11. Getting Amrit From Nature

The entire nature does Naam Simran and keeps on collecting the Amrit. In particular the air, water and fire are always engaged in Naam Simran and singing the praise of Akal Purakh Ji:


Gaavan Tudh Nu Pawan Pani Baisenter.
Air, water and fire sing Your praises.
(Guru Nanak Ji)


The presence of one or all these three vital elements of nature in every creation is unquestionable. 


Let us look at the magic of the Hukam (God’s command under which the whole Creation is operating).   For example, fire is contained in wood, so when the wood burns the fire can be seen.  But at the same time fire and wood are non compatible elements, yet they stay together.  What keeps them together?  The Hukam (God’s command).


The entire creation is singing the praise of the Almighty except the  human mind.  Because Maya can only effects the human mind (not animal mind or plants or any other species is effected by Maya.  They all live and die under God’s Will and not under their desires.  Eg an animal will only kill for food.  Only man kills for sport or revenge … only the human mind operates under desire.) 


Maya has three aspects : Rajo, Tamo and Sato. The mind that is operating under Rajo and Tamo aspects is consumed by the five thieves, hopes, wishes and desires and so on.  The Rajo (fulfilling  desires) and Tamo (doing ungodly deeds) aspects of Maya are running the entire human race. In fact, the human mind itself is the Maya. The human mind itself keeps your soul away from its source, from its origin – the Parent – the Almighty. 


When your mind is eliminated then the “Param Jyot” (Supreme Light of God) prevails :–


Munn Tu Jyot Saroop Hai Apnaa Mool Pehchaan
Mind, you are the embodiment of God’s Light,
recognise your source.
(Guru Amar Das ji)


The first step to eliminating the mind, is to get it to stop doing Rajo and Tamo deeds and instead shift its focus to the third aspect of Maya known as Sato.  Sato (goodness) helps you in breaking the barriers of Maya.  Doing Sato, meaning good and truthful deeds, is a move in the right direction.  But by itself its still not going to get you very far.  Like people say “I don’t believe in God, but I do give lots in charity and I don’t do anything bad.”  Guru Nanak Ji says that all their donations are not even worth a sesame seed to God.


To break out of maya, you need to stop doing bad things and start doing good deeds.  When God is pleased He will give you His Graceful Name via the Guru – the GurPrasadi Naam.  This is your connection to the Light of God inside you.  Never forget that the spiritual path is GurPrasaad (By God’s Grace) only.  If we think we can attain God through our own efforts alone then we are still trapped by our ego. 


Having been blessed with GurPrasadi Naam, we start earning it by doing more and more meditation – naam simran and truthful deeds – seva.  This takes us to the peaks of Bandagi (seva plus simran).  Maya is finally defeated with the death of the ego.  Ego dies, maya is defeated and the mind is eliminated.  This is the victory for the soul.  The death of ego lets the soul prevail.  The death of ego allows the “Param jyot” (Supreme Light of God) in you prevail and take over.  And since Maya is defeated then it comes to serve you, it becomes your slave, and that is what is Jivan Mukti – Salvation before physcial death – your soul is liberated while you are still in a living body.


At this point Nirgun (Formless God the Creator) and Sargun (God in every part of the Creation) becomes one and the Nirgun prevails. (Before you saw Creator and Creation as two separate things.  You could see the Creation but the Creator was invisible.  But now you are connected to the Creator in the Creation at all times and all places).  Now you feel connection with the entire nature and with this you can attract and absorb the Amrit from any part of the nature.


At this stage you get connected to the ManSarovar (God’s Body of Light / God’s Mind Ocean) on a permanent basis and can tap the Amrit from the ManSarovar whenever you want to do so.  The connections with the ManSarovar are inside you.  They are called “Sat Sarovar” (seven lakes / seven chakras) seven centres of spiritual energy.  These Sat Sarovar absorb and disseminate spiritual energy to and from ManSarovar. 


Next time when you sit for meditation – particularly in your Sangat try this.  After you’ve settled down settle down, do Ardas to the Gur and Guru to please blossom all the Sat Sarovars.  Then take your attention to them one by one and by concentrating on each one of them for a few minutes do Naam Simran.   The Sat Sarovar are behind the :


  1. forehead ( third eye ),
  2. throat,
  3. heart (hirda – centre of the chest),
  4. navel area
  5. sex organ area,
  6. base of the spine
  7. top of the head (dassam duar / tenth gate).

Feel the difference of how the Amrit is flowing in and out of your body. This practice will also be even more effective and rewarding if you do it in the open and near a lake or river and forest – in a natural place.

Dassan Das