Sharon Ji’s Divine Story

24 Mar 11

Satnaam Sharon Ji ( ), God bless you with all the eternal treasures. We have read your wonderful story, be it an inspiration for others. You are blessed blessed blessed, we have made some comments. 

Dassan Dass



Questions to kind and holy Master Dassan Dass Ji.

Dear kind and holy Master Dassan Dass, 

Preeto and Baba Ji have sent a few emails in the recent past for people to share their spiritual experiences.  Since coming upon the Path of Truth consciousness through Sat and our email correspondences with you, through your kind gurparsaad on this soul, we get spiritual light in our meditations.

You are our spiritual teacher.  Here are some of our experiences leading up to contact with you and thereafter.  

Path of the Masters

At age 19, we learned about the Path of the Masters (Sants Sawan, Kirpal and Ajaib Singh through our sister and friends in the late 60’s.  We bought Sant Kirpal’s and (years later) Sant Ji’s books.  Our sister, her husband and their close friends became vegetarians, meditated, and were initiated by Sant Kirpal.  We became a vegetarian, and maintained the diary, too.  We lived in Miami attending University there.  One weekend we came home to get away from a party underway in our dorm apartment which we did when they had parties.  We went to bed as usual.  We had not yet been initiated and, so we used to meditate in our 3rd eye on the Act of Contrition and “Our Father” prayers.  The first prayer is an Ardas for forgiveness of sins, the 2nd honors God in heaven, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven and to ask forgiveness, as we forgive others.

Comment: God doesn’t live in heaven, God is infinite divine power that lives in every creation of His, God is omnipresent. During our recent visit to UK one of the folks in sangat asked is where is Dargah (Dargah is a place where God is supposed to be living), so our question to him was is there any place where God is not present, the answer was no, God is omnipresent, God is present in every creation that He creates. That means every place is Dargah. But how do you know and realize it and actually physically experience it ? The answer was that Dargah appears in where there is a Sant sitting, where suhagans sit together and do His Naam Simran and sing His praises. So wherever there is a Sant sitting Dargah appears over there.

At 1 am in the morning, we awakened to a large, brilliant, white being at the top of our bedroom ceiling in another dimension.  He was clothed in translucent white, flowing robes.  He looked like a holy man.  He remained, looking down at us.  We called our mother, asleep in the next room.   She awoke, came into the room and the image disappeared.   As we saw this vision at 1 am in the morning, the ambrosial hour, was this the Masters making contact for the future?

Comment: That is true, the Master was bringing you closer to Him. When God is pleased based on your truthful deeds and based on your efforts to achieve God from previous lives then a time comes when God will bless you through a Sant and that is what happened with you. You met the Sant.

When we were initiated by Sant Ji in August 1977, we had a private sitting with him.  He told us we were an old soul and something else encouraging about our soul.   We felt great humility sitting before this living saint.  His darshan is imprinted on our forehead to this day. 

Comment: That is true, you did meet a Sant and he blessed you. There are a lot of people who meet the Sant and are so blessed, but they don’t completely understand the importance of meeting a Sant and later on fall a prey to their life in Maya and don’t make much headway in bandgi. Some of these Sants have a large following, but the unfortunate part is that almost all of the followers are after meeting their worldly demands and needs and there are very rare ones who want bandgi. There is another aspect of these kind of congregations where  complete truth is not revealed and delivered to the truth seekers as well. Which makes their bandgi harder and not so blissful and progressing. Unless complete truth is delivered to the truth seeker, complete truth can’t be served by the truth seeker. 

In 1992, we had a surgery.  During the surgery, our soul left our body.  At first we did not realize what was happening in a state of semi-consciousness, given sedation to put us out.  We were in a different dimension and experienced a white spiraling tunnel through which our consciousness flew .  Whoosh.  It was frightful and we thought the name of Jesus Christ.  It slowed the experience down and we were stabilized in peace and not afraid.  We saw people in our life whom we were hurting unconsciously.  We saw their kind hearts and that we were relating from a cold, logical place and asked God forgiveness.  We saw a past life.

We then found ourself in a place of great light surrounded by light beings singing the most beautiful music we had ever heard in high tones with love that embraced us.  Our soul then looked down and saw our body on the operating table and several doctors and nurses motioning over us.  Our soul realized it was out of our body and that if we didn’t then return into our body, our life would be over.  We yearned to stay embraced in the joyous love of the light beings surrounding us, but, knew, that it was not our time to leave, so with God’s grace our soul came back into our body.  The doctor and nurses advised they almost lost us, (died on the operating table).  They were shook up about it. 

During those years, we took yoga classes and would meditate at night, early morning and in our dream state recollected many past lives, many at time of death, or shortly after with our soul watching the scene.  We saw flashes of lives where we had great joy of what we were doing.   We saw a terrible life.   Our soul traveled often to a place with huge, moss covered trees on a wide road with large old homes seeking closure for that life.

During our meditations upon initiation, we would get was 1,000’s of dots of white light, except for these experiences:   

We moved to Florida’s west coast, worked at a University, sang in a choir and was always singing praises to God for hours every day; listening to Praise and Worship CD’s outside of work.   We yearned to reconnect with Sant Ji and the initiates on the Path. 

Comment: This is another big mistake that people make, they think that they have been initiated by a Sant and that is enough. The Sant is the teacher and master so should be followed thorough. Following a Sant doesn’t necessarily mean meet him physically on a regular basis, but to follow his words and put his words in to daily life with top priority. Giving tunn munn dhan to the Guru – or complete surrender at the Sat Charans of the Guru is the key to success. This is where most people fail miserably. Unless you do complete surrender your bandgi will not be completed. Some people when with the grace of their guru go in to higher realms of bandgi they start thinking that now they don’t need the guru, and sometime they think that they have surpassed the guru and that they don’t need the guru anymore. But that is pride and becomes a road block to your bandgi.

Summer of 1997 Struck by a Bolt of Lightning

We learned that initiate JG had relocated back to Miami from Sant Bani Ashram and was still on the Path.  He told us that in the near future, Sant Ji would make his final visit to Sant Bani Ashram in the US.  He offered to have a meditation with us at 7:30 to 8 pm later that week which we did via telephone and then meditated.  We received a lot of white light in our third eye during the meditation, like we do since receiving the gurparsaad from kind and holy Dassan Dass.  We felt grateful to J for the purity of his soul to assist us to get such light.  We are even more thankful to Sant Dassan Dass Ji who has ignited us with many experiences, many nights/early mornings of that kind of light; you have given us and much more.

Several days later, we were standing at the door watching an approaching storm on a Friday night.  A bolt of lightning struck us and our home (we were renting a pre-fabricated home).  The wind blew through our home, knocked over our living room lamps, “fried” or electrocuted our appliances.  We felt a searing pain in our head.  We drove ourself to the hospital.  An Indian doctor took our vitals.  He told us to close our eyes while he used the stethoscope etc.  We saw imprinted on his spiritual heart a bright green electromagnetic cross.   We were in the hospital and then a clinic for several days and released to go back to our home to rest for a week. 

We did not go to Sant Bani Ashram, as everything is hukam.  We felt the Divine had done this to us for falling back into a Maya life away from the Path; for aspects of our life were full of Maya’s dirt, so as to not pollute Sant Bani, and instead, purified us in our own home where we could examine our life.  Upon being struck by the lightening we were completely consumed in God’s love as if our brain was broken open giving us a capacity for love greater than anything we knew before.  We were intoxicated with God’s overflowing love.

Billows of Smoke

We meditated that night upon our return home hoping to get the light we had when meditating with J.  Going into our meditation after a while, we went into a different dimension.  Gray, cloud like smoke started billowing out of our body and filled the entire room.  This went on for a while and then it cleared away and we saw through the walls of our bedroom to the land outside.  We saw hundreds of ghostlike beings floating around us.  We saw a totem pole at a corner where there was a light pole in the present.  We knew the small community where we lived on 3 small lakes had been a Calusa Indian settlement two hundred and fifty years earlier.  We then awoke. 

Dear Master Dassan Dass:  Was this Kood being cleaned and blown out of our body?  We think it was.

Comment: You are right, when you are blessed with bandgi then the cleansing process keeps on happening by itself, the satnaam cleans you up from inside, and makes your hirda a Sat hirda. Complete compliance of Maya is mandatory to achieve the divine light on a never ending basis and forever. Bandgi is nothing but a war against maya, and those who win this war and defeat maya, maya becomes their slave, such souls are blessed with never ending eternal light, bliss and gurparsaad. Please stay focused on your bandgi and you will make it one day in this life.

The next evening we slept in the living room and meditated there.  We meditated until we went into a semi conscious state in a different dimension.  We saw our body in its etheric form and saw translucent white tubes or flower like stems with flowers floating, spiraling and streaming out of our chest area.  We were in bliss.  We took our hands and were able to gently move the streaming flower branched tubes around as they gently swirled and floated out from us into space.  In coming out of the meditation, we streamed tears of joy.  Our sister told us thereafter, that she felt we had a spiritual awakening and that we were full of love for everyone in a way we had never been before.

Dear Master Dassan Dass: Was this the blooming of our spiritual heart hirda?  Is it possible for this to have occurred and then eventually to have fallen back into Maya by not maintaining contact with a living saint? 

Comment: There are 7 centers of spiritual powers in the soul that resides inside your body, this is the life power, we have explained these in detail somewhere on in a gurparsaadi writing on the website As Satnaam travels to these 7 centers of spiritual powers they get enlightened. You are right about blossoming of your Hirda Kamal. Physical contact with a living sant is not as important as spiritual contact, and that is held by following His words, and surrendering to Him. But yes you can always fall back in to maya unless your bandgi is completed.There are people who reach sach khand and still fall back due to various reasons.

We feel a deep sadness in our soul to have been given something of this magnitude as we think it was the blooming of our heart due to the joyous estacy we experienced for months.  We did not turn to Sant Ji or those initiates and try to reconnect after these experiences.  We were in a state of great bliss and this lasted for months.   In reality, we also were shook up at being struck by lightening (everyone at work made jokes about it) and missing a lot work at a crucial time for our employer so resumed our quiet life as it was before, to be unnoticed.   We were a single person, struggling to survive on a modest Government income.  However, we changed our life, thereafter, and for many years devoted countless hours outside of work as a volunteer.  We were a selfless servant in whatever we did.  

Kind and dear Master Dassan Dass Ji, we feel that we are a huge disappointment to the almighty.  

Comment: There is no point in looking back, since you have realized your mistakes that is enough. So please now focus more and more on your meditation on satnaam, long hours of meditation will help you a lot. Dedicate your life to the service of satnaam. Please don’t feel disappointed, you have learned and experienced it, which has now become your wisdom, just follow the truth and become truth and truth will set you free, that is what we mean by complete bandgi – achieving salvation.

Shortly thereafter, we visited our Aunt and slept in the bedroom with deceased Granny’s bedroom set.  We awoke in the night and saw Granny’s etheric ghost floating at the side of the bed looking at us.  She had a smile and loving eyes.  Her hair was long, wavy and gray floating out at her sides.  This let us know that she had remained in a spiritual realm of rest, not yet reincarnated but reflecting upon her most recent life on earth, a false life of materialism, she had led in Florida away from Grandpa.  As in her earthly life she dyed her hair, and wore it short, had painted, manicured nails etc.   Her etheric being was still living in the furniture for all these years, about 30 earth years from her passing.   She was a kind soul who gave her life to raising and providing for us kids upon our parents separation when we were children.  We spoke to her etheric being that everything was good and that we loved her and told her to go to the light, now, that the light beings were there to take her to the light.  We said, “jyot niranjan”, soul without darkness, or soot of maya.  She floated around to the other side of the bed and we intently kept thinking it to her, “jyot niranjan, go to the light, we love you”, and her image broke up and disappeared.  

Comment: That is a wonderful blessing to your aunt, her soul was freed to go back.

The other experiences we had prior to contact with Dassan Dass are this:

We had spent 16 years in government procurement; 15 years with the State with leaders of ethics and honesty.  We were hired by a City nearby our home.  We saw the worst of what could happen with superiors without scruples.  We had health issues.  We kept bleeding from our nose as we slept at night and could not recover from a flu.  We had visions of people we didn’t know, saw their situations and would awake in a sweat.  We meditated upon Jesus name and an ET kept coming into our third eye.  We saw the same etheric ET years ago upon silently singing praises to God before falling asleep.   It made us wonder if our soul origin had incarnated from another universe and was just helping out on earth which is a huge mess with the wars etc.  We resumed meditating upon jyot niranjan, ik oankaar as Sant Ji used to before meeting Sant Kirpal.  We knew he was immensely holier than we could ever hope to be.   Instead of repeating the 5 charged statements, we felt it better to do the first two.

Shortly thereafter, we went to Peru (5 years ago).  We got typhus and were in a clinic.  This was the hukam.  In the clinic, we fasted on liquids for a few days.  Upon release, we went to Machu Piccu, a sacred place of the Quechua Indians with our husband.  That night in our meditation we saw Indians performing sacred ceremonies in the face of a mountain.  They had a fire going and were doing a sacred medicine dance.  Then our third eye was flooded for a long time with geometric symbols and shapes.

Upon returning we took a six month rest and pursued further study of Peruvian shamanism, energy healing, more yoga, etc.  We had a soul clearing by PM, a former priest who left the church and now is a Reiki healer in the western US.   He told us our soul has had incarnations on other planets in other universes.  We went to a clairvoyant who told she saw atop our head a line of gurus going into infinity.  That night in our dream, we got the darshan of Sant Ji, Sant Kirpal and Baba Sawan Singh.  In our meditations when Sant Ji was alive we got darshan of Baba Sawan a lot and Sant Ji.

We went into social work for a year.  We were trained by the State in child protective work but the trainers felt our personality was too meek, as it is an arm of the police who first responds on child abuse calls and we went into the case management end of it, instead which is working with the children and families after the Court rules to oversee them, helping the parents to get parenting or drug abuse classes and encouraging them to do what is needed to get their children back or keep their children, etc.; making sure the children are safe and making reports to the Judge. 

We loved the children.  Our boss and the other bosses asked us to visit kids of other case managers and do extra things, that their case managers wouldn’t do.  We couldn’t say no, and saw lots of children in addition to our own, under the State’s protective watch.   We loved the kids and making it fun for them.  They loved to tell us about themselves.  We felt like a grandma to them.  One of the children on our caseload got a high pneumatic fever, a 3 year old.  Her foster mother with many foster kids in the home asked us to meet her at the ER.  She went home and we stayed with the child holding her and rocking gently to calm her and give her peace.  She kept going, “mama, mom, mama”.  We had a vision dream of the child being held by her mother as seen through the child’s eyes.  She was walking down a strip (her mother, an heiress who lost everything to drugs, was prostituting to support her drug habit).  Through the child’s eyes, we saw the faces of the street people coming up to the child/mother as they walked by.  We prayed for her and took her pain.  The doctor came in and said the child was okay and we took her home with medication. 

The next day stayed late after work to complete incident report and was in car accident, stuck on the downslope of an overpass at red light and pizza truck slammed into us from behind.  It’s the hukam.  We hurt our back, had to resign from work, did back therapy exercises, many were like the yoga exercises, until we went to Peru a few months later.  On our first trip to Peru, we were like a nanny goat, like the Quechua Indian ladies, we could go up the mountain paths jumping from rock to rock, quickly.  On this second trip, we were like an old lady because of our back, all the hukam.

Our husband had two surgeries, we retired, lived overseas in Peru and Panama and moved back to the States in fall of 2009.   We had continued searching for a Living Master with the amrit and upon coming to kind and holy, Dhan Dhan Master Dassan Dass Ji, Sat have searched no further.

Contact with Dassan Dass

Since contact with Master Dassan Dass ji, we have had spiritual experiences, receive a lot of light in our meditations.  We have not been a good student to share them as we compare ourselves to others who are a lot more advanced and realize what a beginner we are by what we see.

Comment: Please never compare yourself to anyone, everyone is unique, everyone’s bandgi is unique, everyone’s destiny is unique too.

For days upon Dassan Dass first email, we received a lot of light in our meditations.  We moved into a fixer upper home on a hill where the calvary live 150 years ago.  Our first night in the home, we saw dark ghost like forms hovering around in the room.  We did constant Sat Naam simran and they all went away and didn’t return.
One meditation, we asked the divine to show us our sins of kaam in this or past lives.  He showed us a rattlesnake coming up our skirt/pants.  We hit the rattlesnake to defend our self and it burst into a group of baby rattlesnakes biting us.  We awoke in a start.

We asked to know our past misdeeds in this or prior lives; how long it would take to clear ourself out.  We saw in meditation a screen full of little cards of popsicle sticks.  Upon looking closer we saw that they were human bodies.  The bodies were covered to some degree in some area or the other with darkness.  We saw this as our prior lives and what doot or doots that life was controlled by where the darkness covered the body.  Also, we thought it might be people orourself in this life since the Sant Ji experiences upon falling back into Maya and how we related to those people through a doot, instead of through a clear channel of spiritual purity.  In our meditation and coming out of it, we asked and gave forgiveness to all those lives or people and we wished love to each.  

In one dream, our father (deceased) called to us to run for our life and get out of the house as someone was trying to kill us.  Someone in a tan trench coat with black pants was running after us down the street.  This symbolized dying to our ego.  When we were in management, we often wore tan and/or black suits, jackets pants/skirts to meetings.  We had a favorite tan trench coat.  We considered this to be the death of our illusory self from our 20 years in management.  When we moved our home furnishings and furniture from Florida to California, all of our boxes of our suits were lost by the movers.  We praised God for his hukam that it was lost as it meant that life is gone.

Upon moving into our home a year ago, the first night we saw dark ghosts hovering around.  Our home was built in area where the Calvary (soldiers) had lived 150 years earlier; its named Union Hill.  Now, it’s just a few homes and forested.  We did extensive Sat Naam simran in meditation, asking them to go to the light and they have not returned. 

During meditation some times, we see an arc of circular balls of spinning lights above our head, and then above both Craig and we while Craig sleeps.  A few times, we saw a translucent series of pipes and machinery leading into our heart chakra and solar plexus, moving back and forth as if it were cleaning us out from the inside, transporting or piping Kood out of us and cleaning us out.  At times, we see light streaming in and out of our heart, solar plexus, womb and base.  We feel that we are being cleaned, healed and enlightened through this.  That these have occurred is by the grace of God embedded in the spiritual heart hirda and coming through the holy lotus feet of Dassan Dass.  We believe this to be true as we never had anything like it before coming in contact with kind and holy Dassan Dass. 

Overcoming kaam and moh. 

We have been with our husband 11 years.  We were friends for 6 years, spent  holidays together, like a family and been married for five.  We had a first marriage during period of Sant Ji and maintained celibacy and chastity during that marriage, it was never consummated and we left that husband.  We had dated 2 years and were married for two years.  With C, it has been different and that is the most difficult part of the marriage because of our soul’s desire to be pure for God  and be healthy.  When we lived in Peru for 6 month’s, we both maintained celibacy as we lived at a high altitude of 10,500 ft and our husband was afraid of having a heart attack.  When we had visited Bolivia and Peru 5 years earlier, C wanted to have relations and his nose started bleeding and he nearly lost consciousness and became very faint from the high altitude.  So when we returned to Cuzco Peru for the 6 months, we again maintained celibacy as our first night there, he had a beer and ate meat, lost consciousness and we called an ambulance which took him to the clinic so after that, we were celibate the whole time nor drank alcoholic beverages.  We (our soul connected to the amrit divine soul) do not eat meat nor drink alcoholic beverages. 

Upon marrying, we realized how he is, he was wearing down our health.  We saw our doctor, several therapists and learned from them, it is an addiction with him.  We explained this to him and limited everything as recommended by the doctor and therapists.  Since we’ve been back in the states, the same difficulties are there.  We love him with detachment and advised him, we cannot hurt our body for his addiction.   We told him we feel it isn’t fair to him and understand if he finds someone else.  We feel he is a younger soul than ours.  He is an entrepreneur, an athlete, with strong,2nd and3rd chakra energy.  He is working now part time.  When we hold him, we get flashes in our third eye of all the women he encounters during his travels.  We have had these additional experiences.

One night upon meditating and coming out of our meditation, we saw his cousin B, who C is close to hovering above him in a round spinning light with a smile on his face as if a guardian soul.  We saw a dark being from a lower khand, at C’s side.    During that time period C was giving into his addiction in a bad way.  This communicated to me that, at present, he will stay on the wheel of life and death unless he overcomes it.  What do you think?

Comment: His karma is responsible for his destiny and so is yours, the relationship between husband and wife is pious pure relationship, it is the basis of creation, so it is not an obstruction in the spiritual life. If there are  medical issues then you and he should be addressing them. Going outside the marriage is not acceptable. But within the marriage is fine.

When we transcribed Baba Ji’s talk on Truth Consciousness and went to the holy realm of our spiritual promise surrounded by the light beings; You were so kind to respond to it.  We must tell you that before listening to the Truth Consciousness talk, we listened to you singing, “Sat Naam”.  So your sat voice may have taken us to the realm of truth as we believe that’s where it was, a sat and holy realm.  It may have been from your gurparsaad; Baba Ji’s voice or even Shotee Ji’s sat voice singing sat naam.  As Baba Ji feels no connection to us and we feel the connection from you, we feel the gurpursaad comes from your grace on this soul.
Upon reflecting on it and more meditation, we feel, it was our soul’s commitment to become God’s bride.  After receiving your kind email, that night we dreamed of ourself at a wedding.  It was a wedding of C and I, although a different wedding than our earth wedding.  There were a room full of people and he and I walked up to the image of God, a tall, white, transcluent being who blessed us.  Then another dream came of me at the altar before the tall, holy, transcluent white being; me calling C to come and stand with me, than someone else came and stood by me and then his face and body changed and then the people’s faces changed into other faces, a different group and the man gave me to God and the being took my hands and we became as tall as the tall God being and the man beside me and room full of souls/people faded away.  We then awoke.

When we have these visions, dreams, experiences, it impacts our consciousness and we feel the need to quietly reflect upon them for days.  We spent our life in cities/suburbs.  We feel God put us here in the country to make it easier for what is happening to reflect upon and to appreciate God’s divinity of the forest like terrain, flowers, plants and animals. We view this as temporary with detachment.  Everyone has always told us we are off in the clouds so we feel our current home in the country is to ground us to the earth plane through the wildlife we see, when we are outside gardening long enough.

As you can see we still need to squash out our ego.  We do the ardas imagining our body and face chopped into little pieces and thrown into a fire. 

We had a dream two nights ago of ourself dying.  We were lying there and we saw our body and the white/gray spiraling cord that connects us to the beyond.  Our head kept falling off our body disattaching from the etheric cord.  A giant being kept putting it back on our head.  We and the giant being let it fall off for a few seconds and lie there.  Our head turned gray.  We awoke to C shaking us in our sleep to awaken us.  It symbolized to us that we still have to overcome haumai/ego pride.  That at this stage, were we to leave the earth plane, we still will have not yet overcome this doot.  We hope to live a long life to serve God, completely cleaned out.  We are looking at a position as a case manager social worker which we did before leaving for Peru working with children/families under the State’s protective supervision.  We’ve probably rested long enough.

We feel unworthy for your time to help us with this and thank you for your kind, sat holiness.   Feel free to respond to us in small pieces a little at a time as there’s a lot here.  We’ve been reflecting upon what to ask you about.

Another thing, whenever we have correspondence from you, we are flooded with light in our meditation and see your holy face in a hugh, spinning circle.   We have the best meditations usually from 10 pm to 1 am which is 12 midnight to 2 pm your time. So we are getting this from your gurparsaad on our soul.

Beneath your holy lotus feet,
dust of all creation

Comment: This is a wonderful collection of spiritual journey and experiences. Please stay focused on your bandgi. You are moving in the right direction and on the right path, complete internal compliance to truth – satnaam will set you free. The source is “ONE” weather it is Baba Jee or Dassan Dass, it is all Baba Jee’s Gurkirpa and Gurparsaad and God’s infinite grace on all of us that we all are so blessed to be a part of the wonderful divine process. We pray for your sada suhaag – god bless you with sada suhaag.

Dassan Dass