Dhan Dhan.  Many preachers have said that the Shabad Vahiguru should be meditated upon.  Some have said Satnaam Shri Vahiguru, but only a rare few have correctly said that the Shabad Sat Naam is the one to meditate upon.  All of these different preachings have caused great confusion amongst the Truth seekers as to what is the GurParsaad of Naam and what should we be meditating upon.  On a more practical note for those who have been meditating on the Shabad Vahiguru, we will humbly request them to start meditating on the Shabad Sat Naam and then see the difference.  Those who do so with trust and faith, devotion and love are sure to succeed in their spiritual life.


Vahiguru Manter, Guru Manter, Gur Manter, Gur Shabad.