P068 – Hard To Break Family Attachment (Moh Maya)

DD: Say, “kill my Moh maya and free me.”

MATA:  Satnaam Satnaam

If I give back to You, it is yours anyway, what does it cost me?

Everything is Your,s nothing is mine. No ego only you you.  Everything is Yours nothing is mine.  Everthing is Yours – all my daughters and sons are Yours nothing is mine.

Kill my (attachments to my) entire family and burn my body too,  but may I never forget Your name.

MATA:  Take me, take me.  I am nothing, I am nothing, I am nothing.  I have not given anything or done anything.  I can’t even say anything, I can’t even say anything, Sache patshah (true king) or do anything.  Whatever you want to do, do it.

DD: Say, “kill my Moh maya and free me (from my attachment to her family especially children).”

MATA:  Please kill my moh maya and free me sache patshah, please kill my moh maya and free me.

DD: The older a person gets the more difficult it gets for them (to break away from the chains of maya).  For you children (under 30s), to do bandagi (divine slavery of God) is very easy.  Look at her (Mata ji in her 80s), it is very difficult for her to get out of all this (Maya).

The longer you leave doing bandagi in your life the harder it becomes.  So you (UK sangat are in their 20s, 30s and 40s) are very, very fortunate.  Look at how you started going into Samadhi and simran started going on inside you easily.   So for old people their wordly wisdom and habits are hardened.  It is not their fault. It is a part of the society,  the way they have been raised and the type of environment they have been brought up in. So it becomes a deep part of their life.

DD: ((Speaking to Parminder in the sangat),  you are dhan dhan (great, great).  (To Parminder’s parents) He is very nice.  (To Parminder) They are good. You are very fortunate to have parents like that.

Parminder: yeah, very fortunate

DD: and your parents very fortunate to have a son like you.

Parminder’s mum: It’s all His blessings (we are here to meet you) Baba jee.

DD: yes it is.

Parminder:  They have helped us, given us guidance on this path, and now we can serve them too (talking about his parents).