One God Named Truth who is realized by the grace of the Truth Guru (“Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad”)

Dear, great, great, lovable, always love filled supreme Guru (“Gur”)-Guru-Truth Guru-Holy Guru’s divine blessed congregation-True Congregation –Divine Love filled Guru’s Divine Word Wisdom (“Dhan Dhan Gur-Guru-Satgur-Gursangat-Sat Sangat-Gurbani”)

Please accept our countless prostrations at your divine lotus feet (“Kottan Kot Dandaut Parvaan Karna Ji”).
We have put together this booklet to talk about the delusions & illusions of religion (“Dharam Ke Bharam”) – the elements of the Sikh religion that generate (“Dubidha”) doubts and confusion in the minds of the Sikh masses and create major roadblocks in their spiritual progress.

Thanks for letting us do this divine Service (“Seva”) and thanks to all those who serve the Truth.  God bless you all with higher realms of the eternal truth and make you all Forever God’s Forever Bride souls (“Sada Suhagans”).