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Dearest Dassan Das ji


you are inspiring 24 hrs a day,  you are spiritually charged giving energy and articles brighter than the sun.



Dust Of Your Feet. Harjit.


REPLY: Dhan Dhan Shree Paar Braham Parmesar
Dhan Dhan Baba Ji
Dhan Dhan Dus Patshahian
Dhan Dhan Shree Guru Granth Sahib Jee
Dhan Dhan all the Sants and Bhagats, Braham Gyanis of all ages


We are indebted to you for your love to the Akal Purakh and us, and we very humbly thank you all for giving so much greatness to us, but the real greatness goes to the Guru (whatever you feel and accept as the Guru – Shri Guru Granth Sahib jee, ten Gurus and Akal Purakh infact they are all Gurus they are all same there is no difference between them) and we are only just a humble servant – sevak, chakkar and naokar of you all, and your seva is our supreme religion (param dharam)


kaho nanak sabh teri wadyaee

koi nao naa jane mera –


Nanak teaches: It’s all YOUR greatness

May no one know my name.


We are just a nimana sevak, not a sant, just your humble sevak. 


Whatever we are and where ever we are is due to Baba Jee, it is only His Gur Kirpa and nothing else, all the praise goes to Him.


Thanks again, Dassan Das



We are an engineer by profession, married and have two kids – grown up med students, met Baba ji in August of 2000, and since then have been going in his sangat.   We always said that there is so much to share that we will keep on sharing with you all. The most important thing for us is that we have had complete realization of Akal Purakh and we are jivan mukt, and are continuously drinking atam ras.




Whatever we have learned and done under the Hukum is all being told to the Sangat through these messages.   Those who take it very seriously and do whatever is being told through these messages, will be well on their way to spiritual achievements, this Gyan is not available in any books or Dharam Granths in such simple words – this is all Braham Gyan, whatever He is telling us to write we are writing for the seva of Sangat, however, everything happens is supported by the complete truthness of Gurbani and nothing else, it may not be wrong to say that Gurbani has come true to this sevak, Jap Ji has come true, Sukhmani has come true, and what more is there to say.





There is no "I" it is haume (ego), “me, mine, I” is all ego.   “Us, ours, we” is a way to delete the feeling of "I" from your mind – there is a jyot inside you which is akal purakh’s jyot – har tudh men jyot rakhi taan tu jag me ayea – so when we say "i" me mine we leave out that jyot and just conside our body only, we need to recognize the soul and the jyot in the soul – so there are two very important things which we ignore and we give recognition to this flesh and blood body – panj tat tu upji deh – which will go back to these panj tats when we are dead, but the jyot will remain for ever. So start serving the truth by recognising the akal purakh ki jyot inside you and give preference to him – this will help you kill your haumme a great deal. Stop saying me mera menoo – and say sadha sanoo aasi instead.


We have a full blown jyot inside us, we have seen it and see it all the times the param jyot puran parkash, at night time when we close our eyes to sleep, there is no darkness in our eyes, we see puran parkash in our eyes when they are closed. And akal purakh’s and guru’s charans are saturated in our hirda so how can we ignore them so we call ourselves we and not i, we also have one sun’s parkash in our hirda with gurkirpa. So all these divine gifts are more than we to us.






Sadh ka sang wadbhagi paiye sadh ki seva naam dhiaye

sant sang anter prabh ditha naam prabhu kaa laga mitha –


Your prayers have been heard by the akal purakh ji

– birthi naa jaye jan ki ardaas –

this  is the real ardaas, we wish everybody does that ardaas – people go to the gurudwara with demands – and no body does the real ardaas – which is pray for naam daan and accept all your misdeeds. Your purble karma ke ankur have risen, your punn karam have risen, so thank akal purakh a zillion times – gur kirpa hoi taan gurparsadi naam prapat hoyea.


We have to build a real relationship between us.   That of a pure Sadh Sangat in order to help you attempt and achieve the real objective of Jivan Mukti.