• Ebooks of this website
    The online books on this website are available as pdf, doc, epub (Ebook) and mobi (Kindle) formats for downloads.
  • Baba Ji Talks in Punjabi and English
    Baba Ji’s gives us all the diamonds and jewels of the divine wisdom. Anybody who listens to his words and follows them will become blessed. Mostly in English with some Punjabi. English transcripts are here http://www.eternalguru.info/baba-ji-talks .
  • Dassan Dass Ji Talks in Punjabi
    divine talks by Dassan Das ji in punjabi.
  • Satnaam Singing By Baba Ji’s Sangat
    Satnaam kirtan singing by the sangat.
  • SatNaam Singing In Raag and Talks
    Dr Swaraj Kaur – SatNaam Singing in Raag and Divine Talks in english.
  • Satnaam Singing Joyous
    Joyous Satnaam, Mool Mantra and Punjabi Alphabet singing by the great Dya Singh and group.
  •  Gurbani Kirtan By Sangat
    Gurbani Kirtan sung in the presence of Baba Ji. Very inspiring, full of amrit. Live recordings full of joy.
  • Readings Of  Siri Guru Granth Sahib
    Readings of Siri Guru Granth Sahib – full Akhand Paat in one MP3 file. Seva done by www.mrsikhnet.com .
  •  Preeto recordings
    Just some simple recordings of Simran and shabads and praises of Baba ji by Preeto and his vaja and sangat.
  •  Raagi Kirtan
    Kirtan by our favourite Sikh Raagi Juthas from the last four decades.
  • Western Style
    Satnaam, Waheguru, Mool Mantra, Gurbani in english and ethereal style kirtan. Very inspiring.
  • Sukhmani Kirtan and Paath
    Along with the Explanation of Sukhmani articles and book on the website, we have collected together many Shabads sung by blessed Raagis. There is also many recordings of the complete Sukhmani Paath available as both spoken and sung.
  •  Divine Music For Meditation – Raag Kirtan
    Divine verses from the Sikh Scriptures + translation. Sung with traditional string instruments in the original Indian classical musical scales – Raag.
  •  Mystical meditation
    Sung by Indi Kaur, a great piece to meditate to in the early hours. Sampled from her album “Keep on Walking” on www.mus1k.com .
  • Waheguru singing
    Waheguru Waheguru chanting to kirtan. Wondrously inspiring. Praise the Wondrous Guru.
  • Mool Mantra
    Mool Mantra is blessed to the whole world by Dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji. It is the praise of SATNAAM, it takes us to SATNAAM’s door inside us. – See more at: https://satnaam.info/mp3.html#sthash.H9ebCZmt.dpuf