10. Continuous Self-Assessment against Truth Benchmark

Some of the key points to the spiritual progress are:


1. Complete surrender to the Gur and Guru.


2. Giving Dasvandh of time and earnings; dedicate yourself 100% to the Gur and Guru


3. Consistent and persistent efforts to do Naam Simran on a daily basis, no breaks, no excuses, sitting in longer Smadhee every day, morning time and also evening time.


4. Full committment, belief, trust and faith in Gur, Guru and Gurbani.


5. Practice Gurbani in everyday life.


6. Watch your daily actions and reactions, be apollogetic on a continuous basis of your bad and untrue deeds, perform ardas on a continuous basis to keep your inside clean on a continuous basis, accepting your misdeeds on a continuous basis.


7. Continue doing Simran inside while working, travelling, and during the performance of daily life activities.


Your spiritual progress depends upon your
·         committment,
·         faith and trust in the Gur, Guru and Gurbani,
·         enhancement of devotion and love inside for the Gur and Guru on a continuous basis,
·         sacrifice of your ownself to the Gur and Guru.


Measure yourself against the above becnmark of Truth "SACH DI TAKDI" - and you 

will find your own defficiencies and road blocks.  A continuous self assessment is mandatory.  Naam Simran, Seva and Parupkaar are never enough.  There is no limit to these things.  There is no limit to the
committment, belief, faith and trust, sachee preet and shardha, devotion and sacrifice.  So there should be a continuous self measurement in light of these divine requirements and mandatory divine laws for Puran Bandgi.  Then you will be able to know where you are and what you need to do to uplift yourself on the
spiritual ladder.


Gur and Guru bless you all with all the eternal blessings on a continuous basis, and all your spiritual dreams come true.


Sada Sukhi Raho,
Dhan Dhan Satnaam Bano,
Dhan Dhan Sada Suhagan Bano,
Naam Bano,
Naam Vartao,
Naam Di Seva Karo.




Dassan Das