more as our spirituality goes higher and higher.

When that happens you feel as if the GurBani is coming true for you.  You feel that whatever GurBani says is happening in your life to.  That is what we feel and experience now.  Whenever we are listening to GurBani, every word seems to be happening with us in life.  This is the realization of GurBani and becoming GurBani.  It might be a little bit too much for some people to accept, but that is the reality and that is what GurBani says too: “GurBani Banye” that we should become the GurBani.   This means everything written in GurBani should come true for us.  This is the real enjoyment of listening to GurBani.  At this stage you feel that you have gathered all the Amrits of the GurBani as written by Guru Ram Dass Ji in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji on page 982:

Baanee guroo guroo hai baanee vich baanee amrit saarae.
Gur baanee kehai saevak junn maanai parathakh guroo nisathaarae 5.

The Word, the Bani is Guru, and Guru is the Bani. Within the Bani, all of the Amrits are contained.
If His humble servant believes, and acts according to the Words of the Guru’s Bani,
then the Guru, in person, emancipates Him. 5.

You really do realize all of the Amrits of GurBani when you have carved all the Amrits of GurBani practically within your Hirda. These Amrits are basically all the divine qualities that we keep on assimilating one by one during the course of our Bandgi.  These priceless jewels of divine wisdom are then embedded in our crown of spirituality.

You really do realize all of the Amrits of GurBani when you have carved all the Amrits of GurBani practically within your Hirda. These Amrits are basically all the divine qualities that we keep on assimilating one by one during the course of our Bandgi.  These priceless jewels of divine wisdom are then embedded in our crown of spirituality.

Here is a very interesting vision we had one day whilst sitting in Sunn Samadhi.  We saw Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in front of us, but the pages where blank..  However, floating above it where countless diamonds and pearls.  When we looked at them, they all came together and got etched onto one page.  This page turned gold and became gold.  Then all of the diamonds and pearls were embedded into this golden page.  This is exactly what happens in our Hirda when all of the diamonds and pearls of divine wisdom get carved inside us.  Then our “Suksham Dehi” – Astral Body becomes as pure as gold and all of these priceless diamonds and jewels of divine wisdom are carved on it.  This happens only if you have full and complete belief, commitment, faith and trust in the GurBani which is the Eternal Truth.  Every word of GurBani is a complete Eternal Truth within itself.  When we have faith and trust in it and start to follow it by sacrificing our complete mind, body and earnings to the Guru, then such spiritual miracles start to happen in our life.

Hearing GurBani and Kirtan In Samadhi

There have been many times when we have had visions listening to GurBani and Kirtan in Samadhi.  Sometimes in these visions we have seen some family members and friends reciting GurBani.  The most exciting thing about these visions is that the GurBani seems to be coming from all directions.  As if the GurBani is coming from all over the universe, and many a times it has been clearly heard with no person reciting it around us coming from the entire universe, from all directions.
Many times when we have these visions, we experience a lot of Amrit showers all over us.  Especially, when we are sitting inside the house, the roof and walls are all drenched with Amrit flowing all over. At other times we have seen ourselves in various places, probably in our previous lives, in various ages reciting GurBani from memory.   And we have realized through these visions that in several of our previous lives we have recited GurBani verbally from various parts of Shri Guru Granth Sahib.  But, it also means that just by reciting GurBani we have not been able to get salvation and that in this life with the Gur and SatGuru Ki Kirpa we have been eternally blessed with Naam in every bit of our body.

Even as we write these words, our “Rom Rom” – each and every cell of our body is reciting and vibrating with Naam Simran.  We can feel and hear these vibrations on a continuous basis day and night all the time along with the Anhad Naad music.

The visions with GurBani reciting and listening are explained as when sitting on earth with open eyes and ears we listen to the GurBani in the Sargun Saroop and while doing so when we go to Sunn Samadhi the same GurBani is heard and recited by the Nirgun Saroop, and it is interpreted by SatGuru Ji as Nirgun and Sargun having become one.  Or another way of saying it is that the Sargun has merged in Nirgun and has become one with Nirgun.

This also tells us the, “Munn Kaa Jagna” – the alertness of the mind and soul at all times as GurBani says, “Jagna jagan nikaa hari kirtan meh jagnaa.”  Which means that such visions and dreams describe your state of mind and soul when you are at sleep or in a state of complete trance. The awakening of mind under all circumstances prevents you from doing anything wrong at any times.

We have heard religious people saying that the hearing and reciting of GurBani in dreams or seeing religious places and such things in dreams is a very good sign, but we have been so fortunate with the eternal blessings – GurParsaad that we have these kinds of dreams and visions very often.

Cleaning The Astral Body

The next type of visions we had were very interesting and were related to the cleaning up of the astral body, cleaning the karmic filth attached to the Suksham Dehi.  These visions happened in the very early stages of Bandgi when one day we were sitting in Sunn Samadhi.

We saw a lady wearing a white robe sitting in front of us with a little white ball in her hands.  It appeared to be like a magic toy because when she bounced the ball in front of us, the ball picked up all of the dirt around and absorbed it in itself.   At this point we became suspicious that it is some kind of supernatural powers (didn’t know much about the Ridhi Sidhis at that time) and asked her what is was.  She replied that she had come to clean us up and this ball had the power to clean us up completely and there is nothing to be suspicious about.  She told us that it was just a cleaning tool to pick up all the karmic dirt (Kood).

At this point we were convinced that God had sent this Sant to clean us up and eat away all our Kood.  And with this thought we gave up to her.  This ball then did the job of cleaning all the environment around us.  The next moment we saw our naked body with a lot of extra hair on the left leg as well as a lot of extra stuff clinging to the lower left leg.  All this extra stuff hanging onto our leg seemed like a lot of Kood clinging to our body.  In fact that is  exactly what it was.  It was basically all the Kood sticking to our soul and gave a horrible look to our astral body.

We were astonished to see this and as soon as we started looking at the horrible shape of our left leg, we saw two white swans appear before us (the Sants are called swans – Hans, in GurBani).  This beautiful pair started eating all this Kood that was attached to our left leg.  When they finished we could see an absolutely clean and shining leg.
This happens when we are in deep and true love with the Gur, Guru, GurBani and have full faith, trust, belief and commitment to them.  Then they take care of all our bad things.  They clean us up from inside and out.  They do take all our mental sicknesses out and that is what helps us in winning over Maya.

In fact the faith, trust, belief and commitment in the Gur, Guru and GurBani are also achieved only with GurParsaad.  These mandatory qualities of a Bhagat are also blessed by the Akal Purakh on us.   Therefore, we should always pray to the Almighty for blessing us with this GurParsaad of faith, trust, belief and commitment in the Gur, Guru and GurBani.  This is very important for doing Bandgi successfully, your spiritual progress will depend upon how much faith, trust, belief and commitment you have in Gur,  Guru and GurBani.

Another time, we went in to Samadhi Asan in the evening.  It is hard to explain it in detail but we will try to present a glimpse of this incredible first journey to Sach Khand. This was a very exciting experience, our astral body flew to Sach Khand and remained there for about 45 minutes.  When our Suksham Dehi left the body and was on the way to Sach Khand we heard GurBani.  And this GurBani was new GurBani in a Divine voice, which was very pleasant and sweet.  Later on Baba Ji told us that GurBani is continuously coming from Akal Purakh, it has never stopped and never stops, so it was a new GurBani, not the one written in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Listening to this new GurBani was one of the highlights of this trip to Sach Khand, the travel time was only a fraction of a minute.  The second highlight of this trip – when we landed in the new and parallel world of heaven, we had our eyes closed and were reciting Sat Naam.  At this point we felt like somebody was making corrections in our spinal cord.  It was a physical feeling and was very soothing and comforting, as if somebody was taking out the dirt and making the spine pure and clean.

We also had a similar feeling in the other parts of our body as well. The spinal cord is a very important part of our Dehi because all the nerves travel through the spine and the seven Sarovars are connected to these nerves, which are of immense spiritual importance.

The next highlight was meeting a lot of Sangat and dusting and kissing their feet.  We also met some Sadhu Peers and kissed their feet, during this process these souls blessed us.  It seemed like a parallel world in which all the souls that have been granted salvation are living.

The last highlight of this journey was meeting a Sant Maha Purakh, who asked us how were we feeling.  While we were trying to answer His question, somebody else from behind us grabbed our head in his big hands and started to press.  This was again very soothing and comforting as if somebody was trying to correct something in the brain.  Soon after that our face was pressed in a mud pack and as and when the face was pushed inside the mud we felt very soothed and comforted again.

Right after that we travelled back and came back into our body. This experience was not encountered in Sunn Samadhi, but was in completely physically awake state as we had looked at the watch and knew that we left around 5:50 am and came back at 6:40 am.  In fact, this happened after finishing daily Simran, when we wanted to sleep for some time and went to bed around 5:45 am.

That evening when we were sitting in a Kirtan Sabha, we went in to Samadhi Asan.  This is the time when the Naam Simran went into the next stage – into our Surat, mind.  Again this could not have been possible without GurParsaadi GurKirpa of a Puran Sant SatGuru Puran Braham Gyani Baba Ji.

One morning we went in to Sunn Samadhi when Baba Ji came in and sucked out the Mansik Rogs –   mental sicknesses from our face and side.  When he finished we saw His tongue bleeding with a blackish looking liquid which then vanished.  When we looked at Baba Ji’s face and neck, it was crawling with 4 inch long insects.  He removed them from His own face and neck and threw them away.  At this point we did Dandauth Bandhna to Baba Ji and He blessed us with all His love and Kirpa. The next day when we spoke to Baba Ji over the phone, He confirmed that all of our mental sicknesses were now gone.

The importance of cleaning up these Mansik Rogs is so that the Divine wisdom can come in.  The human brain is occupied to a very large extent by these mental sicknesses, which are reflected in our day to day behavior, thinking, actions and reactions. The normal brain of a normal person is functional only to the extent of 6% to 8%, the remainder of the brain is buried under the influence of these mental sicknesses.  As these mental sicknesses leave the human brain, the functional capacity of the brain starts to increase, and with GurKirpa eventually it becomes fully functional.  The divine knowledge starts to flow in and as the Seva and Bhagti of such a soul advances the flow of divinity and divine knowledge enhances.  Some souls then reach a very high level of divine knowledge – Braham Gyan and they can even see the past and future too. But, this divine knowledge is to be used for the purpose of the betterment of the Sangat and not for predicting the future.

Defeating Maya

There were a few visions where we encountered Maya in her female form and some in the other forms, like money and attachment. We will try to explain the ones we remember.

The first one was in the very early stages of Bandgi before we ever went into Samadhi.  We were doing Naam Simran and Maya in the form of a naked lady came in front of us.  This was a horrible experience because we were just trying to concentrate on Naam Simran.  Similar incidents happened several times but then eventually with GurKirpa we were able to defeat Maya on this front.

Maya then appeared in the form of  money, but we were able to defeat it with GurKirpa.  Let us tell you some truths about  the tests of Maya both in the physical planes and astral planes.  Maya will attack you in those forms which are your weakest points.  If lust is your weakness then Maya will attack you in the gender that attracts you.  Then if your next weak point is money then it will attack you in that form.  You will have losses in business, lose your job, have financial problems and so on.  If it attachment is your weakness then it will attack you in the form of family members.  If it is pride then it will attack you accordingly.

So, the first attack on us was financial.  It was a severe attack.  Blow after blow.  We lost our job and also close to one million dollars in cash and property.  In fact, these financial blows brought us on the Bandgi Marg.   We have been able to bear these losses due to Sat Naam only; due to GurParsaad only and today with GurKirpa our blood pressure is absolutely normal.  Otherwise for a normal person of our meager standing, such heavy financial losses could have been fatal.  We are very thankful to the Gur and Guru for their eternal blessings, Naam and Bandgi, which not only took us out of the forty foot deep scum of Maya we were in, but also gave us the biggest Daat of Naam, Bandgi and Seva.
We were also attacked by Maya in terms of family attachment.  When we started in the GurParsaadi Khel, our entire family was with us  – wife, son, daughter, sister-in-laws and their families, father-in-law, mother-in-law, other relatives, father and a lot of friends in our circle.  But, guess what?  As of today,    all of them have left the arena and we are the only one left in the game. It is rightly said that the path of Bandgi is to walk on a doubled-edged sword and only one in tens of millions can do it.

The entire world will go against you if you try to walk on this path of Eternal Truth.  This has also happened to us.  It is another attack of Maya against our ego and pride.  We consider it very fortunate to have been slandered and looked down upon by our family, friends, society and the entire world as if we are a very serious criminal. But, you should never retaliate by thinking or doing anything negative against the ones who turn against you.  No matter whatever happens, no matter how they treat you, you should always be loving towards them.

However, we did fail at times and did have arguments with the family members, but eventually we got the wisdom to forgive them and not to keep any negative feelings within us and not to argue with them at all.   In fact, we were given the divine wisdom not just to tolerate them, but to treat them in a nice way, to give them all respect and love and to keep on praying for their souls.

This is the play of Maya.  This is what Maya does to you.  This is what you have to pass through to do Bandgi and to deliver and serve the Truth.  Everything that we see with our eyes is Maya.  Maya follows you until you break the final barriers of Maya and then win over Maya.  Only Akal Purakh and the ones who have merged in Him are beyond Maya.
When you finally break all of the shackles of Maya, then Maya becomes your servant.  We faced a number severe tests of Maya and with the grace of God even when we did fail at first, we passed at a later time.  One day Maya came to us again in the form of a beautiful young girl.  To start with we were attracted towards her because she was behaving as if she belonged to us.  So we told her to come closer and listen to us.  At this she avoided us a number of times.  Then we thought of the mistake we were making by thinking that she belonged to us.  The moment we realized that this is Maya we grabbed her from her hair and started to beat her with slaps on her face and we kept on beating her severely for sometime.  At this time she was laying in front of us taking the beating without any resistance at all.  When this happened then we saw beautiful Divine Charans on her face, basically covering her face.  When we saw these Divine Charans covering her face we tried to beat her again but could not do so.  Later on we realized that she has given up to us and those Divine Charans were of Akal Purakh indicating that Maya had given up to us and now she was under our feet.

This was verified in the next vision we had a few days later.  She came back again with folded hands asking for no more beating and fell at our feet.  We grabbed her with our hands and asked her to stand up and asked her what she thinks about us now?  She replied, “Tu Mera Pritam Pyara – You are my beloved Lord.”  This vision confirmed to us that Maya had given up and would serve us from that day onwards.  This was also confirmed by Baba Ji later when we related this incident to Him.  But, we must admit and say that we should never bring any pride into our mind that we have won over Maya.  This has only been explained to benefit others so that you are aware and alert to these kinds of situations that come in Bandgi so you can  pass successfully with GurKirpa.

All the credit goes to the Karta Purakh Paar Braham Parmeshwar and the Guru who showed us this path of Bandgi and guided us through the Bandgi.  We never did anything, all was the Hukam and the will of God and nothing else.  We are not capable of doing anything at all, we are just a worthless creature and capable of doing nothing.  Everything belongs to the Gur and Guru and nothing is ours.  Even this body is not ours, nothing is ours, there is no me, my, mine everything is His and only His.

The most difficult thing to do is to break through the shackles of the Maya, because Maya is the darkness.  This darkness will continuously try to diminish the Jyot inside you whilst you are struggling to keep the Jyot lit and trying to make it bigger and bigger with your Bandgi and Seva.

Only when this Jyot inside you becomes so bright is it no longer affected by the darkness of Maya. The Jyot becomes permanent and stable inside you, then Maya is left with no choice but to bow before you.  Because you have merged into the Creator and gone beyond the three qualities of Maya, so the Maya has no effect on you.

In fact, the stage of Jivan Mukti – salvation whilst alive, is the Mukti – freedom, from Maya.  It is the Mukti from the darkness of Maya and nothing else.  And anybody who wins over their mind wins over Maya.

Further Stages of Naam Simran


Within a few weeks  after going into Samadhi for the first time, we were blessed with this incredible spiritual experience.  One morning we went into Sunn Samadhi and what we saw was just spectacular.  We were in a Samadhi Asan in a place where there was a lot of Parkash all around.  We saw our own golden Suksham Dehi.  It was shining like gold and we were sitting in Puran Parkash.  We were able to see all around our own body from all directions.  This was through the third eye – Gyan Nettar.  When we looked at our skull, in particular the top portion of the head, we saw a unique beam of light penetrating through the skull and covering the entire top side of the head.  We also saw a hole in our skull and we were hearing Divine Words,  “Amrit Vaarakh Reha Hai – Amrit is showering you,” “Amrit Shnaan Ho Reha Hai – You are being washed with Amrit,” “Ruj Ke Amrit Paan Karo Ji.  Ruj Ke Amrit Shnaan Karo Ji – Enjoy your fill of Amrit.  Enjoy your washing by Amrit. ”   We don’t remember everything, but in the end heard, “Asee Pher Awaange Ji” – the Divine voice said, “We will come back again.”  It is very hard to explain this beautiful incident. It was all very enlightening, soothing and comforting as if we have achieved the Almighty and seen His Nirgun Saroop and heard Him talking to us through these Divine voice.  This is in fact the truth, but hard to believe.

When we came back from Sunn Samadhi, we felt so great and joyous, we don’t have words to explain. Bhagat Kabir has rightly said, “Kahibey Ko Sobha Nahin Dekh Hi Parwaan.”  Baba Ji also says it like this, “Jin Chakhyea Tin Janyea – only the one who has tasted it, knows it.”

From that time onward we started to hear the divine music – Panch Shabad Anhad Naad Dhuns.  These became more and more prominent with passage of time and now we hear them all the time, wherever we may be sitting, working, driving or whatever else we are doing, we listen to this Ilahi Music all of the time.

We were not aware that our Dassam Duaar has opened, because at that time we were not aware of any such thing existing and happening to us of all people.  But, when we spoke to Baba Ji over the phone and explained to Him this incident, He was very kind enough to tell us that our Dassam Duaar has opened and the music we are now listening is in our Dassam Duaar and is the Panch Shabad Anhad Naad Dhunis, which is Ilahi music. The GurBani also emanates from the same music Dhunis. Baba Ji also told that after opening of the Dassam Duaar, “Dassam Duaara Agam Apara Param Purakh Ki Ghati,” there is a direct connection between our soul and Akal Purakh established and that the divine knowledge starts to flow into the brain and soul after the opening of the Dassam Duaar.

Baba Ji also told us that the real Ram Dass Sarovar is the human brain and there are five doors to this Sarovar – Dassam Duaar on the top of the skull, one door in the forehead, one on the back of the head and two on each side above the ears, which are also called the Bajjar Kapaats in GurBani.  According to Baba Ji all these other four doors were also opened just after the opening of Dassam Duaar.  The Amrit starts to flow in continuously from all these doors, and that is what happened with us in such a short period of time.

The Ram Dass Sarovar and Harmander Sahib of Amritsar is the replica of this Hari Mander which is right in the head of a person.  This is the real Hari Mander that GurBani talks about, “Harimander Har Jio Sajyea.”  With the opening of the Dassam Duaar the understanding the divinity of GurBani became easy.  GurBani has come from Sach Khand.  It is the Raag-Raagni language of Sach Khand, of Akal Purakh Paar Braham Parmeshwar and cannot be understood in its divine depth without reaching this level of spirituality.  Just like a fourth grader trying to understand and solve an engineering problem, so it is true with an ordinary person trying to read and understand GurBani – the language of Akal Purakh.  That is why GurBani says, “Guru Bina Ghore Andhaar,”  “Guru Bina Gyan Naa Hoee.”

The Guru is fully enlightened and lives in Sach Khand and is merged in Akal Purakh.  He is the Puran Sant Puran Braham Gyani and has Puran Gyan for Puran Bhagti.  He is capable of enlightening His Sangat and opening the Bajjar Kapaats.  His spiritual powers are unimaginable.  He becomes infinite like God and has all the powers of  the Almighty.  Only His prayer is accepted in the Dargah of Akal Purakh. He is the only one who can enlighten His Sangat with Puran Gyan for Puran Bhagti. We have been very fortunate to be a part of the GurParsaadi GurKirpa of a Puran Sant SatGuru Puran Braham Gyani Baba Ji.  All of the credit goes to His Agami Anant Apaar and Beant Kirpa.


This is one of the most incredible divine experiences we have been very fortunate to have been blessed with GurKirpa of Baba Ji.  When a person goes in to Samadhi Asans, which we have already been blessed with sometime back as described earlier in this story, we physically feel the presence of Akal Purakh and the spiritual energy in the body.  Due to this presence of Paar Braham and His spiritual energy in the body, the limbs start to move in various Samadhi Asans.  The body starts to dance by itself in various directions, that is how He makes His Suhaagans dance in His memory.
Every body has unique Samadhi Asans, however, some people are blessed with silent Samadhi as well.  We have experienced a large number of such Samadhi Asans. To describe all these Samadhi Asans is a whole subject of divine knowledge in itself, but currently we just wanted to mention that as we progress in Samadhi these Samadhi Asans change by themselves.  As Naam Simran moves from Surat – mind to Hirda, Nabhi and then into the spinal cord and goes into the Dassam Duaar and Trikuti and becomes a complete Mala by itself, these Samadhi Asans also change by themselves.
These are various stages of Samadhi and Bhagti in Karam Khand and Sach Khand, through which the Suksham Dehi and soul goes through and becomes completely pure and full of Amrit, “Har Amrit Bhinnie Dehurie,” and this happens only when the inside has been fully cleaned up and the Suksham Dehi becomes pure like gold.  This means there is no effect of any distractions or Doots any more on the soul.

The highest Samadhi is the Sunn Samadhi, “Sunn Smaadh Maha Parmarath,” a stage completely free of thoughts.  This is the stage when you are no longer aware of your physical body, your physical location or what your body is doing.  At this stage Naam Simran goes on continuously, and most of the divine experiences happen in this divine stage of Sunn Samadhi.

We have been fortunate to go through all these stages of spiritual advancement with the Agami GurKirpa of Baba Ji in a very short period of time.  Many of the Suhaagans in Baba Ji’s GurParsaadi Sangat are experiencing similar things on a daily basis. The following experience was a blessing to us in one of the incredible Sunn Samadhis we experienced with the GurKirpa of Baba Ji.

Only a few weeks after the opening of the Dassam Duaar, one morning we were sitting in Sunn Samadhi in a very unique place, never seen before, where there was a lot of divine light – Puran Parkash all around us.  At this point we saw a dot of light about two inches in diameter appear on one foot.  This dot of light started to travel along our body upwards, and when it came on the forehead – at Trikuti, we concentrated on it.  It stopped right there.  Then what happened was absolutely incredible.  We knew this was something very divine, so while concentrating on this Ilahi dot of Light our entire body became a body of light.  The entire body turned into a unique body of light.  We could not see anything but a very bright unique light.  We have never seen that much intensity and color of light.  It was just phenomenal.  This was Puran Parkash of our own body.  During this process, we again heard Ilahi words, “Mang Lawo Jo Mangna Hai,” and you know what we asked for?  Just Naam, Bhagti and Seva.

After this we came back from Sunn Samadhi blessed with so much eternal happiness and joy which is beyond description. It has been very hard for us to understand this one completely and define it completely, all we can see that we saw the Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh Paar Braham Parmeshwar in our own body, with Agami Anant Apaar and Beant blessings of Naam, Bhagti and Seva.


One of the most enlightening divine experiences we had was when we heard the Sat Naam Shabad in our Dassam Duaar. It was very early in the morning around 4:00 AM when we were visiting Baba Ji during the winter of 2001.  There were a few of us sitting with Him enjoying the early morning Amrit Vela. At this point this Sevak started hearing the Sat Naam Shabad in a very unique tone.  In the beginning this Sevak thought that somebody from the Sangat was uttering the Sat Naam Shabad, but then we looked around and talked to the Sangat and found that no body was uttering it  Everybody was doing Naam Simran in their mind and Hirda only.  Then we realized that the Sat Naam Shabad was being heard only by this Sevak of the Sangat in the Dassam Duaar and nobody else was hearing it.  We have also been hearing the Panch Shabad Anhad Naad Dhunis – divine music on a continuous basis since the opening of the Dassam Duaar. These musical sounds have become more and more prominent with the time.  They are heard whilst driving, or working in the office, or walking around.

Baba Ji has explained to us that this divine music comes through Pawan Guru and keeps on improving with the spiritual state of our soul.  As your Bhagti keeps on going higher and higher, the Jyot  becomes brighter and brighter.  Your spiritual level keeps on going higher and higher because there is no limit to spirituality, it is infinite like Akal Purakh.  The more your Seva and Bhagti the higher it goes.

GurBani also emanates from these divine musical sounds.  All of the Raag-Raagnis also emanate from these Anhad Shabad divine musical sounds.  These divine musical sounds have been defined as Amrit Naam in GurBani, “Anhad Shabad Dassam Duaar Gajjyeaa Taa Amrit Naam Chuaayea Thaa.”


The opening of the Hirda Kamal is another very important milestone in Puran Bhagti.  It  only happens with Eternal Blessings.  Naam Japna stages are below this blessed stage.  The first stage is Naam Japna with the tongue, then Naam Japna along with the breaths.  Only after Naam Simran goes into the mind – Surat / Chit do we go into Samadhi.  When that happens our soul is instituted in Karam Khand.  Karam signifies the eternal blessings – GurParsaadi GurKirpa.  That is why this is called a GurParsaadi Khel – eternal play.  When we are blessed with the GurParsaad of Naam then soon afterwards the Ek Boond Amrit is activated and hits the Trikuti – Agyaa Chakkar on the forehead.

After the Naam Simran had been in the mind for a few months, we were sitting one morning with Baba Ji, when He touched our middle of the chest for a few moments.  At this point we felt a slight pain for a few moments and then we started to feel the sound of Naam Simran in our Hirda.  Baba Ji once again moved us up on the spiritual ladder by opening our Hirda Kamal.  At this time we also felt the beginning of the Ajapa Jaap.  Whenever, we concentrated on the Hirda, we could physically feel Naam Simran going on inside it.  At this point Baba Ji mentioned that once the Hirda Kamal opens and Naam Amolak Rattan Hira is instituted in the Hirda and also when the Dassam Duaar has been opened then only Braham Gyan will start coming in.

When this stage is reached then GurBani starts to come inside the Hirda.  This means that we are able to pick the priceless jewels and diamonds of GurBani.  We start to understand the divine meanings of  GurBani and start to practice them more diligently in our daily life.  Once the Naam goes into the Hirda then it becomes pure and pious.  The Hirda becomes a Sant Hirda.  It is the Hirda that becomes a Sant and not the outside appearance of a person that qualifies someone to be a Sant.  And a Sant cannot be born without Naam going into the Hirda which will completely clean our inside from the influence of Panj Doots, Asa, Trishna, Mansha, Nindya, Chugli and Bakhili. Only when all of these mental sicknesses disappear does the Hirda become a Sant Hirda. Naam washes all of the Karmic dirt that has been sticking to the Hirda for ages.

From that moment onwards, we started hearing the Naam in our Hirda, and the feeling became more and more prominent with the time.


A few weeks later, when we were visiting Baba Ji again, we went through this very enlightening spiritual experience.  When we woke up at Amrit Vela, we felt something was going on in our Nabhi (Belly Button).  Then we realized that the Naam had travelled into the Nabhi Kamal and we were feeling the sound of Sat Naam in our Nabhi Kamal.  Later on, Baba Ji confirmed that our Nabhi Kamal had blossomed and Ajapa Jaap has travelled down into the Nabhi Kamal.  Since then we started feeling Sat Naam Simran in our Hirda and Nabhi Kamal.

With this the Sat Naam Simran started to travel from the forehead area to the Nabhi area.  Wherever we concentrated we could feel the Sat Naam Simran was going on in these areas. All these spiritual advancements were taking place because of Baba Ji’s GurParsaadi Gur Sangat and because of His Ardas for us.  He is the one who has been very kind to us and given all of these eternal treasures in such a short period of time.

One thing that is very important and worth mentioning here is that we never tried to create or practice the Naam Simran in Hirda and Nabhi areas.  It all happened by itself with the GurKirpa of Baba Ji. We know that a lot of people try to practice Naam Simran in the Hirda and Nabhi and other areas of spine and brain etc, but we never tried to do so.  It all happened by the eternal blessings of the Guru because we had left everything to the Guru and the Guru – Dhan Dhan Baba Ji, took care of everything by Himself.  He is the one who did our Bhagti.  We didn’t even know when our Bhagti was completed  – in fact it took less than one year with the GurKirpa of Baba Ji.


It was the end of April 2001, when Baba Ji had just been blessed with the highest order of eternal blessings by the Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar.  This was the time when He had His dialogue with the Almighty when we were visiting Baba Ji for His eternal blessings.

We were sitting in the Mini-van on the passenger side and Baba Ji was driving to some Sangat’s house.  At this point we were sitting with folded hands when we observed that there was something going on in our hands.  By concentrating a little bit, we could hear the similar feeling of Sat Naam Simran as we had earlier observed in Hirda and Nabhi.  At this point we told Baba Ji that our hands are now doing the Sat Naam Simran and Baba Ji advised us that now the Nirgun and Sargun had become one and Sat Naam has gone into Rom Rom – which means that every bit of our body has been absorbed in Sat Naam Simran, “Sargun nirgun nirankaar sunn samadhi aap.  Aapan keeaa nanka aapey hee fir jaap,” had come true to us.

This was extremely wonderful news for us, we were extremely delighted to hear Baba Ji’s words. From this time onwards we started to feel the Sat Naam Simran in various parts of our body. In between we don’t know and remember when the Sat Naam Simran travelled from Nabhi to the lower spine area – Mooladhaar Chakkara and all the other of seven seas – Sat Sarovar of our body, through the spine upwards in the back of the head, in Dassam Duaar, in Trikuti area, in eyes, in mouth, it became a complete Mala of Sat Naam in our body. Once again GurBani, “Gurmukh rom rom har dhyaaey,” came true for us.

Another very important point is that every time we met Baba Ji our spiritual level went a step higher from the previous meeting with Him.  Every time we went to attend His Gur Sangat we felt a great spiritual difference physically as compared to the time before the meeting with Him.  From this point onwards every moment of the day and night became Amrit Vela for us as our body was always full of Amrit.  In fact, it would be more accurate to say that our body is always overloaded with Amrit and the Amrit starts to overflow from our body to all those around us.


When we close our eyes to go to sleep at night we see a lot of divine light in our eyes instead of darkness.  When we concentrate on our eyes, the intensity of the divine light increases tremendously, and when we cover our eyes and slightly press them with our hands, the intensity of divine light becomes so much that looks like the light of a sun, which golden white divine light.

Becoming Dassan Dass

Comment by Editor:

The word Guru or Sant-SatGuru is very widely used in India amongst Sikhs and Hindus.  Within Sikhism it is a title that has been reserved for the ten Gurus and now Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Guru Khalsa.  For anyone else to have the title of Guru offends many Sikhs.   However,  Guru isn’t really a title. Guru is the spiritual state where your Bhagti is complete.  The drop in you merges with the Guru river which merges into God the Ocean.  That is what Shri Guru Granth Sahib wants all of us to achieve – to achieve this spiritual Gur-Gaddi so our heart becomes the throne for God the King.
That spiritual state is not an ego state where one is proud to claim, “I am now Guru,” and then for others to think they are competing with the 10 Gurus, or that they are saying they are higher than Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  It is not a competition.  The same light that manifested in the ten Gurus, the fifteen Bhagats of GurBani and so many others whom we don’t even know the name of, the same light of God comes to sit inside every Bhagat to give the GurParsaadi Naam to the Sangat.   This highest of high state of recognition by God is only achieved by becoming the lowest of the low in this world.  By becoming Dassan Dass – slave  of God’s slaves.  Like Bhai Lehna ji became at Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Patshah Ji’s holy feet.  Bhai Gurdass Ji describes this in Vaar 13,

One Oankar, the primal energy realized through the grace of divine Guru.

Discipleship of the Guru is such a difficult task that only a rare one can understand it.
He, who knows it, becomes guide of spiritual guides and chief Guru of Gurus.
In this stage, the wonderful feat of becoming Guru by the disciple
and vice-versa is enacted.
Externally the Sikh and Guru remain as they were,
but internally, the light of the one permeates the other.

Baba Ji told me that “S Ji wouldn’t sit at same level as Baba Ji, because Baba Ji was spiritually too high.  God told S Ji, “Your Guru is my son, and you are the son of my son just the same as Lehna was Nanak’s son in spirituality.”  Now Baba Ji has made Dassan Dass and  S Ji into the same as the Guru meaning  spiritually the same as Himself, “Apay gur-chela – Himself the Guru and the disciple.”  Baba ji has told them both that now God is their Guru direct and Baba ji has humbly said, “I am now their son.  They can start their own path as God wants them to do, to conquer the Earth and fight the tyrants.  To challenge everybody who is wrong, to punch holes everywhere into falseness and most importantly to distribute the GurParsaadi Naam.”

Reply from Dassan Das Ji – July 27, 2004:


Our head will always and forever – Jugo Jug – for all Ages to come will remain under the dust of the Lotus Feet of Dhan Dhan Sant SatGur Baba Ji.  We will never be able to pay for what He has very kindly given us.  We have no capacity to give Him anything, everything belongs to Him.  He is the King of Chauda Lok Parlok.  He is our Spiritual Father.  Our Savior.  When He first came to our house we danced with joy and sang that the God has come to our house.

He basically took all our poison and all the mental sicknesses and gave us Amrit.  A continuous stream of Amrit.  A continuous and never ending stream of Atam Ras, the highest Amrit.  He took us straight to the Almighty and gave unlimited GurParsaad.  He took unlimited abuse and Nindya of the entire universe and enhanced our Bandgi.  He took all the beating of the Kood (falsehood) on His head and saved us from plunging in to Kood.  He took us out of the forty foot deep scum of Maya and gave us Jivan Mukti.  He gave us Rom Rom Naam Simran.  He took all the darkness of our mind and gave us the eternal gift of Puran Bandgi, Puran Tat Gyan and Puran Braham Gyan.

Above all He very kindly gave us the eternal gift of making our Hirda the Dass of the Kot Brahmand Key Charan.  He made us “Dassan Dass” by giving us Gareebi Ves Hirda and taking us to the heights of the humility of Hirda – love and devotion for the entire creation.  He gave us the eternal gift of full commitment, belief, faith and trust in Gur-Guru and GurBani.  He gave us the eternal gift of 32 divine qualities and Sada Suhaag.  He basically took us out of a drain full of dirty, dirty, dirty scum and took us to  Sach Khand.  We are very thankful to the Almighty with every breath of ours.  A zillion thanks to God for giving us His GurParsaad and His Sangat.

Serving The Sangat And Facing Worldwide Slander

There are many people who have felt greatly offended and criticized us for whatever way we have been preaching on the website  Some of them say that we twist GurBani to benefit us.  Some say that we try to brainwash people using GurBani.  Some think and say that we promote going after a Sant and so on.  But, the Divine Truth is that all we are trying to do is serve the Divine Truth and deliver the Divine Truth.  We are just trying to explain with the GurParsaad what GurBani is telling us all to do in simpler words.  Our one and only objective is to unite masses with Akal Purakh.  Our one and only intention is to unite the masses with Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  This is what GurBani is all about, this is what Sukhmani is all about.

The complete Truth is too pure to be absorbed by the so called religious leaders. Jesus Christ was crucified for telling the complete Truth.  Guru Arjun Dev Ji was martyred on a hot plate.  Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji was beheaded in broad daylight.  Dassam Patshah sacrificed his entire family for Truth and having done so was left alone in the jungles of Machiwara.  Guru Nanak Patshah was called a ghost and a demon and Bhagat Prehlad was punished by his own father by being tied to a burning column and so on.  History is repeating again.

We were reading a book written by Baba Ishar Singh Ji Rarewale.  He said the same thing, that if the Bhagat tells the Truth he will have to face worldly resistance, because nobody is going to believe Him.  Sant Kabir was once sitting by the roadside and was telling everyone who passed by, “God is under my feet!  God is under my feet!”  People thought he was crazy, but he was not crazy.  The crazy ones were the people who called Him crazy, because is there a place in the entire universe where God is not present?  Is there a place anywhere you can think where God is not present?  When we call Him omnipresent, then where is the question of God not being present under your feet?  He is the one who is making you stand and walk on your legs, even the legs and body is his, there is nothing that belongs to us.  It is only Haumai if we say so.  The  only thing that is ours is God Himself and that illusion is also gone once the soul merges with Almighty.

Even Baba Ji faced worldwide slander after his Sangat was attacked in 2003.  However, the slander on the internet and through the Punjabi media did not hurt Baba Ji, but it definitely hurt the slanderers.  Even Guru Nanak Sahib was also called a demon by some people and also had to face the slander of the people. And so it is with Baba ji.  There are people who are in his Sangat  and then there are those people who do his slander.  For Him both are equal.  If anybody does his slander he benefits from it.  If anybody goes with Naam  he is benefitted that way too.  The one who slanders a Braham Gyani loses his past six lives of Bhagti and coming seven lives of Seva and he has to go through each and every punishment written in Astpadi 13 of Sukhmani Sahib, before he gets another chance to come back on track.  You can check that out with any Braham Gyani.

Slanderers do not disturb us at all. In fact, they give us a lot of Amrit and we love our slanderers as much as much we love Him. They have made our Bhagti simpler.  We can now have long sessions in Samadhi.  Every Bhagat has to go through slander.  This is a test of your love for Him and also for your ego to be erased.  God bless all our of slanderers please.  We pray for them and their families as well.

We are not afraid of the slanderers as we are being protected by Kaal  (Death) and by Him (Sat Naam).  He has given us an spiritual army of 5 million to clear away all negativity and Maya wherever we go.  Mukt (liberated) Sants and souls are with us everywhere we go, all the time, “Jiske Sir Uppar Tu Swami So Dukh Kaisa Pawe – The head above which You are the Master, who can hurt that one?”   Sat Naam is our weapon and Chattar – protection.

Dassan Dass