Q: I tried to find more information about you (Baba Ji & Sangat) but it seems there are lots of people who disagree. Nowadays, no one is very happy to see one progress on spirirutal path – however none of the negativity about can change my mind. I found peace after reading your webpages and found the answer.


A: True there are many Nindaks (slanderers), do not worry all is Hukam. It is Hukam that derives the deserved’ to the Truth.  Your intuition leads you to carry on accepting the Puran Sat regardless of what Society speaks- this is Gurparsaad (earned blessings of the deserved’).   You may feel you haven’t done much in this life to justify Gurparsaad, but you must have done something right in order to accumulate the blessing of a Free Mind- to recognise the value of Puran Sat.


All is Justified, All is Perfect, All is Hukam


So count your blessings.