1. The Practise Of Wisdom

Let us pray at the (“Shree Charans”) holy feet with folded hands and with (“Kottan Kot Dandaut”) countless prostrations and (“Shukrana”) heart filled thanks to Unfathomable, beyond comprehensions, who cannot be written, who cannot be seen, who is unlimited, limitless,great great beyond universal limits of universe Supreme omnipresent Lord of all lords (“ Agam Agochar Alikh Adikh Anant Beyant Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar”) (Supreme Lord) and Great great love-filled (“Dhan Dhan”) Guru for helping us understand the following :
1.      What is the difference between divine knowledge and divine wisdom?
1.      When and how does divine knowledge become divine wisdom?
1. What is the difference between divine knowledge and divine wisdom?
Knowledge is like an available, off-the-shelf commodity for you, the seeker.  Knowledge is something, which has been developed by somebody else based upon his or her experience and put in a form to be used by others.  Knowledge is a source of information for the learners and students.
As long as this information is available to you and remains unused by you to bring benefit to you and your society, it just remains as knowledge.  But when it is actually put into practice then it becomes your wisdom.  It becomes wisdom for the student; it becomes wisdom for the practitioner of the knowledge.
2. When and how does divine knowledge become divine wisdom?
Wisdom is something, which you earn through daily practice of knowledge gained.  By doing so you become wiser and wiser.  To see, feel and experience the knowledge is called the practice of wisdom. By putting into practice what you have learnt, the wisdom gained becomes a part of your soul mind and body.
A practical example is the existence of God-Guru divine eternal word-wisdom (“Gurbani”) written and stored in the form of Holy Love-filled wisdom ocean of words Guru “Granth Sahib Jee” (“Siri Guru Granth Sahib”).  This is an excellent treasure of divine knowledge that was practiced by the Great Great Love beings Guru King Of Kings (“Sahibans”) and all the Saints and Lovers of God (“ Bhagats”).  It was physically experienced by these great spiritual souls and then very kindly by all these Complete Knower of Universal Wisdom of Love & Truth (“Puran Braham Gyanis”) conveyed to  Great great dear love-filled Guru Arjun Dev “Ji” Fifth King Of Kings (“Pancham Patshah Ji”) who very kindly gave it the form of the “Ad Granth” (scriptures of the Primal Lord) by putting it all at one place.
For a normal person it is an excellent source of divine knowledge. It contains all the information concerning: –

  • The existence of the Almighty King of all hearts timeless lord of all (“ Akal Purakh”) from the beginning and even before the beginning,


  • The ways and means of leading a life for a common person that will take him back to the Almighty,


  • The divine laws that are mandatory for reaching the Court of divine Love ocean Timeless Eternal Love –Master Being (“Dargah of Akal Purakh”),


  • The qualities and attributes that take us away from God,


  • The qualities and attributes that take us closer to the God.

Great great love-filled word-wisdom form of almighty Holy Book of love (“SGGS JI”) is a recent source of information about: –

  • Unfathomable, incomprehensible, Endless, limitless, Great great love-filled ocean of tranquility & pureness, beyond limits of universe supreme lord of all lords (“Agam Agochar Anant Beyant Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar”)


  • His Saints and Lovers (“Bhagats”),


  • His beyond universal limits Name of love essence (“ Naam”) and the praise of God’s Name (“Naam”),


  • the praise of Timeless eternal love-ocean ,treasure of bliss almighty God (“Akal Purakh”),


  • the praise of Saints, Knower of universal wisdom of TRUTH (“Braham Gyanis”) and Lovers of God (“Bhagats”). 

However, holy book of love great great supreme form of lovers word-wisdom (“SGGS Ji”) only remains a source of divine knowledge and doesn’t make you any wiser and higher in spirituality and divinity until you practice it in your daily life.    For example, you can read “SGGS Ji” ( Holy book in Sikhism) about what is God’s ambrosial nectar Name (“naam”) and how it goes into your heart by the grace of the Guru.  But, the Love-filled eternal undying, indestructible Name of Lord (“Naam”) doesn’t actually go in to your spiritual heart centre (“Hirda”) just by reading about it.  That only happens when you get the God-Guru’s eternal kind-ful blessed blessed graceful grace (“Gurparsaad”) of  Name TRUTH “Satnaam” and then practice it by doing Remmerance of Name of Lord –Love (“Naam Simran”).  The Truth-filled Name of omnipresent Master of All (“Naam”) doesn’t really go into your “Sat Sarovars” (7 centres of spiritual body “charkas”) and enlighten them and open them up for a continuous flow of spiritual energy until you practice Remerance of Lord’s love-filled eternal blessed blessed ever-blissful Name (“Naam Simran”). Name of God (“ Naam”) will not go in to your “Rom Rom” (each every atom of your body ) until you physically dedicate yourself to longer sessions of Meditation (“Smadhee”) and keep on doing/earning Truth-Full Name of Lord
(“ Naam Ki Kamai”) (earning “naam”).   The Eternal ever present omnipresent un-born, undying Lord ‘s  love-filled blissful Name (“ Naam”) doesn’t go in to the “Dassam Duaar” (tenth door/crown chakra) and opens up the door to the Court of divine TRUTH (“Dargah”) for you until you dedicate your body, mind and wealth to the Supreme Guru-God (“Gur”) and Guru and do ever-loving recitation of Name of Lord (“Naam Simran”).   You don’t really give your body until you do Physical Body selfless service with utmost love & humbleness “Seva” and the highest selfless service (“seva”) with the body is physically sitting down at “Amritvela” ( Time of ambrosial nectar –12:05AM to 6:00 AM) and doing ever loving humble recitation of God’s Love-Name (“Naam Simran”).   You don’t collect the God’s Name (“Naam”) wealth until you practically engage yourself in Longer & continuous sessions of recitation of God’s Name  (“Naam Simran”). 
Similarly you don’t earn “Wealth selfless service (Seva)” (“Dhan Ki Seva”) until you actually physically give one tenth of your earnings to the Guru.  And you don’t earn “Mind Selfless service (Seva)” (“Munn Ki Seva”) until you physically leave your own wisdom and the worldly wisdom and follow the Guru’s words. 
So in this way complete surrender to the Guru constitutes the surrender of  body, mind and wealth. Do loving recitation of ultimate, unlimited True Mate’s Name (“ Naam Simran”) and Selfless service (“Seva”).  Until you do it you will never be able to earn that divine knowledge and it will just remain like a commodity available to you for usage.  But it will only become your wisdom when you physically and practically do it and earn it.  Then you become wiser by that piece of divine wisdom.  This means that you will become divinely wiser, which will enhance your divinity and spirituality.
Whatever is written by the Complete Knowers of unlimited Truth Wisdom (“Puran Braham Gyanis”) and Great great blissful ever Loving King of kings Gurus “Sahibans” should not be merely treated as a source of divine knowledge or the divine knowledge and just be satisfied with its reading only.  It will not make you any wiser unless you do it, then it will become your divine wisdom.  By doing it you will earn the wisdom and benefit from the divine knowledge available to you.    
Making use of the divine knowledge and practically doing it will make you a Saintly spiritual heart centre emitting ever-unconditional love beyond the boundaries of any sort  (“Hirda”) and fill your heart with all the divine qualities and make you divinely a very wise and spiritually a very high soul and Spiritual heart centre (“Hirda”).
All the priceless diamonds and jewels of divine knowledge are available to you, but you will have to earn them by practically physically doing the word-wisdom of God-Guru (“Gurbani”) and then they will come and stay inscribed in the crown of your Spiritual heart centre (“Hirda”) for ever and you will become an encyclopedia of divine wisdom.  Until you earn it will remain as an available commodity to you and will become yours only after you earn it by practicing in your daily life.  This is how a person becomes a Complete Knower of Universal wisdom (“Puran Braham Gyani”) by listening, accepting and doing  the things word-wisdom of unlimited-ultimate God-Guru  is telling us (“Gurbani”).
For the King of kings Gurus “Sahibans” and Saints and Lovers of God  (“Bhagats”) the Word-wisdom of God-Guru (“Gurbani”) was not a piece of divine knowledge, but it was a collection of divine wisdom, because they earned it, they did it and experienced it in the real eternal sense, they did the complete internal pilgrimage by becoming every word of divine word-wisdom of God-Guru  (“Gurbani”) themselves, they were walking encyclopedia of the entire divine wisdom.  Similarly God-Guru’s eternal blessing their word-wisdom (“Gurbani”) is an excellent collection of divine rules and laws – divine knowledge and will not become a wisdom for you until you do what God-Guru’s divine word-wisdom is telling (“Gurbani”) in your daily life and earn it and become wiser by doing it and closer to the source –  One God Named TRUTH met through Truth-Guru’s Blessing (“Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad”).
Always remember you will not become wiser by just reading God-Guru’s eternal Love word-wisdom (“Gurbani”), you will become wiser by doing with love  Word-wisdom of God-Guru (“Gurbani”). You will not become wiser by memorizing Love-filled word-wisdom of God-Guru (“Gurbani”), but you will become wiser by practicing God-Guru’s Word-Wisdom (“Gurbani”) in your daily life.  You will not become wiser just by reading or listening to the words of a Saint, but you will become wiser only by practically following the writings and words of a Saint in your life.  Like a doctor becomes wiser and wiser by practicing medicine in real life situations.  Like a surgeon becomes wiser by performing more and more surgeries.  Like an engineer becomes wiser by implementing his ideas in the real world.  Like a teacher becomes a real good teacher and a wiser teacher by physically teaching the subject to his students.  Like a mother becomes wiser by exercising her motherhood in the most productive manner.  Like a father becomes wiser by exercising his fatherhood in a very positive manner. 
The same applies to the seeker; by applying the divine knowledge in daily life you become wiser and wiser. 
Servant Of God’s Servant ( Slave of Slaves)

“Dassan Dass”