11. How can I understand Guru Granth Sahib Ji deeply?

Ik oankar sat naam satgur parsaad


Dhan dhan paar braham parmesar


Dhan dhan gur-guru-satgur-gurbani-sat sangat- sat naam




Guru pyare ji:




God bless you with the gur parsaad.






Question by Guru pyare ji :




please let me know how i can understand deeply meaning of Guru Granth Sahib ji?








Answer by Dassan Das Ji :




With the gur parsaad and gur parsaadi gur kirpa this question has been explained several times in some of the gur parsaadi writings already posted on the website www.satnaam.info. Please take some time to read more on this subject and related subjects as well on this web site. However, for the benefit of shree sat sangat ji we will once again take this divine opportunity given to us with he gur parsaad and gur kirpa and explain as to how can you understand the deep divine meaning of gurbani.






Gurbani is a language of sach khand, gurbani has come from sach khand, gurbani came to those guru sahibans, sants and bhagats who were in sach khand, so how can a person currently living his life in dharam khand or below dharam khand can understand gurbani – that is the real question and that is how it should be asked and that is how it can be understood. It is like a fourth grader trying to solve a rocket science problem which is not possible or will be a miracle if that happens. So in order to understand the gurbani you will have to dedicate yourself to naam simran – prabh key simran gyan dhyan tatt budh – there are three distinct advantages according to this shalok of sukhmani sahib, however there are numerous benefits of naam simran, but for your to know how will you be able to start understanding gurbani is to dedicate yourself to naam simran – then you will reep these three unbelievably infinite rewards – you will get the gyan – which means the divine wisdom, gurbani is divine wisdom, so naam simran will start flowing inside your hirda the real divine meaning of gurbani and eventually you will reach the braham gyan stage – you will achieve this  highest amrit, the amrit of braham gyan and when that happens  then the divine wisdom starts to flow from your inside, and not by reading scriptures, then whatever is written in gurbani happens with you in all physical and practicle senses, then whatever is written in scriptures become your own wisdom as you physically experience the divine knowledge writen in the scriptures. The second advantages is (however, it is no different than the first one just explained) that you go in to the stage of dhyan – which is spiritually a very high stage – going in to dhyan means give up everything upto god, giving your tunn munn and dhan to the gur and guru – which brings in the gurparsaad of naam ki kamai, puran bandgi and seva – parupkaar and maha parupkaar and when you go through this gur parsaad then you become a puran braham gyani and when that happens then there is no end to your divine wisdom, then you become a walking encyclopedia of the devine wisdom, the next big advantage of naam simran is achieving the tutt budh – which is the highest level of divine wisdom, a puran braham gyani is a puran tatt gyani – puran tatt is akal purakh himself. When this happens then there is no power whatsoever can separate you from akal purakh and then you become a source of divine wisdom.






As you progress in your naam simran the meaning of gurbani will keep on becoming more and more clear and deeper to you, as your bandgi goes higher and higher you will start to feel the infinite depth of the  amrit – mansarovar, as your bangi reaches the puran awastha then you will be able to take a deeper dive in to the mansarovar – a stage will come when you will feel and experience in all physical senses that whatever is written in gurbani is happening to you, as your bandgi goes even higher then you will physically and practically experience that every shabad takes you deep in to the mansarovar.




So the bottom line is focus on naam simran:




sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam sada sada sat naam




And you will start to understand the real divine meaning of gurbani as you will be blessed with the gur parsaad of gyan dhyan and tatt budh.




Dassan dass