Prince experiences during Jalandhar Satnaam Sangat

Kottana kottan dandaut bandna pita ji aap ji de sat charna vich.

Dhan dhan parbraham parmeshwar Dhan dhan parbraham parmeshwar Dhan dhan mera satguru pura Dhan dhan mera satguru pura Dhan dhan dassan dass ji

Pitaji with aap ji grace during jalandhar sangat you blessed us with these visions pitaji during morning session kirtan huge amount of white milk was pouring on house and Satnaam Sangat Deep cleaning was going on
There were many many black souls but they were all disapperaing or becoming white.Then pitaji there was very heavy showering of flowers happen from dargah every one was so happy in dargah on Satnaam sangat that they pour huge quantity of flowers on all satnaam sangat.

During zoom sangat parbraham parmeshwar ji aap ji was so so happy with us it was amazing pita ji aap ji showed us we all Satnaam sangat were going to dargah chanting loud Satnaam and dancing then Dharamraj ji came on our way we thought he will open our parcha and will not let us pass through but pitaji amazingly Dharamraj ji folded hands in front of entire sangat and said parbraham parmeshwar ji himself has given him hukam to let us all pass through without any parcha or consequences pita ji all Satnaam sangat was so happy we started dancing and then pita ji we reached dargah Parbraham parmeshwar ji were not on his singhasan but entire Satnaam sangat dargah were chanting satnaam and showering flowers then parbraham parmeshwar ji came in huge form aap ji also came in huge form aap ji parbraham parmeshwar ji merged in one form then aap ji showered huge flowers on entire dargah and Satnaam Sangat it was beautiful then parbraham parmeshwar ji open his both arms and said you are all my kids you all are welcome to merge with me. Parbraham parmeshwar ji was so happy with Satnaam sangat and blessed us by merging us with them.

Kottana kott shukrana pita ji aap ji da sanu nam bakshan li sadiyan galtiyan nu maaf Karan layi sada hath faran layi. Eh mera data mere malik sanu kade vi chadi na apna charna vich rakhi.

Aap ji da kottana kott shukrana Dhan dhan dassan dass ji Dhan dhan dassan dass ji Dhan dhan dassan dass ji
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