10. Languages Used In The Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

What is more important, the meaning or the language of SGGS Ji?  
I saw the following:


The languages used in the Siri Guru Granth  sahib Ji are:
a.     Panjabi – Sikh Gurus , Bhagat (saint) Sheikh Farid and others
b.     Sindhi – Guru Arjan
c.     Sanskrit – Guru Nanak, Guru Arjan and others
d.     Influence of Arabic and Persian – Bhagat Namdev
e.     Western Panjabi/Lehndi – Guru Arjan
f.      Gujrati and Marathi – Bhagat Namdev and Trilochan
g.     Western Hindi – Bhagat Kabir
h.     Eastern Hindi – Court poets
i.      Eastern Apabhramas – Bhagat Jaidev


The languages used in the Dasam Granth are:
a.     Braj
b.     Hindi
c.     Panjabi
d.     Persian


Which leads me to the conclusion that Guru Sahibs wanted to spread the Brahm Gian to as many people as possible via as many languages as possible. "It is not God that has language," as Bhai Gurdas Ji said to the Brahmins, "it is only the ones that have bodies that need language to communicate".   And Bhagat Kabir Ji said that people think these words(shabads) are just songs, but actually they are Brahm Vichar (discourse on God).   SGGS Ji is the description and praise of God and so on as listed below.   It is that that knowledge that has to reach the world – not the language it came wrapped it.  For us to think that the language of SGGS cannot be printed in other languages holds the knowledge of God back from Gods people.  And the main gems of Brahm Gian that SGGS Ji covers are categorised as


a.     Praises of God
b.     Search of God
c.     Means of communication with God
d.     Methods to realise God.
e.     Religious commandments
f.      Rules of morality
g.     The Sikh theology




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