Section 16 – God is Beyond Maya

roop na raykh na rang kichh tarihu gun tay parabh bhinn.
tiseh bujhaa-ay naankaa jis hovai suparsan. ||1||  

Dhan Dhan all Satguru Sahibaans,
Dhan Dhan all the Sants,
Dhan Dhan all the Bhagats,
Dhan Dhan all the Sant Maha Purakhs,
Dhan Dhan all the Brahmgianis.

These divine souls may be from any place in the world.  They may have come from any community around the globe, be it Hindus, or Muslims, or Christians, or Budhists, or Sikhs or any known or unknown community around the world.  Please keep in mind that these divine souls did not and still do not belong to one particular sect of the society or one particular community.  They were and still are beyond all these manmade divisions of the human race.  They were and they still are and they will continue to be for the entire humanity.  These divine souls were, are and will continue to be beyond the “Jaat Paat Key Bandhan” and belong to the entire human race.  The entire creation is their family.  Kot Brahamand is their House.  They are Ik Drisht – Single Vision and they belong to all equally. 

These divine souls have dedicated all their lives in the Seva of Dhan Dhan Agam Agochar Anant Beyant Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Jee.  Whilst doing this Agami Seva, which is beyond description, whatever they have physically experienced in their lives they have written in the Agami Scriptures in the form of Gurbani and their Agami discourses, some of which are available outside of gurbani.

Sukhmani Bani is such a wonderful unimaginably rewarding piece of divine wisdom which has been very kindly given to us by Dhan Dhan Pancham Satgur Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj.  He is the one and only one who achieved the divine Shaheedi that is unmatched in the history of mankind.  He did so for the sake of serving the Eternal Truth – Ik Oankaar Sat Naam Satgur Parsaad – Dhan Dhan Agam Agochar Anant Beyant Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji’s Hukam.

Every Shabad of Gurbani is a Hukam and the highest Hukam is the Naam, “Eko Hukam Naam Hai.”   If we look closely we discover that every Shabad takes us to the Naam, the Gurparsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  The ones who go through their Puran Bandgi, means whose Bandgi is accepted by Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji, reach the heights in spirituality. They are blessed by Akal Purakh to deliver the Gurparsaad to the masses and that is what Satgur Sahibaans have done to us all. This is the Gurparsaad and we need to serve this Gurparsaad with complete surrender to the Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhan, because this is the only way to go through the Puran Bandgi Process. So understanding this process of Puran Bandgi and the Gurparsaad is the key to success.
When Dhan Dhan Satgur Patshah Ji Nanak Dev Ji disappeared for three days in the waters of the river in Sultanpur Lodhi, it is truthfully believed that Dhan Dhan Satgur Patshah Ji was with the Akal Purakh in His Dargah.  He was blessed with the the Gurparsaad of Mool Mantra: “Ik Oankaar Satnaam Karta Purakh Nirbhao Nirvair Akal Murat Ajunie Saibhun”.    Based on the descriptions given in Guru Nanak Parkash Granth, which is a collection of all the original dialogues and Janam Sakhis of Dhan Dhan Nirankaar Roop Param Jyot Puran Parkash Satgur Nanak Dev Patshah Ji Maharaj, it is also believed that Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Akal Purakh Ji, Sabh Rajan Key Raja Garib Nivaj directed Guru Patshah Ji to deliver this Gurparsaad of Mool Mantra and Sat Naam to the masses for relieving them from pains and sorrows and to save them from reincarnating through death and birth forever.

The divine meaning of Dhan Dhan Shabad “Oankaar” is the Formless.  Which means :-

He has no dimensions,

He can’t be measured,

He can’t be assessed,

He is beyond any physical measurements.

It means Oankaar is the One who is Formless and hence Infinite.  This is how He is Omnipresent – Sarav Viapak. Everything that is finite and is visible with the naked human eye is Maya.  The One who is formless is infinite and is not ruled by Maya.  So the formless, infinite One is beyond Maya.  Being beyond Maya means He is not defined by the Three Attributes of Maya – “Trihu Gun”.  

The divine truth is that He is the Creator of everything including Maya.  By being the Creator of Maya, Maya is His slave and serves Him.  The ones who merge in Him are also served by Maya because they go beyond Maya as well. In-order to meet and become one with the One who is infinite and beyond Maya, we all will have to go beyond Maya.  This is where the Gurparsaad of Puran Bandgi process comes into play, as this is the only way to go beyond Maya. This means that there is Maya between us and Akal Purakh Ji which is preventing us going and meeting Him. Obviously,  we will have to win over Maya to go beyond Maya and meet Him.

To win over Maya obviously we have to fight with Maya. Fighting with Maya is the Gurparsaad of Puran Bandgi.  This Gurparsaad is contained in the souls who have already gone beyond Maya.  The ones who have already been through this fight with Maya and have won over Maya are called by any of the following synonyms:  Puran Sant, Puran Brahmgiani, Satgur, Puran Khalsa, Bhagat and so on.

All these souls are also served by Maya, as Maya becomes their slave as well. This fight begins with the achievement of the Gurparsaad because this is a mandatory divine law that this war with Maya can’t be won without the Gurparsaad. Like in order to win any war it is very important and mandatory to know everything in detail about our enemy.  In the same way to win this war against Maya it is very important to know and understand what this Maya is and how it operates. This divine understanding of the Maya is also Gurparsaad and comes with the Sat Sangat of these victorious souls.  The ones who are fortunate and have accumulated enough Sat Karams from their previous lives are blessed with this Gurparsaad of the Sat Sangat of these victorious souls.    These fortunate ones are blessed with this divine wisdom to go to  the Charan Sharan of these victorious souls.

For more details about Maya please read Astpadis 4 and 5.

abhinaasee parabh man meh raakh.
maanukh kee too pareet ti-aag.
is tay parai naahee kichh ko-ay.
sarab nirantar ayko so-ay.
aapay beenaa aapay daanaa.
gahir gambheer gaheer sujaanaa.
paarbarahm parmaysur gobind.
kirpaa niDhaan da-i-aal bakhsand.
saaDh tayray kee charnee paa-o.
naanak kai man ih anraa-o. ||1|| 

Dhan Dhan Satgur Sache Patshah Arjan Dev Ji is very kindly telling us that detachment is the key to spiritual success. Detachment causes fear in us of losing our worldly comforts, possessions, relationships and anything that physically belongs to us in the world.  But, we have to realize that our attachment is to things that are going to perish one day, the things which we can lose any time in our lifetime.

Please always and forever keep in mind that whatever has been created in time and space, will for sure, meet its end in time and space. Such things which are constantly changing and slowly moving towards meeting their end, can slip away from us at any point in time and space.   Attachment is the false feeling that things belong to us along with the fear of losing them.   This attachment is called Moh in gurbani. Moh part of the Tamo attribute of Maya and is one of the Panj Doots.

There is only one thing that is really divine, non-perishable and lives forever and that is the soul.  This soul is responsible for running our body.  Remember that we are not the body, but we are the soul, and the soul is “Abinaasee.”   This means it is not prone to change.  It never changes.  It remains the same and never dies.  Only the physical body dies when the soul leaves the body, the soul doesn’t die.  

Realize that everything we are attached to is actually just attached to our physical body.  When there is no body left then how is this attachment is going to last?   The element that prevails is the soul.  The soul is a part of the Infinite, Formless Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Jee.

This soul is the life element that keeps the body running until the time comes when this body meets its end.  The soul is the infinite divine power that makes everything happen and not the physical body.  The body just operates under the Hukam of this infinite divine power.   So attachment to the infinite divine power prevails and the attachment to the worldly possessions, comforts, relations is false and doesn’t prevail. Realization of this divine truth is the key to spiritual success. Therefore, living for worldly possessions, comforts and relationships is false and untruthful act but living for the infinite divine power – soul is the truthful act.  This bears unimaginable eternal happiness and super divine powers in the life time when we realize this eternal truth. Therefore, the real divine purpose of this human life is to live for the infinite super divine power and not attachment to the falseness of the worldly comforts, possessions and relationships.

Loving our own soul is loving this infinite super divine power, which is omnipresent – Sarabh Nirantar.  This means He is everywhere.  There is no place without Him.  His divine power prevails everywhere.  He is the Creator and Operator of everything in which all the super divine infinite powers are contained.  Loving Him is the truthful act of the highest order.  

When the soul leaves the body, the body meets its end.  But, whatever has been performed by the body under the illusion of Maya, which we call as  our Karni or Karams, bad or good, are all carried along the with the soul to the next life. The soul basically continues to carry the weight of all these deeds – Karams until complete realization of the eternal truth after going beyond Maya, or winning this war against Maya. This is called Jivan Mukti, which is nothing but Mukti from Maya. Therefore, becoming weightless is the key to the Dargah and detachment or becoming fearless paves the way to weightlessness.

When we pay off all our Karams that is the point where we become weightless and so win over the Maya and become Jivan Mukt.   Another very important point to understand here is that after we merge in the Infinite then what happens?  Then everything belongs to us, because everything belongs to the Creator and Creator becomes ours.  We become one with the Creator so by virtue of that happening the entire creation becomes ours.  Entire humanity becomes our family.  Everything belongs to us.  This is what is called the highest stage of love – the unconditional love, single vision – Ik Drisht.   So don’t we think that this is the best deal we can ever strike?  Detachment brings everything at our disposal with the super infinite divine power.

When people go into Bandgi after achieving the Gurparsaad, they have a perception that they will have to leave their families and everything else in their possession.  Under this illusion in their mind they leave the Gurparsaad aside and go back to their normal life. This happens due to attachment. But, look at the bigger divine picture.  Is it a bad deal to achieve detachment and be blessed with the entire creation as our family?  However, for proving ourself through the process of Puran Bandgi we do have to go through some tests of Maya.  Sometimes these tests are very severe and shake us so much that we can’t bear the pain.  But, those who keep enhancing their devotion and trust eventually win over Maya.  Wereas the ones whose trust and devotion is shaken leave in between and go back to their same old life.
Puran Bandgi is the war against Maya and in this war as well like in any other war, we will see some real serious attacks by Maya.  But, Gurparsaad is the weapon we have and if we remain devoted to the Gurparsaad with trust and faith then Maya will not be able to damage us.  We come out of this war as a winner.  It is our trust, faith, devotion and unconditional love i.e. love without any worldly demands, that  makes us the winner of this war.   The rewards to the winner of this war are beyond description – achievement of all eternal treasures.

Maya runs our mind,  or we can say our mind is controlled by Maya.  But, if the mind is replaced by the Gurparsaad of “Sat Naam”, or in other words, when Sat Naam goes into our mind, then we start this journey to fight with Maya.   This Gurparsaad of Sat Naam in our mind takes us through this war and makes us a winner.

When Sat Naam goes into our mind, then the mind is controlled by the Param Jyot Puran Parkash.  When this happens then all of our actions and deeds become truthful.  That is why everywhere in Gurbani it has been repeatedly said that the Naam in mind and Naam in Hirda – this is the highest stage of Simran.  When Naam goes into our Hirda, then thHirda gets enlightened with Param Jyot Puran Parkash and eventually goes into Puran Sachyari Rehat. This is the point when we meet with God and merge in His Nirgun Saroop. Our Hirda is filled with all the divine qualities, divine infinite powers.

The Gurparsaad is the key to the Dargah and the source of the Gurparsaad is the one who has reached that stage of Puran Braham Gyan – Puran Tatt Gyan – Param Jyot Puran Parkash – Pargatyeo Jyot. And as described earlier such souls are called: Sadh, Sant, Bhagat, Satgur, Brahmgiani or Khalsa. We can achieve the Gurparsaad by going into the Charan Sharan of such a soul and start our journey to Sach Khand.  Start waging our war against Maya under the Chattar of a Puran Sant a Puran Brahmgiani.

Those who surrender completely with tunn, munn and dhan to such souls and believe and do what they are told to do with full innocence make it through very easily and fast.  That means they win the war against the Maya very easily and fast.  There is no effect of Maya under the Chattar of such a Puran Sant a Puran Brahmgiani, so those who completely surrender themselves to these souls Maya can’t really do any damage to them.  But, the ones who don’t completely surrender are trapped in their own wisdom and so see some real severe tests of Maya and don’t make it through and lose this war against Maya.

Therefore the key to success is complete surrender to the Sant who gives us the Gurparsaad. He is our Guru and give our Tunn, Munn and Dhan to Him.  Just follow His words and reap the rewards of becoming weightless and fearless and winning over Maya.  

Dhan Dhan Satgur Patshah Ji is further explaining some of the other divine qualities of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji such as

“gahir” – unfathomable.

“gambheer” – profoundness; can’t be measured, it is infinite.

“Gaheer” – deep; that which is present in its every creation. Being so is infinite as the creation itself is infinite.

“sujaanaa” – knows everything.  A normal human brain is supposed to be only 6-8% functional and imagine if it becomes 100% functional! Akal Purakh’s wisdom is beyond measurement as its creation is infinite, so is His wisdom.

“Kirpaa Nidhaan” – treasure of the divinity.  Kirpa is the super divine power that makes everything happen, and Nidhaan is the treasure which is infinite.  He is infinite so His treasure is infinite too. Kirpaa can’t be measured so it is infinite and Kirpa is the treasure, so Kirpa is infinite treasure.

“Daiaal” is kind.  Kindness can’t be measured so it is infinite.  Compassion can’t be quantified.

“Bakshand” – forgiveness can’t be quantified either.  So He is infinite and so are His divine qualities.

“Beena” – the Maker; the Creator.  His creation is infinite.

“Deena Palan Hara” – the one who takes care of His creation.  How he takes care of His creation also can’t be quantified or measured, so everything that is connected to Him is infinite.

Therefore, Gurparsaad is the key to win Maya and the Gurparsaad is given by the One who has been blessed to give it to the masses.  The soul who has the Gurparsaad is a Saadh, a Sant, Satgur, Brahmgiani or a Khalsa. The one who has become One with the One.     

mansaa pooran sarnaa jog.
jo kar paa-i-aa so-ee hog.
haran bharan jaa kaa naytar for.
tis kaa Mantra na jaanai hor.
anad roop mangal sad jaa kai.
sarab thok sunee-ah ghar taa kai.
raaj meh raaj jog meh jogee.
tap meh tapeesar garihsat meh bhogee.
Dhi-aa-ay Dhi-aa-ay bhagtah sukh paa-i-aa.
naanak tis purakh kaa kinai ant na paa-i-aa. ||2|| 

Dhan Dhan Satgur Sachey Patshah Arjan Dev Ji has used Dhan Dhan Satgur Sachey Patshah Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj in every Pauri of every Ashtpadi in the last Shalok.  Look at His humbleness, He has recited the Sukhmani Bani Himself but given the praise, the Wadyaaee, to Dhan Dhan Satgur Nanak Ji Maharaj. And please keep in our mind that since this is Dhur KI Bani, means it has come from Akal Purakh, so wherever Dhan Dhan Satgur Nanak Patshah ji’s name comes, it means that Akal Purakh is addressing Dhan Dhan Satgur Nanak Patshah Ji.

Satgur Pancham Patshah Ji has this way given the Wadyaaee – praise to both Dhan Dhan Satgur Nanak Ji and Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar Ji. And that is the lesson we should learn from this divine quality of Satgur Sahib Ji Maharaj. Always giving the Wadyaaee to the Gur and Guru, if anything good happens it is the Wadyaaee of the Gur and Guru and if anything bad happens it is not Gur or Guru’s fault, it is our fault, so take the fault on our ownself.  This is a great divine quality, and believe us, by doing so we delete the effect of the wrong doing and there remains the effect only of the good doing. This an extremely truthful behavior that we all should adopt.

There is no limit to the Wadyaaee of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji. There is no end to His divine qualities. When we dedicate everything at His Charans and completely surrender to Him and go deep into His Bandgi, then a stage will come when our inside will be purified so much that whatever we desire (provided the desire is truthful and for the betterment) will come true for us.

In His Charan Sharan there is Jog.  Jog means union with God. In other words, when we give up everything to Him, then He takes good care of us. Infact, a stage comes when all our desires vanish and then He will continue to give us an excellent life and everything we need. Everything happens according to the divine law of His Hukam and our Karni. Our destiny is carved based on our Karni according to the mandatory law of the Karma. So whatever we sow so shall we reap. If we sow truthful deeds then our future will obviously be bright and shining. And same way if we sow untruthful deeds then our future will be full of sorrows and pains. So whenever sorrows and pains come in life that means that we must have done something real stupid at some point of time in space that is why we have to see hardships, pains and sorrows.

His super divine powers can’t be challenged. He can do anything in the twinkling of an eye.  Nobody has been able to judge His divine powers so far, nobody means absolutely nobody.  Nobody has been able to know Him completely, that is why He is formless – infinite. We can expect anything or any change of any unimaginable proportions to happen at any point of time in space. Only He knows what He is capable of doing. Only He and only He knows what is behind His infinite divine powers. Leaving everything up to Him is the key to the success. That is what the Bhagats have done in all past ages, and they are doing so continuously at the present time and will continue to do so in all ages to come. By doing so we can really merge in Him and become One with Him and go into a state of ecstasy and eternal bliss forever, and we mean forever, for all ages to come.

This blissful and stable stage is the highest stage of Bandgi – which is called Atal Awastha or Sehaj Awastha – continuous Smaadhi, never ending Smadhi, when we get filled up with Amrit – Rom Rom Naam Simran, Panch Shabad Anhad Naad continuously, non stop round the clock. This is also called Param Padvi and Jivan Mukti or Param Jyot Puran Parkash, or Puran Braham Gyan – Atam Rus Amrit, or Pargatyeo Jyot. This is also called Anand Saroop or Sat Chit Anand Awastha. This is the reason why God is called Anand Saroop as well. This is the highest level of the eternal never ending happiness. Jog means union with God, to become one with God, and when that happens then we become a Jogi. So when we become a Jogi then we are blessed with all the eternal treasures. We also become a winner of Maya. Then Maya serves us. So Maya runs the world and at the same time Maya serves us.

It is divine truth and believed that when we go to this high level of spiritual achievement then we are blessed with the Raj of 14 Lok Parlok. Therefore, this is the highest kingdom. Dhan Dhan Satgur Patshah Ji is telling us that the Raj Jog, means unionized with God and at the same time enjoying all the worldly comforts without being attached to them internally and use all the divine powers and eternal treasures for the betterment of the mankind. So is true for an ordinary family person too. Unite with God, become one with Akal Purakh Ji and at the same time live the life on earth without attachment to any anything that is false and unreal, will die in time and space.

Tap is Bandgi, and the one who does Bandgi is a Tapeesar. Tap is basically fighting with Maya, fighting with Panj Doots and desires. So a Tapeesar is the one who is fighting with Maya and eventually wins, but what exactly wins?  Who really wins?  It is the divine infinite power in the Tapeesar that wins and defeats the Maya.  

And so is true for a Garihsat, meaning the one who is a family person.  Basically, all three – Jogi, Tapeesar and Garihsat are engaged in the fight against Maya and emerge as winners of Maya.  They go beyond the three attributes of Maya and merge with the Akal Purakh.  

Please be sure that when we look at any Shabad or shalok of Gurbani, that we look at it with the divine eye we.  Then we will find that every Shabad will take us to the ultimate – Mansarovar – Gursagar – Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.  Divine eye is also called the third eye, or the Gyan Neytar and it opens when the Naam goes and Sat Sarovars present in our body are enlightened with Sat Naam.  This is a Gurparsaad of a very high order and is given to those who are blessed with the Gurparsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai – when such souls while collecting Naam Dhan, go into Smadhi and Sunn Smadhi then Naam travels to all the Sat Sarovars: one in the forehead – also called divine eye, one in throat, one in Hirda, one in the naval area, one around the sex organ area, one in the Kundalini, and the seventh one in the Dassam Duaar. This Gurparsaad is achieved by those who completely surrender themselves to their Guru with Tunn Munn and Dhan and follow His words as Sat Bachan.

Many people believe that to reach such a level in Bandgi they will have to give up alot of things.  This is an absolutely wrong understanding and is an illusion of a very high order. There is nothing like that.  All we have to do is achieve the Gurparsaad and completely surrender to our Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhan.  Giving Dasvandh of time and earnings is the surrender to the Guru.  Guru is very kind and He will pay for the remaining 90% of our share from His pocket.  And just watch our daily Karni that we don’t do anything stupid or no Asat Karams, just focus on Sat Karams.   Just follow Guru’s words and we will make it very easily.   2.5 Hours of Naam Simran and giving one tenth of our take home earnings to the Guru and focus on Sat Karams.  That is all we need to do to realize these unimaginable benefits of Naam Simran. We promise the Guru will take good care of us when we do this. Our devotion, trust and unconditional love for the Guru will make us a winner.     

jaa kee leelaa kee mit naahi.
sagal dayv haaray avgaahi.
pitaa kaa janam ke jaanai poot.
sagal paro-ee apunai soot.
sumat gi-aan Dhi-aan jin day-ay. jan daas naam Dhi-aavahi say-ay.
tihu gun meh jaa ka-o bharmaa-ay.
janam marai fir aavai jaa-ay.
ooch neech tis kay asthaan.
jaisaa janaavai taisaa naanak jaan. ||3|| 

The entire universe is His Khel – a divine game that He plays. There is only one rule in His game that prevails and that rule is the truthfulness. Truthfulness wins and falsehood or untruthfulness loses. Truthfulness is the key to our spiritual success. So much truthfulness, that whatever we perform reflects truthfulness. Seeing the truth, speaking the truth, hearing the truth, serving the truth and delivering the truth through all our actions, reactions and deeds in our daily life will provide us with truthful living. This is basically the Sato attribute of Maya. 

Living in the Sat attribute of Maya is the real divine way of living. When we do so our present will be great which will make our future the greatest. Truth is what remains and prevails, never changes, is not prone to any changes, was same from the beginning, is same now and will remain same for all ages to come. Therefore, God has given Himself Truth as His Name – Sat Naam, as explained in the Gurbani.  The highest service of the truth is to focus on Sat Naam Simran and give up everything to Sat Naam, means dedicate ourself 100% to Sat Naam.  This will eventually make us Sat Roop, when we will become a completely truthful person from inside out.  Truth will go into our every cell of the body. Our Suksham Dehi will become 100% pure like a 24 carat gold – Kanchan Dehi as described in the Gurbani. By virtue of becoming a Kanchan Dehi, our Suksham Dehi will become a source of Amrit for others and we will be blessed with the highest order of the divine wisdom – which we call is the Tatt Gyan or Braham Gyan. This is called Sumat – Sat Naam is the Sumat.  Focusing on Sat  Naam Simran is the Sumat, and giving up everything to the Gur and Guru is the Dhyaan or Dhyaanaa.  To drench Rom Rom in the Sat is the Dhyaan or Dhyaana, and Sat is the highest Sumat.

As explained earlier the Trihu Gun Maya – three attributes of Maya is keeping the entire world involved in these three attributes: Rajo, Tamo and Sato attributes. The ones who become one with Sat are only the ones who are not involved in Maya.  Otherwise everybody else is drenched in the scum of the Rajo and Tamo attributes of Maya. Then ones who go beyond the three attributes of Maya are called the “Jan” in Gurbani. So becoming a “Jan” is a very high spiritual stage.  They have merged in the Nirgun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji. The ones who remain drenched in the scum of Maya remain cycling through the cycle of death and birth for an indefinite period of time. Only the ones who focus on the Sato attribute make their way to the Gurparsaad.

Only the Creator will know how and why has He created the creation. There is no way the creation can know what is the origin of the Creator. The creation can only know and that too with the Gurparsaad of the Creator about its Origin. The origin of every creation is the Creator. So we are all His creation and how can we know about the creation of the Creator – means how can we know how and when was the Creator created and by whom. But this thing has been shown by Dhan Dhan Guru Sahibaans in the Gurbani that the Creator created himself gave His Naam to Himself. Look at His unbelievable super divine power with which He could create Himself. It is so surprising with the limited knowledge of the human beings to understand how one can create oneself in the worldly senses. But it has been very clearly described in the Asa Di Vaar Bani that the Creator created Himself and gave His Naam to Himself

“aap he ney aap saajeyo aap hi ney rachyeo nao,
duee kudrat saajey kar asan ditho chaao”.

Therefore, it is beyond our comprehension.  It is even beyond the comprehension of all the Sants, Bhagats, Brahmgianis, Guru Avtaars, Satgurus and Khalsas to find out the origin of the Originator or How the Creator was created. So when the beginning of His Khel is so Bismaad Janak – means so full of surprise, then how can we know and understand fully about his Khel?  This is therefore beyond human comprehension to know Him in its entirety.

It is not that people or Devi and Devtas have not attempted to comprehend God fully, but they have failed miserably. It is truthfully believed and explained in the Gurbani as well that once the Lord Brahama – who rides on a lotus flower, wanted to know about the origin of the Originator.  When he tried to do so he was pulled into the stem of the lotus flower he was riding on and got trapped there for an indefinite period of time until he realized that he has done something really stupid. It is therefore, stupid to think about His full comprehension by anybody. Everything runs under His Hukam. His will prevails – and His will is the truthfulness – Sat Naam, the Sumat which will transform us to a “Jan”. Only His divine laws govern His Kingdom the entire universe. Pains and sorrows, happiness and difficulties, good and bad happenings, everything follows His divine laws. His divine laws are called Hukam in the Gurbani. There is only one way we can understand and recognize is Hukam is by His own will or His grace, which can happen only by focusing on truthfulness – SAT and SAT NAAM is the SUMAT.  

naanaa roop naanaa jaa kay rang.
naanaa bhaykh karahi ik rang.
naanaa biDh keeno bisthaar.
parabh abhinaasee aykankaar.
naanaa chalit karay khin maahi.
poor rahi-o pooran sabh thaa-ay.
naanaa biDh kar banat banaa-ee.
apnee keemat aapay paa-ee.
sabh ghat tis kay sabh tis kay thaa-o.
jap jap jeevai naanak har naa-o. ||4|| 

Dhan Dhan Satgur Pancham Patshah Ji is very kindly telling us that the Creation of the Creator is also infinite like Him and that we can realize the Creator only by focusing on the Naam of the Creator. Only the Creator prevails and therefore the ones who become one with Him will prevail with Him.  The Eternal Truth prevails.  The Creator is the Eternal Truth, and the ones who merge in this truth will prevail. Everything else is unreal and false in the sense that it doesn’t prevail. Therefore, focusing on this aspect of the Creator is the real divine way to live our current life.
The entire creation is also infinite like the Creator Himself, and trying to know the creation may not be the right thing to do, but focusing on the Creator Himself will be the right thing to do. By focusing on the Creator will mean by focusing on His Naam – Sat Naam. Focusing on Sat Naam will carve our path to become Sat Roop and merge in the Akal Purakh, and once that happens then we will be blessed with the divine wisdom – the highest Amrit Puran Braham Gyan – Atam Rus Amrit. But our Bandgi should be desire free, don’t ask for anything, just drench ourself in His unconditional love, trust and devotion – Sachee Shardhaa, Sachee Preet and this will take us to unimaginable spiritual heights, and only He knows what is He going to give us.   Whatever happens will be just incredibly rewarding that is for sure. Due to His Infinite nature,  His everything is infinite and so is His Naam – Sat Naam. Therefore there is no price that can define His Naam, this is a priceless jewel, which when carved into our Hirda makes it a Sant Hirda, a Beyant Hirda – infinite Hirda.

He will not appear Himself in our Hirda unless it becomes infinite, because He is infinite and needs a infinite place to reside. Therefore a Sant Hirda is a infinite – Beyant Hirda, the one which comes under the complete internal compliance of Maya and Atam Rus Amrit – which we call as Puran Sachyari Rehat. Infinite is the One, and this One is formless and this Formless One prevails.

This Infinite One can’t be seen with a human eye, that is why He is called Agam and Agochar. That means He can’t be felt or seen by the human’s five senses.  As explained earlier, a super divine sense is required to see Him and this super divine sense comes with the opening of the divine eye. Therefore, God is :-

·         formless,
·         infinite,
·         omnipresent,
·         beyond the three attributes of Maya,
·         Anand Saroop,
·         Sat Saroop – Nirgun Saroop,
·         Param Jyot Puran Parkash,
·         Abinaasee – the one who prevails.

There are such un imaginable qualities of God that He can’t be described in any way.  That is why God is called Guni Nidhaan – meaning the treasure of the divine qualities. He and His creation are beyond the comprehension of a human being. Focusing on His creation is not rewarding but focusing on the Creator is unbelievably rewarding. Focusing on Creator means focusing on His Naam – Sat Naam, which is a priceless jewel.  Only He knows the price of His Naam, which when carved into our Hirda will make it a infinite Hirda and pave a way for us to the Sach Khand.

naam kay Dhaaray saglay jant.
naam kay Dhaaray khand barahmand.
naam kay Dhaaray simrit bayd puraan.
naam kay Dhaaray sunan gi-aan Dhi-aan.
naam kay Dhaaray aagaas paataal.
naam kay Dhaaray sagal aakaar.
naam kay Dhaaray puree-aa sabh bhavan.
naam kai sang uDhray sun sarvan.
kar kirpaa jis aapnai naam laa-ay.
naanak cha-uthay pad meh so jan gat paa-ay. ||5|| 

Look at this great piece of divine wisdom, it is incredible, it is so profound, amazing and full of surprise, Bismaad Janak.  Dhan Dhan Satgur Pancham Patshah Ji is telling us further about the Mahima of Naam of Akal Purakh, which has already been defined as infinite.

The foundation of every creation is Naam. The basis of every creation is Naam. Every creation has emanated from Naam. The Origin of every creation is Naam. All the life bearing creatures are created from Naam. All the planets, sun, stars and everything that is in the Khand Brahamand – means everything in the universe has originated from Naam. The foundation of all the religious books – Simritis, Bayed, Puran (these are the religious books written by ancient yogis, rishis and munis) is Naam. Everything in Lok Parlok has emanated from Naam. The basic foundation of everything in Lok Parlok is Naam. No wonder, only Naam can take us to the Akal Purakh. The entire divine wisdom has also sprouted from Naam.

In the individuals those who dedicate themselves to the Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva, a stage in their Bandgi comes when all the Sat Sarovars are illuminated with Naam. God has placed all the eternal treasures in our soul itself. The Sat sarovars which are integral parts of our soul are the sources of all kinds of eternal treasures and divine powers. When these Sat Sarovars are illuminated and our Kundalini is awakened then we are blessed with Rom Rom Naam Simran, opening of all the Bajjar Kappaats, direct connection with the Nirgun Saroop through the Dassam Duaar, illumination of the Hirda with Param Jyot Puran Parkash.

One of the Sat Sarovars contains the super divine power of the Brahmgian and when this Sat Sarovar is illuminated with Naam then we are blessed with Puran Braham Gyan, Puran Tatt Gyan. This is the highest level of divine wisdom and doesn’t come by reading or reciting Gurbani.  It doesn’t come by reading any amount of books or studying any number of writings.  This will not come in even by reading these writings either.  It will only and only come when our Sat Sarovars are illuminated by Naam. Therefore, Gurparsaad of Puran Braham Gyan – Puran Tatt Gyan also comes from the Naam to the ones who go into the Puran Dhyaan. This means the ones who achieve the Gurparsaad and then completely surrender themselves to the Gur and Guru with Tunn ,Munn and Dhan and they do so with full trust, devotion and love with their Gur and Guru. Therefore, divine wisdom comes from the Naam, and so is the Dhyaan – which means the Smaadhee and Sunn Smaadhee in the early stages of Bandgi.  Then with Puran Bandgi the Gurparsaad of Atal Awastha, Param Padvi or Sehaj Smaadhee – which is a 24 hours non-stop continuous Smadhi comes from Naam.
It is the same with the Panch Shabad Anhad Naad – which is a continuous divine music heard in the Dassam Duaar continuously, it also comes from Naam. This divine music is a Gurparsaad of a very high order and is blessed as soon as our Dassam Duaar opens. This divine music is the Akhand Kirtan, non-stop, continuous day and night and forever. Naam is Gurparsaad and is available only to those who have gone beyond Maya or have defeated Maya and merged with God. Such souls are called: a Puran Sant, a Satgur, a Puran Brahmgiani or a Puran Khalsa.

Since Maya has three attributes so the one who lives under the influence of these three attributes remains living under the influence of Maya. Whereas the ones who are fortunate and are blessed with the Gurparsaad and go through the Puran Bandgi process go beyond Maya, and this stage of going beyond Maya is called the “Chauthaa Pad”, three attributes of Maya and “Chauthaa Pad” beyond Maya is the Jivan Mukti.   When we defeat the Maya then we go into the “Chauthaa Pad”, where we are blessed with Jivan Mukti – Param Padvi.  The bottom line is that Naam takes us from Maya to “Chauthaa Pad”, which is Jivan Mukti. Therefore, Naam has infinite divine power. The ones who are blessed with Naam should not take it lightly, this is a divine gift, the Gurparsaad of infinite value and will take us to the “Chautha Pad”. For those who have not been blessed with Naam, should focus on Sat Naam Simran and all Sat Karams and they will for sure one day blessed with the Gurparsaad.    

roop sat jaa kaa sat asthaan.
purakh sat kayval parDhaan.
kartoot sat sat jaa kee banee.
sat purakh sabh maahi samaanee.
sat karam jaa kee rachnaa sat.
mool sat sat utpat.
sat karnee nirmal nirmalee.
jisahi bujhaa-ay tiseh sabh bhalee.
sat naam parabh kaa sukhdaa-ee.
bisvaas sat naanak gur tay paa-ee. ||6|| 

This is one of the most interesting part of the Sukhmani Bani and presents a divine wisdom of the highest order. Dhan Dhan Satgur Sachey Patshah Ji have placed these kind of deepest and most priceless jewels of Puran Braham Gyan at various places in Gurbani, which are read by millions every day but are ignored at the same time. Their non practice of these priceless jewels is a proof of their ignorance or their ability to keep sticking with the prevailing religious practices. This is the reason for not achieving any spiritual progress on part of the most people who are involved in every day reading Gurbani and only reading. The irony is that they think that just by reading Gubani they have done their duty. They don’t really pay any attention to what they have been reading and what the Gurbani is telling them to do.   It is important to mention this because by reading this there may be people who will break their routine and bring a change to their way of looking at Gurbani.

Look at this incredible piece of divine wisdom where Satguru Ji is telling us the Mahima of the Shabad “SAT”. Those who will understand this writing will make their lives worthy of living and will make their objective of this Human life. Dhan Dhan Satgur Sachey Patshah Ji Nanak Dev Ji announced or said the Mool Mantra as the first Shalok of Gurbani. Mool Mantra starts with “Ik Oankaar Sat Naam”. The Mahima of Shabad “Sat” Have been described by Dhan Dhan Pancham Patshah Ji over Here. Let us try to understand the Mahima of Shabad “Sat” :

Nirankaar is Sat Roop and the Hirda is Sat where He resides.  The Hirda that comes in full internal compliance of winning the Maya, the internal compliance of Atam Rus and goes into Puran Sachyari Rehat. Those who earn the Puran Sachyari Rehat of Hirda and where Sat appears and resides are called Purakh Pardhaan. Param Padvi is the Purakh Pardhaan, Param Jyot Puran Parkash in Hirda is the Purakh Pardhaan.  The one who goes beyond Maya is Purakh Pardhaan, a Puran Sant, Satgur, Puran Brahmgiani, a Puran Khalsa. All their Karni is Sat Ki Karni.  The highest level of Sat Ki Karni is Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar – uniting people with Naam and helping them walk on this path to eternity is their Karni and Seva.

Jan Parupkari Aaye, Jee Daan Dey Bhagti Layan Har siun Leyn Milaayen

Their words are Puran Sat and the ones who follow their words merge in the Sat Purakh – Akal Purakh. Origin is Sat and everything has originated from the Sat.  Sat Naam is the ley to the Sada Sukh – means never ending eternal bliss – Sehaj Awastha, Atal Awastha – 24×7 Smadhi which is a Gurparsaad and comes with infinite trust on the Infinite with unconditional love and devotion.

So please keep on praying for the Gurparsaad of Sat Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar. This is why we have been blessed with this human life, don’t let it go waste serving the Maya, start focusing on Sat Naam and pave our way to the Jivan Mukti. 

sat bachan saaDhoo updays.
sat tay jan jaa kai ridai parvays.
sat nirat boojhai jay ko-ay.
naam japat taa kee gat ho-ay.
aap sat kee-aa sabh sat.
aapay jaanai apnee mit gat.
jis kee sarisat so karnaihaar.
avar na boojh karat beechaar.
kartay kee mit na jaanai kee-aa.
naanak jo tis bhaavai so vartee-aa. ||7|| 

Satgur Sachey Patshah Ji is very kindly giving us again the divine wisdom about the Mahima of a Saadhoo and His divine words. Satguru Ji keeps on repeating the same divine wisdom throughout the entire Gurbani. There is a divine reason behind His presenting the same wisdom again and again, the reason being that to give us a chance to understand it if we missed it the last time.  Satguru Patshah Ji’s patience has no limit, it is infinite, that is why He is vey kindly keeps on giving us chance after chance to make sure that we take any of these opportunities and carve this priceless jewels of divine wisdom by putting it into the real life practice.

Please take it for granted that the one who has merged in Sat and has become Sat will only say “Sat” and nothing else but “Sat”.   This is the mahima of a Saadhoo that whatever a Sadhoo says will be only Sat. All His words are Sat so they are bound to happen for sure. The important thing is to carve His words in our Hirda and follow them in our daily life to benefit from them. The Saadhoo is the one whose Hirda has gone into Puran Sachyari Rehat and has become Sat Roop and by virtue of that He has merged in the Akal Purakh and has become one with Him.  His words have therefore been charged with the infinite divine power of Sat and are bound to bring a change in our life if followed with trust, devotion and love.

The Sat Bachans of a Sadhoo have infinite divine power, these words when pierce through our Hirda will make us “Sat Jan.”   “Sat Jan” is an unbelievably high spiritual stage, it makes us Sat Roop. There are some people when they go into the Sat Sangat of such a soul who is a Puran Sant, a Puran Brahmgiani, with devotion, love and trust, Naam goes into their mind right away. Such people are blessed with the Gurparsaad right away. The kind of people who are so blessed are very innocent people, who don’t question at all and take for granted whatever they hear in such a Sat Sangat. They don’t have any of their self wisdom or worldly wisdom no illusions or delusions; no Bharams or Dubidha.  They just have infinite trust, love and devotion. The Shabad

sat nirat boojhai jay ko-ay

has been said to describe such people. For such innocent people, the Sant is a living God on Earth.  They take the Sat Bachans of the Saadhoo as the word coming out of the mouth of God directly.  When that happens the Sat Bachans are bound to pierce the Hirda then there is nothing that can stop transforming such a person. Sat goes into their Surat and Hirda right away and Dhan Dhan Satgur Patshah Ji has very kindly said these Sat Bachans for such people

sat tay jan jaa kai ridai parvays.

Such people become “Sat Jan”.  The shabad “Sat” has given birth to the Shabad “Satta”, which means the super divine infinite power.  This is what this super infinite divine power does to such people who are so blessed with this Gurparsaad. Such people go into Naam Simran, do Naam Ki Kamai, reach a Puran Bandgi stage and become Sat Roop themselves. This is the meaning of

naam japat taa kee gat ho-ay.

Such people achieve the Jivan Mukti. As explained earlier in the previous Pauri that Akal Purakh is Sat and whatever He does is Sat. The entire creation has originated from Sat. Sat is the super divine infinite power which is the only Doer – Karta Purakh.  He is the Creator and there is no way for the creation – Kiaa to achieve complete divine wisdom about this infinite super divine power. He is infinite so how can we know about something which is infinite. Only the Karta – the Creator knows about His own super divine infinite powers. He is the only Creator, the only Doer and everything happens according to His Hukam.  

bisman bisam bha-ay bismaad.
jin boojhi-aa tis aa-i-aa savaad.
parabh kai rang raach jan rahay.
gur kai bachan padaarath lahay.
o-ay daatay dukh kaatanhaar.
jaa kai sang tarai sansaar.
jan kaa sayvak so vadbhaagee.
jan kai sang ayk liv laagee.
gun gobind keertan jan gaavai.
guparsaad naanak fal paavai. ||8||16|| 

Dhan Dhan Satgur Sachey Patshah Ji is continuing to give us the divine wisdom about the Mahima of a “Jan”.  

Jan is :-

·         A Sat Roop,
·         A Param Padvi,
·         A Puran Sant,
·         A Puran Brahmgiani,
·         A Puran Khalsa,
·         A Hirda containing Puran Jyot Parkash,
·         A blessed soul with Rom Rom Naam Simran,
·         A blessed soul whose Bajjar Kappaats are all open including the Dassam Duaaar,
·         the one who is blessed with Panch Shabad Anhad Naad divine music on a non-stop basis,
·         the one who has defeated Maya and Maya serves Him,
·         the one who is always and forever absorbed in praising Akal Purakh,
·         the one whose entire body is full of Amrit and the Amrit is flowing out of His body,
·         the one who is the custodian of the Amrit,
·         the one who is absorbed completely in the Akal Purakh,
·         the one who is the Dataa of the Gurparsaad,
·         the one who is the Dataa of the Amrit,
·         the one whose Satsangat we can realize all our spiritual dreams,
·         a living God on the earth,
·         the one in whose Satsangat people achieve Jivan Mukti and become like Him.

Look at this super divine power, that by going into the Satsangat of a Jan and following His words we will become a Jan.  Jan is the one who is blessed with the highest Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar – giving the Gurparsaad and walking us through the Gurparsaadi Khel in order tp us achieve the Jivan Mukti.

The one who surrenders to the Jan with Tunn, Munn and Dhan and with full trust, unconditional love and devotion goes into Smadhi. Some people who are blessed with the full trust, devotion and love for the Guru are very fortunate and they go instantaneously into Smadhi. Smadhi means Chautha Khand – Karam Khand.  Karam means Gurparsaad and this Gurparsaad takes such people into Smadhi right away. All previous Khands (dharam, Gian and Saram) are waived of for such souls who are so blessed with the Gurparsaad.

When Gurbani says Tunn, Munn and Dhan it means a mandatory divine law, to give up everything to the Guru. Such a Jan is for sure the Guru and we can really benefit from the Satsangat of a Jan. Those who get the Satsangat of a Jan are very fortunate. Going into the Satsangat of a Puran Sant a Puran Brahmgiani is achieved only due to our Karni from previous lives. The Satsangat of a Puran Sant is itself a Gurparsaad.

However, there are many that go to the Satsangat of a Puran Sant but we will see that most of them are not benefitted spiritually that much. The reason for their non-progress on the spiritual front is that they go to such a Satsangat with demands and they don’t surrender themselves with Tunn, Munn and Dhan. They don’t even regard the Jan as their Guru and remain involved more in the rituals and outside compliance. The entire spiritual game is a Gurparsaadi Khel and the ones who are blessed with this Gurparsaad are the ones who really enjoy this most wondrous amazing Khel of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.

When our Sat Sarovars are illuminated with Naam and when we are blessed with the Puran Brahmgian  only then do we see and enjoy this wondrous play of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji. 

Formless Infinite Akal Purakh is beyond the three attributes of Maya and is a Gurparsaad. Puran Sant Ki Sangat, Puran Brahmgiani Ki Sangat, Satgur Ki Sangat, Jan Ki Sangat is a Guparsaad and can really do wonders to our spiritual life. Complete surrender to such souls is the key to success.

Sat Naam is the Naam of Akal Purakh and focusing on Sat Naam Simran paves our way to Jivan Mukti. Jivan Mukti is nothing but Mukti from Maya, winning over the Maya. Sat Shabad is an infinite divine power, this is the Guru, this is the Naam and Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh. By focusing on Sat Naam we can become Sat Roop and realize our spiritual goals. This is a Guparsaad and a Puran Sant, a Puran Brahmgiani, a Satgur, a Jan, a Puran Khalsa has this divine power to place this infinite priceless jewel in our mind and Hirda.

Sat Ki karni is the Highest level of Karni and for all of us this carves a path to the eternity. The entire creation has originated from Sat. SAT IS THE HIGHEST DIVINE INFINITE POWER WHICH IS BEYOND DESCRIPTION.