Princes blessed experiences.

Kottana kottan dandaut bandna pita ji aap ji de sat charna vich

Dhan dhan parbraham parmeshwar ji

Pitaji due to aapji grace we were doing simran with our family together we get lot of vibrations in our body it was so much my upper body start paining pita ji we saw we were in a place very beautiful with clouds covering and pita ji amrit was dropping on all of us like rain meaning there was rain of amrit on all of us.Then pita ji we saw you in front of us in pure white form pita ji I can’t explain to you how pure white you were I have never seen something this white. pitaji you were laughing and blessing us with both hand raised then pita ji sai Baba ji came in our room and sat down in a chair in front of us and went in deep samadhi pita ji aap ji disappeared and I started thinking where are you then pita ji you came on left side of us blessed us put your hand on us and then you said to me tell your father to focus on simran and bandagi will be complete.Pita ji my both hands were very heavy and then you said to give amrit to isha who was sitting in front of me by holding her hands we did that pita ji and my hands then relaxed a lot.

Sab pitaji aap je ta kita ha ji sada kuch nahin hai aapne charna vich rakhna mere malik. Sade avguna nu maaf kardena . Hum neechan ke neech gunehgar loonharami bishta ke jant.🙏🙏🙏