10. Sharing The Divine Knowledge and Experiences


There is a gross misunderstanding and confusion about the dissemination of the divinity and divine wisdom among masses due to wrong and untrue preaching practices by the preachers.  Anybody who is elevated in spiritually is made to perceive by the preachers that the sharing of spiritual happenings and experiences with others will result in the loss of spirituality gained. This is a totally false, untrue and unreal perception, and a serious illusion that has been carved in the minds of the people who go on the path of spirituality.


This kind of illusions violate the basic divine laws of spirituality, and bring more negativity inside our soul, by curbing our learning of divine wisdom and spreading the message of truth; which is Braham Himself. The only opponent of the spirituality is the Maya; and what operate under Maya are;





 You are in love with the five thieves;
this brings terrible pain. ||3||


SGGS 815


  1. Kaam – lust;
  2. Krodh – anger;
  3. Lobh – greed;
  4. Moh  – family attachments and
  5. Ahankar – pride;




 Why are you so unhappy?

 Why don’t you abandon your desires?


SGGS 340


  1. Mansha – wishes ;


 Keep your pulsating wishes restrained.


SGGS 343


  1. Asa – hopes;



Give up all other hopes, and rely on the One Hope.



  1. Trishna – a deeper desire; thrust for worldly things; desperation to own something,


 The thirst of desire and the hunger of doubt afflict you;
 you do not contemplate the Lord in your heart.


SGGS 335




  1. Raj – worldly positions;
  2. Joban – attractions due to bodily beauty; 
  3. Dhan – money;
  4. Maal – material things;
  5. Roop – beauty;
  6. Rus – taste of tongue;
  7. Gandh – smell;
  8. Spursh – feel of touching something exciting. 


All these are serious mental sicknesses and form major road blocks in the way of spirituality and all these highly distracting elements, which are responsible for instability of our mind and all these greatest enemies of our soul fall under the three qualities of Maya, which means is that Maya causes us to loose the spirituality and not its dissemination to others.  Delivering the divinity and divine wisdom is serving the truth, which is the highest service to the Almighty as well as to the Gursangat.


It has been observed that most people who do not share their spiritual expereinces quote the following line :



One who has found the Lord, keeps quiet about it. ||1||


They have got completely the wrong sense, they haven’t read the previous line to put it into context:



Why do you speak such nonsense (that)
One who has found the Lord, keeps quiet about it? ||1||


SGGS 718


The true meaning is that to hide divinity and spirituality is a nonsense.  How can we hide the one who is Omni Present?

 If someone wants to conceal moon by putting a plate infront of it,
 it cannot be hidden.

Bhai Gurdas Vaar 1


This manifest power (of the Guru) cannot be hidden.

Bhai Gurdas Vaar 1



The Sikhs’ virtues cannot be concealed.
 As a man may hide mollasses, but ants will discover it.


Bhai Gurdas Vaar 6



 The jewel is concealed, but it is not concealed,
even though one may try to conceal it. ||4||


SGGS 608


Therefore, trying to hide the divinity and spirituality is a deep mental illusion; it is only misunderstanding the true meaning of Gurbani. Some of the Bhagats who get eternally blessed in to the Karam Khand and go in to Smadhee and Sun Smadhee isolate themselves from the Gursangat.  Sometimes they go and sit in the basement to do their Bhagtee to avoid public contact, the reason for this being obvious – illusion of losing spiritual gains by exposure to public.


This illusion of hiding divinity and spirituality is very clearly opposed in this verse of Gurbani: 


Meet together brothers, eat and spend,
these resources do not diminish;
they only continue to increase. ||3||


SGGS 185


The treasure of divine wisdom increases when distributed and delivered to the Gursangat.  The divinity and spirituality increases when disseminated to the Gursangat.  Basically there is no limits for the eternal treasures of divinity and spiritualit.  These are infinite like Braham, because it is His own Roop (form), giving divinity and spirituality to others, putting others on this path of truth is the highest service to the Almighty.


By delivering divinity and spirituality we serve the truth, and there is nothing better than doing that.  Dhan Dhan Shree Guru Nanak Patshah ji has very clearly said


 One who chants, and inspires others to chant the Naam.
 is totally All-Powerful and carries us across to the other side. ||1||


Dhan Dhan Gurus haves delivered the divinity and divine wisdom with both hands open.  Dhan Dhan Shree Guru Nanak Dev Ji undertook 82,000 miles of foot journeys all over to deliver the divinity and spirituality to people from all walks of life, irrespective of cast, creed and religion. 


All the other Guru Sahibans (Masters) have delivered the Gur Parsaadi Naam and all the Eternal Treasures with open mind and open hands to people belonging to all castes, creeds and religions.


For a Puran Sant Satguru there is no religion, infact there is no religion in Sach Khand, where such souls reside.  They are “Ik Drisht” (single vision – see only God in everything and everyone).  There is no duality in them, and that is what we need to bring inside us and follow on their foot prints, if we want to call them as our Gurus.  If we don’t do what they have written, then we are not honoring them as our Gurus.  We are only pretending to honor them, hence we are doing a “Pakhand” – hypocrisy.


We all call Dhan Dhan Gurus as our Gurus and also Dhan Dhan  Shree Guru Granth Sahib Jee as our Guru; but let us look inside us and evaluate ourselves by asking :-


  • How far we putting the ten Guru’s eternal and divine teachings and the divine wisdom of Shree Guru Granth Sahib Jee in our daily life?

    • How many of us have won over our mind; how many of us have won over Five thieves; Hopes, Desires and Wishes?

      • How many of us have won over Maya and have become a Khalsa? A Khalsa is a very high spiritual status of a soul; only a Puran Braham Gyani is a Khalsa, everybody less then that is a not a Khalsa (Nakhalas)


Puran Jyot Jagey Ghat Meh Tab Khalas, Tahi Nakhalas Jaaney.
The one in whose heart shines for the God’s Light is the Khalsa,
all others are not Khalsa.


Atam Ras Jeh Janye So Hi Khals Dev,
Prabh Meh Moh Meh Taas Meh Ranchak Nahin Bhed.
The one who experiences soul bliss “Atam Rus” is the Khalsa,
There is no difference between the Khalsa and me and God.


Guru Gobind Singh Ji.


The only thing to note is that we can tell others to do ONLY IF WE ARE DOING IT OURSELVES.


The change we want to see in the people, should be brought in ourselves first, then only we can advise others. By sharing your spiritual stories, you will be motivating others to move on this path to eternal treasures, you will be speaking the truth, you will be serving the truth, you will make Gur and Guru happier, you will only gain, you have nothing to loose, your spiritual levels will go higher, your learning of divinity and divine wisdom will become much faster and easier, your Bhagtee will become easier and easier.


So please remove this illusion of not sharing your spiritual experiences with other Gursangat and start serving the truth, by doing so you will be doing good to yourself.


The divine wisdom discussed above is based on actual physical and practical experiences of the kookar and the other Gursangat; there are a lot of Suhagans and some Sada Suhagans who are sharing their spiritual stories in these articles.   And all this has happened with the Gur Kirpa of Agam Agohar Shree Paar Braham Jee and Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Ji, who is a Puran Sant Satguru, a Puran Braham Gyani.


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)